Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep14

Hello guys. First of all a big thanku for all your lovely comments. It really means a lot to me and brings a smile on my face when I go through them. Im really really really happy that you all are loving my ff. Love you all too and sorry for not replying.

So let’s start…..
Isha and raavi are out in their terrace garden doing yoga. They make a cute pair on their yoga mats. Raavi is making faces.
Isha: raavi stop making faces and do it properly.
Raavi: Maasi, itni subah yoga sirf pagal log hi karte hain.
Isha: pagal nahi, fit and healthy rahne wale. Meri tarah perfect aur evergreen rahna hain toh daily yoga kiya Karo. Apni mamma ki tarah lazy math Bano. Kuch toh seekho mujhse. You have to follow me to stay like me.
Raavi: following se mujhe yaad aya. I’ll try your beauty sleep na. Mujhe woh wala exercise bahut bahut pasand hain. Toh mein jaaoo.
Isha hits on the back of her head.
Raavi: maasi that hurts
Isha: maasi ki bachi , bahut hoshiyar hothi ja rahi hain. Chup chap betkar aasan kar.
Raavi: toh shavasan karte hain na. (She lies down to do so)
Isha gives her a stare and raavi is back to following her steps. Raavi starts making faces again.
Raavi: pata nahi mamma ko kaha se mila inhe. Zaroor mamma ne kuch bada kiya hoga joh ab jake uska badla yeh mujse le rahi hain.
Isha: acha raavi, let’s talk. You know, like grown ups. Woman to woman.
Raavi: you want my advice or something?
Isha: raavi…
Raavi: ok your serious? Let’s talk then. But maasi, mujhe na yoga karte hue kisi aur baath pe concentration nahi hota.
Isha: (smiling) k. It’s enough for today. So ab baat kar?
Raavi happily lays in her lap. Isha lovingly strokes her head
Isha: raavi, you know who your papa is , right?
Raavi: Mr Veer Malhotra?
Isha: do you feel like you want to live with both mamma and Papa.
Raavi: I don’t know, I’m only getting to know him. Is he a good man
Isha: what do you think?
Raavi: he seemed nice.
Isha: he is not a bad person.
Raavi: does he not love mamma. Why did he leave mamma and and raavi.
Isha: may be he loves Sanchi. He might have had his on reasons. Let me ask you something. If papa comes back and say he wants to take raavi and maa home, what would you say.
Raavi: ( thinking for a while) will mamma go with papa?
Isha: don’t you think mamma needs a friend other than raavi and maasi?
Raavi: you mean a boyfriend?
Isha: yes. What do you say
Raavi: why do we need a boyfriend.
Isha: well, mmh..everyone needs a special friend who will always keep them warm and happy. They will be there for you always and help you in every difficulty. And they will love you a lot.
Raavi: but mamma and I do the same. So why a boyfriend?
Isha: well there is a special kind of love that makes your heart flutter.
Raavi: does your heart flutter when you are in love.
Isha: yes, and you have this special feeling in your stomach when you are near that special person.
Raavi sits thinking and smiles
Isha slowly comes near her
Isha: does your heart flutter when arav is nearby
Raavi dreamily nods yes but comes to sense and screams “ NO” and sits up
Isha: what do you think of dr kabir then.
Raavi: he is too older than me.
Raavi: I think he loves mamma
Isha: (surprised) how do you know
Raavi: maasi aap baat ko kyu gol gol ghumana chod kar come to the point na.
Isha: ok. Suppose dr kabir and dr veer wants to marry sanchi, whom will you choose.
Raavi: isn’t mamma the one who should choose.
Isha: raavi I just want to ask you something. It should be mamma’s choice alone. I don’t want you to influence her choice. You know what I mean right. I want her to make the right choice this time. I want her life to be perfect getting all the love she deserve.
Raavi: I love you maasi. She hugs isha
Isha: I love you too
Both go inside
Raavi: I thought you like dr kabir
Isha: I like him. Don’t love him. Besides he’s not my type. So khadoos
Raavi: ya, raw grapes!
Isha gives her a look.

