Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep13

Hi guys. Thanku so much guys for all your comments, suggestions and good wishes. Hope you all had a great diwali. I know the last episode was much emotional. I myself felt very sad while writing some part. ( I’m such an emotional person.? ) So I have tried to keep the mood light in this episode. Hope you enjoy and ya, have a great weekend.

Veer comes home in a drunk inebriated state . Gayatri is shocked to see him thus. She questions his behaviour.
Veer: mom, Sanchi. She has my daughter. Mera apna khoon, meri beti..aur mujhe kabhi pata hi nahi chala. I’m such a bad father. Very bad father.
Gayatri: veer, what are you saying. How is this possible. How did you know. Veer….Veer speak up
Veer: laughs and mumbles: I want to see her now. Take me to raavi, I want to see my raavi..
Gayatri: raavi? You mean our little Raavi..
Gayatri asks the servants to put him to bed. She sits thinking.
The next day early kabir and Kusum come to pick raavi and Sanchi. Sanchi insist isha to come
Isha: I wish I could. But you know I have a busy schedule today. I also have my book signing event in the evening. So better you guys go and please…. Enjoy.
Kusum asks Sanchi to sit in front. She and raavi sits in the back seat.
Soon they are off to gurdwara Bangla sahib.

Veer wakes up with a hangover. He comes down trying to memorise last night’s events.
Ramu kaka: baba aap uth gaye. Come, I have made hangover soup for you.
Veer: kaka, where is mom?
Kaka: don’t know. She left early. She was not in a good mood.
Veer: teekh hain, aap jayiye.
Veer sits drinking soup. Suddenly he remembers telling Gayatri about Raavi.
Veer: sh..t, what have I done.
He tries calling Gayatri. But she cuts his calls. He quickly dresses and rush out.
Gayatri arrives at ‘ café o’ joy’ . Isha is amused to see her.
Isha: looks like you liked the coffee of my café. You came back!
Gayatri: where is raavi.
Isha: you mean Raavi Mishra?
Gayatri: she is a Malhotra. And how can she give my granddaughter her cheap surname.
Isha: because she is her daughter. And with what right are you asking for her. She is sanchi’s daughter and will always remain to be. You’ll keep begging for your granddaughter.
Gayatri: she is Veer’s daughter and she belongs in malhotra mansion. No one can stop me from taking her away.
Isha: in your dreams Mrs Gayatri malhotra. And if you forgot , let me remind you. Your son had dumped her when she was pregnant and ran away to enjoy abroad.
Gayatri: there are law and courts here. Let me see who can stop me. Raavi will live in her rightful place.
Isha: for the first time in my life I agree with you. Raavi will live in her rightful place. And I’ll make sure that is never with you. If you still remember my challenge, you will beg Sanchi …
Gayatri leaves from there haughtily.
Pragya is shown stand close to the wall so that she is not seen. Tears flow out of her eyes as she had witnessed the whole conversation. Isha comes out and sees her. She takes Pragya inside. She gives her a nice cup of coffee. Pragya is still upset. So isha slowly comes forward and side hugs her. Pragya is Surprised by the sudden gesture. Isha asks her to clear her doubts.
Isha: Sanchi and veer met at my farm house party. Veer was doing his internship at SDCH and Sanchi was at the final year of her law school. Both fell in love immediately and was the most envied couple of our gang. But both the families were against it. So they decided to get married without their families consent and I supported them in their decision. They were the most lovable couple. There was so much love and care between them.

