Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep9

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Kabir is under the shower. Water flows down His perfect masculine body. He looks like a Greek water god with his perfect abs and body ( oh….I’m all drooling over just imagining him under shower. Oops..sorry, let me continue). Kabir can’t take Sanchi out of his mind. (Raabta plays in the background)
Mehrbani jaate jaate mujpe kar gaya…
Gizartha sa daaman ek lamha that gaya…
Tera nazara Mila, roshan sitara Mila
Taqdeer ki kasthiyon ko kinara Mila…
Kabir recalls Sanchi wet under the shed, both of them running under his coat, Sanchi drying her hair. Water flows down His face. He has his hand on the wall. “ yeh tumhe kya ho raha hain Kabir? Kyu usi ke bare main baar baar soch raha hain”

Kabir comes out of the shower wiping his head. He recieves call.
Sanchi: Mr. Bhansal, aap teekh se pahunch Gaye na. Waise I know you are a doctor. But still, it was raining heavily and aap kaafi bheeg bhi Gaye the. So please take medicine unless you want to catch a cold.
Kabir: thanku miss Sanchi, for your concern. I hope you too take care of yourself.
Sanchi: (smiling) thanku. Goodnight.
Kabir : good night.
Kabir couldn’t stop smiling. He keeps his hand on his heart and close his eyes. He remembers Sanchi caring for his hand….
Kuch to hain tujhse raabta, kuch to hain tujhse raabta
Kaise hamain jaane hame kya pata
Kuch to hain tujhse raabta

At place. All are sitting for dinner. Jaya is also there.
Raavi: nani, good that you came. Now that you are here, stay for a long time.
Jaya: meri pyaar bachi. I come only for you. Warna, aisa kaun hain jiske liye mein aoo?
Isha: not done aunty. Aapko sirf Raavi ki padi. Aap mujhse bhi Milne aa sakthi hain.
Jaya: isha beta , tumhara ghar hain, isi liye toh hakse chali aathi hoo. Kisi aur ka ghar hotha (looking at Sanchi) main pair bhi na rakhoo.
Sanchi just shakes her head.
Raavi: maasi mujhe apko kuch dikhana hain. Chalo na….
Isha and raavi move to their favourite spot, the counter. Raavi is munching down chips.
Raavi: what do you think maasi, aach ki match kaun jeetega?
Isha: lagi sharth, aaj toh aunty full form main hain.
Raavi: arre, meri mamma hain. Mujhpe gayi hain. Lagi bet for five free coupon.
Isha: kya naya quotation dena hain?
Raavi: mein toh achi bachi ban gayi Hun. Kyu hamesha aap shaking karthi rahthi hon. Acha hua aapki shaadi nahi hui. Sapna badi “shakeela” ho…
Isha: Abe shaitaan ki bachi kabhi angel ban sakthi hain kya?
Raavi : ( widened eyes and hand on her mouth) aapne mamma ko shaitaan bulayi. Dekhli aapki dosthi.. over acting
Isha: Abe over acting ki dukaan. Maine teekh hi kaha. Tumne apne papa par hi Gaye ho. In fact tum toh uska season 2 ho……
Raavi: aap log baat baat main papa ko kyu beech main laate ho? Waise ab mujhe pata chala ki actually meri koi galti nahi hain. Jo bhi had bad hota hain woh mein nahi but meri genes karte hain. So there is no point in getting angry on me.
Isha holds her head
Raavi: arre match shuru ho gayi. Woh dekho ( oh…these two…I want to ship them both)
Sanchi and Jaya are clearing the table.
Sanchi: waise, ghar sirf isha ka nahi hain. Meine bhi paise lagayi hai.
(Raavi: mamma opening goal)
Jaya: mein kaunsa hissa maang ne ayi hu. I’m here because isha has equal share on it. I am not homeless person. Your father was a respectable and reputed doctor. He had earned enough for me to lead a comfortable life. And thank God , I don’t have to depend on anyone else for my living.
Sanchi: I’m also a reputed and respectable lawyer.
Jaya : sirf bada kamane se respectable nahi ho jaate. You have to earn respect as well. Once it’s lost, you don’t get it back.
Sanchi: people just needs things to gossip. When they get new things to gossip about, they forget about old things. And even if papa had left nothing behind, you would still live a goid life.
Jaya: I would rather go to an old age home than taking money from you.
(Isha: arre aunty toh kuch zyaada hi gussa hain.)
Sanchi: then I would donate money to your old age home. So technically I would be paying for you. I’m working for both of you only.
Jaya: ha ha…hamesha kaam kaam, kuch khana wana banati bhi ya nahi?
Sanchi: banati bhi hoon aur khati bhi.
Jaya: ha woh toh dikh hi raha hain. I don’t care if you eat or not. I was asking only to know if Raavi gets healthy home food to eat.
(Raavi: aww…my sweet nani. Muah…)
Sanchi: ab mein raavi ko diye bina thodi hi khaungi. Toh wahi baat kar rahi thi.
Jaya: ab khud khi khayal nahi rakhthi toh meri bachi ka kya rakhogi? Pata hain tabiyath teekh nahi hain, phir bhi bearish main bheeg kar agayi. Beemar pad gayi toh?
Sanchi: toh aap hain na?
Jaya: mein kyu tumhara khayal rakhogi. Mein raavi ki baat kar rahi hain. Uska khayal kaun rakhogi.
Sanchi: when did I tell about me? I was also talking about Raavi. You are here to take care of her.
Both leave in opposite direction.
Raavi: arre yeh draw ho gaya. Ab mere coupon?
Isha: taatta bye bye kar do coupon.
Raavi: maasi you are the worst
Isha: not worser than you.

