Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep15

Hi all you lovely people. Thanku so much for all your lovely comments. Brought a broad smile on my face. I think im flying high???. Need to bring me down.
So let’s get to the story
Dr Kabir and and Dr Veer are arguing again.
Dr. Kabir: dr veer you were to attend miss prachi. Then how come you give your case to dr aswin.
Veer: dr kabir, I told you I’m not your intern. I decide whom I should treat. I don’t need to take permission from you.

Kabir: first learn to handle the cases given to properly. Then come and argue with me. You think this hospital is a joke.
Veer: miss prachi is a psycho. I don’t think I can put up with her antics. Dr aswin is best for her. That’s why I gave my case to him. I hope I’ve made my self clear now. So please may I…(he walks away without waiting for kabirs reply.)
Kabir: (losing his cool) what more can I expect from you. It’s your habbit to leave things in the middle. Whether it be relations, or ur duty

Veer angrily comes back and holds kabirs collar. Kabir also reacts the same way.
Gayatri: behave yourself doctors.
Both leave their hand.
Gayatri: dr veer, please apologise to dr kabir
Veer: mom?

Gayatri: VEER
Veer: sorry doctor
Kabir smirks and leave. Veer angrily leaves from there.
Raavi is all gloomy over breakfast
Isha: kya baat hai maharani . Aaj fuse kyu dheela hain

Raavi: ….
Isha: school main kya hua
Raavi: principal asked me not to go without my parent
Isha: so..?
Raavi: mamma toh dangal wali mummy nikli
Raavi: bhool jao ki tumhari koi ma hain…maasi aap aao na

Isha: marwana hai kya. Waise bhi, principal asked u to bring your PARENT. And I’m not your PARENT. So….
Raavi gives her an evil smile, “ maasi…., You know you have an evil brain”
Isha: I know. Same to you.
Raavi: aap hi ka asar hain. Love you maasi
Isha love you too Barbie.
Raavi is in car with veer. (Aaj is ka band bhajne wala hain)
Veer: how come you remembered your papa today.
Raavi: every time mamma attends my meetings. Today I thought I’ll introduce my papa to everyone.
Veer: kuch bhi ho, papa is on cloud nine today. You are taking me to school as your papa. Waise, let me ask you something, does mamma talk about me?
Raavi: ya, sometimes
Veer: what does she say

Raavi: she says I’m like my papa.
Veer: really (he can’t control his excitement.) I’m so happy. So you are like papa, ha? I know ur pretty, like papa. Aur kya kya resemblance hain
Raavi: we have a loo…ng road ahead in life. Itni bhi kya jaldi hain. Aap dheere dheere jaanoge papa. Chill.
Veer: did you miss me pretty.
Raavi: maasi baar baar yaad dilathi rahthi hain

Veer: yeh isha bhi na…
They reach Raavi’s school. She proudly walks holding Veer’s hand towards the office.
At the principal’s room
Veer: god morning ma’am, I’m Dr Veer Malhotra. Raavi’s papa

She scans him from head to toe.
Principal: how come I never met you before.
Veer: (taking a seat) actually I was abroad for a long time. I just returned to Delhi. So I thought I’ll meet my daughter’s teachers. I know she is a smart kid, she is just gone on me.
Raavi holds her head

P: she is not just smart, but over smart. No wonder she is like this. I was also thinking how come someone like miss Sanchi have such a sarfira daughter. Since she took after you , you are the one to be scolded. You call yourself a papa. You should first teach your daughter how to behave. She is the number one prankster of this school. She always picks fight with other students. (Veer looks at raavi shocked. Raavi gives him this innocent smile.**phas gaya bechara**) you know what she did last week, she mixed glue in her maths teachers mascara. And the other day she kept a toy lizard in her class teachers book. Last day she was also caught hitting the leader with her umbrella. The guys had was bleeding

Veer: but wasn’t he a guy
Principal: so? Are you supporting her. Yeh ladki nahi hain, rowdy hain rowdy. Yahan gundagardi karne ke liye athi hain. Aur marks, only average. Aur this aur…( Blah blah blah…for one hour. )
At the end veer takes a glass of water. He leaves the office with raavi
Raavi: papa, aren’t you meeting my other teachers.
Veer: (horrified) phir kabhi milte hain na. I need to go to the hospital also.
Raavi: toh canteen chale?

Veer: nahi beta. Peth bhar gaya
Raavi: ok then bye. See you tomorrow
Veer: yeh toh pakka mera hi hain. Ab toh DNA ki bhi zaroorath nahi hain.

Sanchi recieves kabir’s call. She is in a dilemma to pick or not. Finally she picks up.
Kabir: are you busy.
Sanchi: no, just some paperworks . Why did you call.
Kabir: well I need your help. Woh, tomorrow is ma’s birthday. So I needed to buy her a gift.
Sanchi: mein kya.
Kabir: I want you to select the gift for me. Please help me out. You know you are the only friend I can rely on. I won’t hear a no. Ma will be very happy if you select a gift for her.
Sanchi : ok, I’ll try.
Kabir : be at ABC mall at five should I pick you up.

Sanchi: no that’s fine . I have my car. See you in the evening.
Isha is busy at the café. She recieves a call from a private number.
Isha: yes?
Caller: miss isha Negi?

I: speaking
C: hello. I’m a great fan of your. I read your book but was actually disappointed.
I: may I know why
C: how can someone like you be so sad about love. I felt like your story was a true one . But I’m also sure you might never have fallen in love. Because those were not your feelings
I: hogaya?
C: no. I want to get to know you more. How about a coffee.
I: please come to my café. I’ll give you a ten percent discount.