Pragya: then why did they go separate ways.
Isha: you know veer. He never had to ask for money. He was born with a silver spoon. He always got whatever he wished for. But now that they didn’t get family support, veer had to sacrifice a lot of his comforts. Sanchi dropped out of college to support veer. She did all types of part time jobs to meet their expenses and also help veer complete his internship. Slowly veer started losing interested in their relationship as he thought it was a wrong step to leave all his lavish life behind for the sake of love. Sanchi tried her best to save their relationship. She did all types of sacrifices just to keep him happy. She knew veer was frustrated but always tried to understand him and support him. Finally when she knew she was pregnant, she was happy thinking veer will become more responsible. Bit Mrs malhotra was waiting there with the divorce papers signed by veer. She was never ready to clear things with veer because she already knew veer was fed up. She just set him free of the burden.
Pragya: I never knew Sanchi ma’am had gone through so much in her life.
Isha: after the breakup, she didn’t sit whining. Instead she was determined to be a strong self independent woman and worked very hard to reach here. But at some point she completely changed into a cold person. She has shut her heart from all feelings of love. I’m worried seeing her like this.
Pragya hugs her and leaves.
Veer finally arrives at the café. He asks isha for Gayatri.
Isha: I always knew you were a coward. Today you proved me right by sending in your mother.
Veer: isha, please trust me. I didn’t know mom would come here like this. I’m sorry isha. But please believe me..
Isha: for what are sorry for veer. For marrying Sanchi, or for ruining her life. Or may be for running away like a coward and never looking back.
Veer: I know I don’t have any justifications for my actions. I was a fool. I realised after going away from Sanchi what she really was in my life. In these ten years there was not a single d ay when I didn’t think about her. May be I never had the courage to face her. I didn’t contacted her or enquired about her fearing if my heart would hold her back again. Because I never deserved her. She deserved a much better person in my life.
Isha: jerk! You easily got engaged.
Veer: it’s been three years. But I still couldn’t move on from Sanchi. That’s why I’m still engaged only. But now I won’t stop myself. I will give Sanchi and raavi her rightful place.
Isha gives him coffee.
Isha: and you think it’s easy.
Veer: I know it won’t be easy. But I’ll convince her. I’m ready to do anything for her forgiveness.
Isha: and she is ready to forgive you. In your dreams. Grow up and move on veer.
Veer: why, is there anyone else in her life.
Isha: I wish there was. But she has become such a khadoos. I wonder if she even remembers what is it to fall in love.
Veer: I knew Sanchi can’t forget me. I was a fool to think she’ll move on. Now I’m confident I can win her back. And you have always helped me.
Isha: gold good ghuma math. Come straight to the point.
Veer: you had always supported my love. And my saali sahiba is so smart that I don’t need to explain further.
Isha: that was the biggest mistake of my life. And if you forgot , it’s ex- saali.
Veer: gusse main tum badi cute lagti hain. Your face looks like apple. You remember that haathi and cheethi vala joke.
Isha: tum bilkul nahi badle. Aur na hi tumhare sade hue jokes. You know what, I always wanted to smash your face if you ever came in front of you. Bit I don’t know why I stopped from hitting you.
Veer: mera charm he aisa hain.
Isha: let’s see whose charm works on Sanchi.
Veer: what do you mean by that. Wait , is someone else trying to impress her. Who is he, tell me… Wait isha, where are you going. Give me his ne.

She leaves to attend her fans who had started coming for her book signing event. “ keep guessing. This is gonna be fun”
Meanwhile our kanchi reaches the gurdwara.
They pray at the shrine and listen to the melodious prayer. Later they head to the langar hall to prepare food. Sanchi and Kusum help roll roti and cook while kabir volunteers to take out the Rotis and raavi serves everyone from the basket in kabirs hand. All four sit to have food. Raavi sits in between Sanchi and kabir. Raavi eats chilly. Sanchi takes water but by the time kabeer feeds her water and halwa. Sanchi smiles. Kusum prays to keep them like this. They walk around the gurdwara. Raavi complains her legs are aching. Sanchi also her to take rest but kabir lifts her and they walk to the sarovar. They sit beside it and starts gupshup. They all drink water from the sarovar.
Raavi: aunty why did we drink water from here
Kusum(lovingly) : call me dadi beta. And it is believed that the water here has great healing powers.
Long ago there was small pox and cholera epidemic here. Guru Har Krishan took care of the I’ll people, gave them food and water from this well. Later a small tank was constructed over the well. And lots of people from all over the world come here to have water from this lake.
Raavi: dadi, you have great knowledge about all these.
Kusum: I’ll show you more, come with me.
Kusum takes away raavi and signs kabir to propose Sanchi.
Sanchi and kabir sit their smiling .
Sanchi: it’s so peaceful here
Kabir: yes , after all the chaos and up and downs, I often come here with ma. It takes away all my worries and I feel peace at heart.
Sanchi: you are right. The whole atmosphere has a healing effect. You feel really unburdened after coming here.
Kabir: it’s good to see you smile like this. It’s really strange na. We didn’t get along well in our first meeting. You were really arrogant and annoying. I had even decided that I would never let you fight my case. (Sanchi gives him a look) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean like that..
Sanchi bursts in laughter. Kabir just stares at her in awe. He can’t take his eyes of her.
Sanchi: honestly I too felt the same about you. Even I had made up my mind to not take your case.
Kabir: then what made you change you mind
Sanchi: well, remember our meeting at your home? I realised how committed and honest you were towards your profession. I knew outside you looked like a hot tomato, but inside you were soft. That’s it, I decide I’ll never let you lose. Because I trusted you. You could never be a careless person.
Kabir: thanks, for trusting me. I never thought I would ever be able to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone else other than ma.
Sanchi: aaww….so you are a mamma’s boy. (Kabir makes faces) sorry. Actually youre right. In short time we have become good friends. I never thought I could open up to anyone else other than isha.
Kabir: Sanchi, your friendship is really precious to me. And so are you. I have wanted to say this for a long time, but never got the courage to. Bit today..
Sanchi cuts him: please kabir , dont do it. Even you are a very special friend to me. Please remain to be so.
She gets up to leave. But kabir holds her hand. She turns at him. He stands up “ no Sanchi, I have made up my mind. I know you have gone through a lot. You have many scars on your heart. I don’t care what happened in your past. I’m only concerned in your present. You and raavi. “ he pulls her towards him and holds her by the waist. “ I love you Sanchi. And I want to marry you”
They share a deep eye lock. Sanchi’s eyes brim with tears. Kabir wipes them with both his hands. “ I want to keep you happy always. I never want these tears in your eyes anymore. Is it wrong to think so. Is it wrong that I want you in my life.”
“ Im sorry kabir” she leaves from there.
She sees Kusum and raavi bonding well. Raavi is sitting in kusums lap and asking questions. Kusum is also pampering her. Sanchi wipes her tears and acts normal. She brings a smile on her face and approach them.
Raavi: dr. Kabir is tall And lean. So why do you keep calling him golu.
Kusum: well he was very fat , gol gol like a football when he was young . That’s why I used to call him golu. And that became a habit. If I knew he would become like this, then I would have named in lambu.
Both laugh.