It’s a new day at SDCH. A car stops at the entrance of SDCH. Our messy hair gets out. He removes his glasses and takes a look at the huge building. “i missed you”
He walks towards the hospital with his bag. He looks around the hospital. No one identifies him.
Suddenly some one calls him from behind.
“ Dr. Veer malhotra?”. He turns around. his face is shown. And it’s our veer in a new avatar. A terrain look.
Veer: Mrs Fernandez. Oh you are still the same. You look so pretty.
Nurse f: and I think you also didn’t change a bit. Come, I’ll take you to Mrs. Gayatri.
Veer: rahne do na. I’ll find my way.
Just then raavi and Arav come and collide with him.
Veer: watch your way young lady. Why so much hurry.
Raavi: same to you handsome. Waise bhi hospital main mein shopping ke liye thodi ayi hu Jo araam se chalu. (She gestures him to come closer and whispers) it’s an emergency.
Veer: take care
He smiles and leaves from there.

Kusum gets unwell and tries calling kabir. But he doesn’t pick up. She knpw whom to call. She keeps calling and gets connected through.
Kusum: hello beta…..
Dr. Kabir comes out fro surgery and sees Raavi arguing with a nurse.
Raavi: yeh kaisi hospital hain aapki. Is this how you should treat your patients.
Nurse: beta, we can’t just treat you like this. You need to bring someone with you.
Arav: mein kya Mr India Hun? Can’t you see me with her?
Nurse: but you both are minor. How can we treat you.
Raavi: matlab apka kahna hain ki when I got hurt and am bleeding I should go all the way to my home and bring my mom with me and then you will treat me.
Nurse: you need to bring your elder with you.
Raavi: and what if I die on my way due to blood loss.
Arav: will your hospital take responsibility for that. You have to give us in writing.
The nurse holds her mouth in astonishment.
Kabir smiles and comes towards them.
Kabir: nurse you go. I’ll take care of them. (To raavi and Arav) hi, I’m Dr Kabir. Come, let me help you.
Kabir takes raavi to his cabin and starts dressing her injured knee.
Kabir: so, how did you get hurt?
Raavi: I fell while playing
Arav : she fell from the cycle.
They both say this together.
Kabir looks at both of them.
Raavi: well I fell while playing with the cycle. She smiles sheepishly.
Kabir: and who are you young man