Sanchi is ready to leave for office. Beer drops by . Sanchi is not happy to see him
Veer: Sanchi we need to talk.
Sanchi: I have nothing to talk veer. So just leave.
Veer: but I need to. Sanchi please give me a moment.
Sanchi: I don’t have time for your nonsense. I’m getting late for office. Bye
Veer: why don’t you allow me to drop you. We can talk on the way.
Sanchi: I will not come with you. Why should I sit in your car.
Veer: ( coming closer) do I still affect you. Are you uncomfortable being close to me?
They share an eye lock
Sanchi: you are just a stranger for me. Tumhare hone ya na hone se mujhe koi farak nahi padtha.
She goes and sits in his car. Veer smiles “ last time I ran away without giving you an explanation. This time I won’t do so. I will also not let you to run away from me”. He goes and sit in the car. He looks at her lovingly. Sanchi sits there hands crossed and ignoring him. He leans towards her but she stops him and asks what.
Veer: safety first.
Sanchi: I can do that myself. Stop doing cheesy things.
She fastens her seat belt. They are off.
Veer: raavi, did you tell her. Do you want me to tell her.
Sanchi; she is smart and mature. She might have figured out by now.
Veer: do you mind if I meet her
Sanchi: (sighs) she is also your daughter. So you don’thave to worry. I won’t stop you from meeting her.
Veer: I know Sanchi you are mad at me. And you have the right to. Whatever I did, after that I know I’m not worthy of your forgiveness. But still I want to say sorry.
Veer: please let me finish sanchi. I know sorry is a small word. But all these years I have been living in guilt. You loved me selflessly but may me I had the shortcomings. I wasn’t worthy of you. You know we were immature and I was so confused. Life was also difficult. And my one wrong step spoiled our beautiful relation.
They reach sanchi’s office. Sanchi is about to get out. But she sits back.
Sanchi: my love for you was true. I thought I loved you endlessly. Buy then I started hating you. And then slowly, I even stopped hating you. I felt strange when I thought of you. My heart feels empty. Like there is no emotions at all. May be because you are no more there. And since you no more concern me, my forgiveness also does not matter. Let’s move on.
She gets down from the car. Veer smiles looking her leave.
(Boond Karke Mujh Mein Girna Tera
Aur Mujh Mein Mujhse Zyaada Hona Tera
Bheega Bheega Sa Mujhko Tan Tera Lage
Aaja Tujhko Peelun Mann Mera kahe )
Veer runs out from the car. “ Sanchi”. She turns around. He surprises her with a sudden hug
Veer: it was always you Sanchi. And it is still you. Humari adhoori kahani ko pura Karna hain. I love you Sanchi. And I will love you till the end. I promise I won’t leave your hand midway.
He leaves Sanchi stands there shocked and speechless
Veer drives away smiling “ I know Sanchi tumhe mañana itna asaan nahi hain. But I have taken the first step. This time I’ll give all the happiness that I couldn’t earlier. I know you still love me.”

Arav is ready for school . He is surprised to see Raavi waiting at his gate with her cycle.
Arav: new cycle?
Raavi: want a lift.
Arav: do you know how to ride?
Raavi: don’t challenge me.
Soon Arav and raavi are of to school with Arav sitting in the back with leg in both sides.
Arav: I would have reached school by know if I chose to walk.
Raavi: I told you not to challenge me. Now see
She speeds down the hill
Arav: abe pagal mein hi milata kya.
Both end up downhill with bruises.
Raavi and Arav head to SDCH .
Arav: you remember na last time kya hua tha. It’s just a small bruise. Get first aid at school . Why come all the way to hospital.
Raavi: is baar aisa kuch nahi hoga. I’ve connections here.
Receptionist: how can I help you. Are you guys here alone.
Raavi: I need to see Dr Veer malhotra.
Nurse: you two came again. What is it this time?
Raavi: I’m here to see my papa. Please let him know I’m here.
Arav is surprised. Just then veer passes by and sees them.
Veer: raavi , what are you doing here. And how did you get hurt.
Raavi: hi Dr Veer. It was just a small accident. You don’t have to worry
Veer: accident??? Are hurt anywhere else. Show me.
He checks her worried
Arav: (sarcastic) cycle accident tha. She fell from cycle.
Veer: you really made me worry. Come with me I’ll dress your wounds.
Veer and raavi share a sweet father daughter moment. Veer lovingly takes care of her.
Veer: raavi beta, you should be more careful. It’s good that you and your friend are not hurt much. Do you want me to buy you a helmet.
Raavi: it’s ok. Not a big deal. I’m fine
Just then Riya comes there.
Riya: dr veer, dr kabir wants you in his cabin now.
Veer: I’ll be there in ten minutes. Let me just finish this.
Riya: it’s an emergency
Raavi: can’t you see he is dressing up my wounds. So please excuse us ma’am.
Riya: this is a nurses job. Why are you doing this.? And who is this rude girl. Doesn’t een have manners to speak.
Veer: Riya…
Raavi: please doctor. You shouldn’t call others rude in their face. Don’t you think they’ll feel bad.
Riya: (coming closer and leaning) I like saying the truth. Wether people like it or not
Raavi: aap bhi toh gareebon ki supermodel lag rahi hain. But did I say so in your face.
Riya: how dare you
Raavi: see, you also feel hurt hearing truth
Veer can’t help laughing.
Veer: woah… Cut it off ladies. Riya you should be more soft spoken. She is raavi.amd Raavi, this is my sister, Dr Riya.
Raavi: hello dr Riya.
Riya : whatever. (She leaves muttering) don’t know where he meets such people.
Veer: ( finishes the dressing) and there you go. Ready to go.
Raavi kisses him on the cheek “ thank you papa” she leaves with Arav
Veer’s eyes are filled with tears. “Papa”
Dr Kabir is angry at two nurses for their irresponsible behaviour. Veer enters just then
Dr Kabir: dr veer. I told you take care of patient no: 315. Not the nurses. How can you be so irresponsible.
Veer: dr kabir, a doctors duty is to diagnose and prescribe the treatment. Not to feed patients medicine. That’s why we keep nurses in our hospital.
Kabir: you should at least occasionally check on your patient and confirm If they are given the correct injection at right time. If I wouldn’t have dropped by I don’t know what these to would have injected him
Nurses: sorry sir, actually I had taken the correct injections. But it got exchanged with bed no: 316.
Kabir: do you even know how serious your mistakes are. It could have cost a patients life. And you dr veer, how can you take this lightly.
Veer: pls dr kabir. I’m no more your intern. So you need not act like you control me. And you don’t have to boss me around.
Kabir: I’m your senior doctor. You can’t talk to me like that.
Veer: why , will you give me record room punishment? Or will you make me clean the seminar hall. Do you even remember how miserable you had made my life back then . But not anymore. I just don’t give you a damn.
He angrily leaves the cabin. Dr Kabir also fires the nurses to leave.