Kabir: are you guys talking about me.
Kusum: I was telling her you used to be fat and round like a football.
Kabir: you cannot bad mouth me in my absence.
Raavi: waise that’s all in the past na? Now you are really handsome (in kusums ears “ and khadoos like mamma” )
They both laugh. Sanchi joins them
Sanchi: yeh kya phusar phusar kar rahi hain .
Raavi: nothing mamma.
Sanchi: aunty I think we should leave before it gets late. Raavi also has school tomorrow.
They are in the car. Sanchi and kabir behave awkward. Kusum looks at both of them and guesses kabir proposed. Raavi asks for sundae.
Sanchi: not today raavi. You might catch cold. You have exams tomorrow
Raavi: mamma I have to write exam, not sing. My hands won’t be affected by cold.
Kusum and kabir laugh.
Kusum: raavi has got your lawyer blood. It’s just an icecream. Bachi itni zid kar rahi hain toh man lo na Sanchi beta.
Sanchi: ok raavi, just one
Raavi: thanku dadi. Your the best. I think you should come and live with me as my dadi. Mamma never agrees to my demand so easily.
Kusum: you come and live with me then.
Kabir looks at Sanchi smiling. Sanchi against feel awkward.
They arrive at arestaurant to have dinner. They dine together and enjoy as a happy family. Kusum s friend sees them.
Friend: arre Kusum. Is that really you?
Kusum: vandana, it’s so good to see you. You have changed a lot. I couldn’t recognise you.
They hug.
Friend: but I recognised you was. You haven’t changed a bit. You are still the same. (She looks at Sanchi and raavi. ) Ab toh tu dadi bhi ban gayi. And you are still young. (Kabir chokes at his food)
Vandana takes out a two thousand note and keeps it in sanchi’s hand
Sanchi: no no pls. I can’t take it.
Vandana: rakhlo beta, shagun hain. Na nahi kahte. (Looking at raavi) badi pyaari bachi hain. Bilkul apne papa par gayi hain. Aur golu puthar,bahu ko kabhi ghar Lana. Sabee Milan bhi hoga. I must get going now.
Kusum: she was such a chatter box back then also. She never lets other speak anything and just keeps talking.
Raavi; mamma my sundae
Kabir orders a sundae for her.
Kusum and Sanchi goes to the wash area.
Raavi: dr kabir, do you like mamma
Kabir: (he is surprised at first. He leans forward) what do you think.
Raavi: that you are bribing me with icecream.
Kabir: aap toh badi smart ho
Raavi: shluld I give you a free advice
Kabir asks what with his eyes
Raavi: mamma khadoos and love. You will become old waiting for her.
Kabir: then we will get married along with you
Raavi laughs.
Kusum: Sanchi , are you on
Sanchi: why do you ask aunty.
Kusum: you seem to be lost
Sanchi: theres nothing like that
Kusum: Delhi beta. I have always wanted to have a bahu like you. And when kabir selected you, I was really happy. It was always work work work for him. This is is the first time he has started liking someone. You are his first choice. And I’m proud of his choice. I know this might have come as a shock for you. But please give it a thought. Don’t take any decision in haste.
Kusum leaves the washroom with Sanchi thinking behind.
The journey back home is a silent affair. Raavi is asleep on kusums lap. Finally they reach home. Sanchi tries to wake up raavi. But kabir forbids her. He caringly lifts her and tucks her in bed. Sanchi and kabir pit the blanket on her. Their hands touch . She looks at him and suddenly pulls her hand. Kabir comes towards Sanchi
Kabir: Sanchi, ma says I’m a very ziddi person. And now that I have opened up about my feelings, I will not stop trying until you accept my proposal. I know that you too have feelings for me, but your past is stopping you from accepting it. He comes closer to her and she moves backward. She hits the wall. He smiles and keeps a hand on the wall to stop her leaving. She is surprised by his behaviour. He slowly leans forward. She suddenly covers her lips with the back part of her hand. Kabir can’t stop smiling
Kabir: I am not that ill-mannered. But if you really thought I was going to kiss you, then….
She widens her eyes. Kabir slowly places a kiss on her palm of the hand that was still on her lips.
Kabir.: Good night Sanchi.
Kabir leaves with a naughty smile. Just then isha enters
Isha: what was that Sanchi. Are you falling from him
Sanchi gets out of the shock.
Sanchistammering) what do you mean. Nothing happened here. Your devil mind just keeps cooking up things. I need to freshen up and sleep. Good night
Isha sits on the bed: this is getting more interesting than I thought.

Precap: mission Sanchi patao…Kabir vs veer

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