Arav: I’m her by stander.
Kabir looks at him from head to toe.
Kabir: waise, your wounds are not that serious that you die of bleeding.
Raavi: exactly. That’s my point. (Kabir looks at her pointedly) see, do how can I worry my mother for such a small wound. You don’t know about my mother. She is a single mom. She works hard day and night so that she can take good care of me. If she gets to know that I got even a small scratch, she gets worried to death. She is very emotional when it is about me. Now when she cares and worries so much, how can I give her more worry. That’s why I came alone. And you are such a kind doctor.
Kabir: and you are one sweet patient. How can I not treat you. Is he your boyfriend.
Raavi: oh no no…he is my best friend. Waise, do you have a girl friend?
Kabir smiles. Just then nurse Fernandez barges in. “ Dr Kabir. Your mother is here. Please come” he rushes out.
Raavi and Arav also follows him out. Raavi spots Sanchi .
Raavi; oh Teri!! Mamma?
She takes Arav and hide.sanchi leaves to the other side.
Veer comes and sees Raavi and Arav hiding.
Raavi: hi handsome. Have a good day.
She rushes out with Arav.
Veer : what’s with all this weird people in the hospital.
Kabir checks on his mom.
Kabir: ma. Aap ko kitni baar kaha hain ki apna khayal raha Karo.
Kusum: aur Maine bhi kitni baar kaha hain golu. Shaadi karlo. Bahu hoti toh mera khayal khayal rakhthi.
Kabir: ma…yaha bhi.
Sanchi: relax Mr Bhansal. Her bp just got low. It’s good that she called me on time. Actually,iwas also much worried. But now we should be greatful that she is fine.
Kabir: thanku miss Sanchi. I don’t know how to thank you. And sorry for the trouble. Ma, why didn’t you call me?
Kusum: golu, I called you. You were not picking. I couldn’t think of anyone else. So I called Sanchi.
Kabir: sorry, ma I was in a surgery.
Sanchi: it’s OK Mr Bhansal. I’m happy that aunty thought of me.
Kusum: ofho..tum dono bhi na. I feel like you both are conducting business meeting in my room. What’s with this formalities. Mr and miss and all. Is this any way to address family friends. Why can’t you both take each others names.
Kabir: ma…kuch bhi
Sanchi: aunty mein kaise Mr Bhansal ko…
Kusum: chup. Ekdam chup. Call him kabir. And you golu. Ajse call her Sanchi.
Sanchi: aunty I think mujhe chalna chahiye. I’ll call you later.
Kusum: golu, use chod kar aao.
Kabir and Sanchi walks towards the entrance. Veer also comes from the other side. They are walking towards each other but does not see each other. Sanchi is talking to kabir. While beer is looking at his phone. Veer is about to look up but suddenly a nurse calls him from behind. Sanchi passes just in front of him. Veer feels her presence and looks backn. But does not see anybody.
Veer enters Gayatri s cabin.
Gayatri: veer, my son. How was your flight. And why did you come straight to the hospital. You should have gone home and took rest.
Veer: well, I couldn’t wait to get back to SDCH.
Riya barges in “ Bhai” she hugs him. “ it’s good to have you back”
Veer: Dr khadoos abhi bhi yahi hain kya?
Gayatri: veer, show some respect. He one of the most efficient doctors we have. And from now on you have to work with him.
Veer smirks and leaves the cabin
Gayatri: Riya, just make sure ki veer us Sanchi se kabhi na mile.
Riya: mom, how long do you think we can keep him away. And I have more important things to concentrate on. Who cares about her anymore. She is all in the past.
Gayatri sits there thinking. She calls Pragya’s dad
Gayatri: namaste yadav ji. How are you. Well I called to say that veer is back. So don’t you think we need to speed up with the marriage preparation. I can’t wait to have pragya as my bahu.
She gives an evil smile.
Well that’s all for today guys. I know there was no romance today. Well I just wanted to introduce veer and settle him down. Hope you enjoyed it . And please do let me know if my episodes are too long. Love you all and wish you a happy weekend.

PRECAP: sanchis first night.

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