C: ( chuckles) I want to buy you a coffee. But seems you might be bored of coffee. How about dinner then?
I: I don’t go out with strangers. And please don’t call me again

She cuts the call. Pata nahi kaun pagal tha.
Sanchi and kabir meet at the mall. They head towards a fashion store. Sanchi wants to buy saree for aunty.
Sanchi goes through different sarees. But she doesn’t come up with any. Kabir just lovingly stares at her.

Just then veer comes there holding two shirts. He can’t make his mind on which one to buy
Veer: (surprised) Sanchi tum yaha. Good that I met you. I can’t make my mind on which shirt to buy. Could you select one of these.
Kabir: (coming in between) dr veer, what are you doing here.
Veer: why, am I not allowed here.

Kabir: Sanchi is selecting saree for me . So don’t disturb us and go do your selection yourself.
Veer: arre dr kabir. You wear saree also. I didn’t know
Sanchi : cut it off guys.

Kabir: Sanchi is selecting gift for ma. It’s her birthday tomorrow. So we don’t have time to waste. So please veer, let us do our shopping
Veer: didn’t you buy gifts for aunty before meeting Sanchi.
Sanchi: veer, stop it. And why are you taking black shirts. You don’t like to wear black much.
Veer: (looking at kabeer) Sanchi, you still remember my preferences. I’m touched.
Sanchi feels awkward.
Kabir: I think Sanchi we should look at some other store

Sanchi: no kabir, I’m sure they’ll have better ones here.
Kabir selects a saree and places it on Sanchi: I think this will look beautiful on you. L(he gives a look to veer and gestures “ how’s that” with his eyes) let me buy this for you.
Sanchi: kabir, what’s the need. We are here for aunty
Just then veer comes with two blue shirts.
Veer: Sanchi how about this. Blue is your favourite colour.
Sanchi: small checks suit you more. Take this one. (Now veer gives kabeer how’s that look)
Kabir fumes.
Veer :1 / Kabir :0
Kabir: Sanchi I think we should buy something else. Waise bhi ma has a lot of sarees in her wardrobe.
Sanchi: ok then. I have something special in my mind.
They leave the store. But then kabir excuses her that he forgot something in the store.
He goes back and pulls veer to the trial room
Veer: leave me dr kabir. People will misunderstand
Kabir: but I have no misunderstanding. Why are you following us.

Veer am I mad to follow you. I came for shopping. How do I know you guys are here. Are you insecure that Sanchi still loves me.
Kabir: you are just a closed chapter. And I have no insecurities from someone childish like you. I won’t let Sanchi commit the same mistake again.
He leaves the room angrily. Veer smirks and goes back to flashback.
Kabir comes out of his cabin after talking to Sanchi. He smiles looking at his phone and leaves. Veer is shown standing close to the wall, near kabirs cabin. Veer smirks” shopping pe patane ka idea hain. Good. Today is shopping day…”
Veer tries coming out of the trial room, but finds himself locked. “Dr KABIR….?”
Sanchi takes kabir to an antique shop. She spots a beautiful ganpati idol and asks kabir to gift aunty. Kabir is so touched
Kabir: I can bet that this is the best gift I can ever give ma. I’m so happy that I brought you along.
Kabir makes the payment and they leave the store.
Kabir: let’s have something light. You might be tired and hungry.
They go to the food court. Kabir brings some juice and sandwiches. Sanchi is about to take a sandwich when veer comes with golgappa.
Veer: miss golgappa. Leave these sandwiches, Here is your favourite.
Kabir: I thought you didn’t like golgappa

Veer: there are many things you don’t know about her
Sanchi: I used to, but I don’t any more.
She takes the sandwich. Kabir smirks at veer
Kabir: well likes and dislikes change with time. Why don’t you finish the golgappa dr veer, we will enjoy our sandwich.
Veer :1 / Kabir :1
Sanchi veer and kabir walks towards the parking lot. Kabir insists on dropping Sanchi till the car. But veer stops him saying he’ll do that.

Kabir: but Sanchi came on my insistence. So it’s my duty to drop her.
Sanchi: it’s ok Dr kabir. You guys carry on. I can manage myself.
Kabir: Sanchi please be on time. And please bring raavi also. You don’t have to bring any gift. This gift is from both of us.
Veer: hum theenom ki taraf se
Kabir: sorry? I didn’t invite you
Veer: kya Dr kabir. Apno ke liye kya invitation? I’ll be there sharp.
Three of them move towards their respective cars.
Veer keeps looking at Sanchi and kabir. “ kabir, pls leave fast.”
Just then dr kabir remembers something and goes back to Sanchi.

Veer: sh**t. Dr Kabir…no..
Sanchi is about to get in her car but then notices her tyre punctured.
Kabir: what’s wrong
Sanchi: my tyre.
Veer also comes there.
Veer: oh no Sanchi how will you go now.
Kabir: I’ll drop you home.
Veer: it’s ok Dr kabir. I’ll drop her. You take care of her car. She came on your insistance. So her car is your responsibility. I’ll take care of Sanchi.
Kabir: ok Sanchi, you leave with veer. I’ll take care of your car.
Sanchi and veer leave in Veer’s car. Kabir looks on sad
Veer :2 / Kabir :1
Veer: Sanchi woh…

Sanchi takes the phone and call someone.
She starts talking about work over the phone. Veer makes faces at her. Veer finally loses his cool and snatches her phone and cuts the call.
Sanchi : what???
Veer: why don’t you like golgappas

Sanchi: veer, it’s my personal matter. My likes and dislikes should not be your concern. You are not someone with whom I should share my personal affairs.
Veer angrily stops the car. “ I’m the father of your child”

Sanchi: then stay as Raavi’s father. Don’t try becoming my husband. YOU ARE NOT
Without waiting for her reply, she gets out and walks towards the café. Veer just watches her walk away…..

So that’s it guys. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Friday guys. Have a great weekend.

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