Sanchi sits in her office thinking about Veer. Mr. Jindal comes in.
Sanchi: sir, aap yaha. You should have called me instead.
Jindal: relax Sanchi. I just came to remind you about the party. Be there on time.
Sanchi: of course. And you don’t have to worry about the arrangements. Everything is set.
Jindal: I don’t know what would I do without you. After sapna’s death, I didn’t miss her much because you always did her duties and didn’t give me much time to miss her. There’s only one thing I miss ..
Jindal: she was so naughty and a trouble maker.
Sanchi: you have also taken care of me as a father. I don’t know where would I be if it was not for you. I don’t know how would I be able to repay your debt.
Jindal: stroking her head) please don’t call it a debt. I have only one wish . Get married. Stop punishing yourself. It’s time you start living again.
He leaves the cabin and Sanchi is again lost in thoughts.

It’s night time. The party is on. Sanchi is wearing a beautiful off white anarkali with peach coloured shawl. She is also wearing big golden bearings and is looking just like in her twenties. Mesmerising. She welcomes all the guest and also is checking the arrangements. She is surprised to see kabir.
Kabir: hi Sanchi. You look pretty.
Sanchi: thanku. Please excuse me.
She leaves to attend other guests. She is busy talking to guests. Couples start dancing to the song “kuch Kaas hain” . Kabir looks at her lovingly. He moves towards her to bring her to the dance floor. As he reaches near her, someone else pulls her to the dance floor. It’s none other than veer. Sanchi tries to set loose but veer pulls her towards him and dance with her passionately.
Kabir fumes seeing him dance with Sanchi. Riya comes towards him and ask for a dance. He complies and in between he switches with Sanchi and doesn’t let her go to veer. They share an eye lock and this time veer fumes. Soon they finish the dance. Everyone applauded for the couples. Sanchi excuses herself and leaves. She goes towards the washroom. Riya empties a glass and follows her.
Riya: you havent changed a bit Sanchi Mishra.
Sanchi turns surprised.
Riya: you have always been behind men with money. And now you are after two. Ek nahi pata toh dusra pata loongi. You shameless bi**h. (She is about to slap her but Sanchi holds her)
Sanchi: youre drunk Riya. Just don’t create a scene and go home
Kabir had witnessed all these
Riya: how dare you try to woo my kabir. Stay away from him. He is mine.
Kabir: what is this nonsense Dr Riya . And Sanchi is my friend. How dare you talk to her like this.
Riya: oh please dr kabir. I’m talking to my ex bhabhi. She had ruined my Bhai’s life. She will ruin you too. So stay away from her.
This comes as a shock for kabir. He is speechless. Some ladies also come there seeing the commotion.
Riya: this shameless woman chases after men with money. First she married my brother for money. But when she saw he won’t get anything from dad, she left him. And now she is after you dr kabir.
She gets a tight slap on her face.
Riya: Bhai….you slapped me for this cheap woman
Veer: enough Riya. Not a word more. You are leaving right now. Come with me.
He pulls her away. The ladies start gossiping. Sanchi feels anxious. She rushes out from there.
Kabir goes after her and finds her standing alone in the lawn.
Kabir: Sanchi…
Sanchi: pls kabir. Leave me alone. Don’t look at me now. I’m a mess. I don’t want anyone to see me . I just wanna hide somewhere
Before she could finish kabir turns her around and hides her face in his chest. Veer also reaches there to console Sanchi but he is late and witness the exchange
Kabir: I’ll protect you Sanchi. It’s ok , you can cry as much as you want. I’ll hide you from the world. So it’s ok to cry before me.
She cries her heart out resting on his chest. Kabir slowly keeps his his hand on her head and wraps the other hand around her. Veer is just hurt to see all this. He freezes there.
So that’s it guys. I know this boring tha. But bear withe guys.

Precap: tom and jerry, aka, veer and kabir….

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