Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) episode 5

Hi guys. I’m back with the nxt episode. Before beginning I’ll go into a quick recap.
So, in last episode Gayatri learns about Sanchi being a reputed lawyer. Pragya was introduced as her daughter in law. Kabir and Sanchi come face to face.

Gayatri sits on the sofa Recalling her meeting with Sanchi. Just then Riya enters and bangs a magazine on the teapoy. It has Sanchi as the cover girl with caption “ Beauty and Brains” . she is looking super hot on the magazine cover.
Riya (fuming with anger): you told she is a waiter. But this is telling something else.
Gayatri: Sanchi, Sanchi, Sanchi! Don’t know when will she get out of our lives.

Sanchi and kabir look at each other. Sanchi moves towards kabir.
Sanchi: Mr Kabir?
Kabir nods
Sanchi: hello . I’m Sanchi Mishra. Discuss the details of your case in my office. (Turning to the peon) kaka, aap Saab ko mere cabin main bitaiye.

Kabir waits for Sanchi in her cabin. Sanchi comes in and apologises for the delay. Sanchi takes her seat.
Sanchi: I have gone though your case file. One thing just keeps bothering me.
Kabir: what is it
Sanchi: there is only half truth here. I can’t proceed without knowing the full truth.so I want to know the other half from you.
Kabir: I don’t get you. Why should I lie.
Sanchi: (leaning back on her chair) Mr bhansal, did anyone ever compliment your eyes? Well I would like to now. (She leans forward) they don’t know how to lie.
They share an eye lock (not a romantic one)
Sanchi: come back when you are ready to share the whole story with me.
Kabir leaves angrily without a word. He thinks about words sitting in his car.”samajthi kya hain. Khadoos kahi ki. “ he leaves in his car.
Raavi is sitting sad on her school bench. Arav spots her and asks why so sad.
Raavi: tomorrow is the last day to submit assignment. I even started. How am I to finish it by tomorrow?
Arav: you should take help from your mother. Didnt the teacher say so. So don’t worry.
Raavi: you don’t know my mom. Always busy with work. And isha maasi also . I have to do all my work alone. Tell me one thing, did you take help from your parents?
Arav: no, I don’t need to. I do my homeworks and assignments by myself.
Sanchi: see, and you are asking me to take help. You are lucky that you are very intelligent and good in your studies. (Making the saddest puppy face ever) what to do, am not as smart as you. Maybe I’ll just accept the punishment.
Arav: don’t bee sad. I’ll help you with your assignment. I’ll finish it for you.
Raavi: please don’t do that. I don’t want to bother you.(eying him from the corner of her eyes)
Arav: how can it be a bother for me. Even you helped me. Friends are for helping each other.
Raavi: thanku so much. You are the sweetest friend I ever had.lets go home
Raavi comes in the café happy
Isha: oye! What are you up to (eying raavi suspiciously)
Raavi: (making innocent face) what did I do? I swear I’m away from any trouble.
Isha: I used to act better than this when I was in college. Your chiller party was here. What quotation did you give them?
Raavi: maasi, do you think I would do anything bad.
Isha: you know what will happen if Sanchi gets to know.
Raavi : what are maasi s for …she leaves for upstairs
Isha: Abe maasi ki bachi….I didn’t even get married.
Raavi calls out “chill maasi. Don’t try becoming Sherlock. It’s out of your league. You’ll get wrinkles.
Just then Sanchi enters
Sanchi: what’s cooking?
Isha: (sputtering) muffins. Want to taste
Sanchi: (death glare) cooking between you two.
Raavi escapes to her room.
Isha: Sanchi, court hour is over. So come out of character.
Sanchi: you are pampering her a bit too much.
Sanchi leaves to freshen up.
Kabir was still thinking about his meeting with Sanchi. He thinks she is right. But I can’t share this truth with anyone. I’m sorry. But I have to keep it a secret. Just then his phone rings. He sees the caller ID and gets happy
Kabir: where have you been. And why didn’t you respond to any of my calls……..

Recap: Sanchi and kabir meet again.
Sorry guys for the small update. Will try to make it longer in the next episode.
I know it was boring. Not feeling well. I’ll write a gud one once I get better.

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