Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep12

Hi there all you lovely people. Hope you enjoyed the previous episode. I know all kanchians are mad at me for the sanveer scenes. Bit pls do bear with me. And pls do read the sanveer scenes because you need to know what actually happened in sanveer life and about whom Sanchi chooses in the end, I want you guys to decide towards the end.

At the court

Sanchi presents her witnesses for kabir. She explains how kabir is a selfless doctor who regards treating as a service instead of a profession. He has many times paid the bill for poor patients who couldn’t afford the high expenses, technically speaking, treat them for free. Such a committed and responsible doctor, do you think he would have operated the child (I forgot what name I had given her in the earlier episode?. So I’ll just call her ashitha. ) for fame. He was only doing his duty as a doctor.

Opp lawyer: my lord , the parents know what is best for the child. The child’s father had denied operation as the chances were low. Dr. Kabir Bhansal had operated my client’s five year old daughter without his consent and took the child’s life. I request the court to pronounce Dr Kabir guilty of murder and give him severe punishment for the same. My client be also given a compensation of fifty lakh rupees. (I just named an amount that came to mind?)
Sanchi: objection your honour. My lord I want permission to produce my final witness. After briefing her, I’m sure the case will get a new direction.
Opp lawyer: I object my lord. How can she produce a witness suddenly. Today is the closing argument.
Sanchi: I have submitted the request and details for my new witness in the morning. And in the case for child rights the jurisdiction has special power to allow a witness. So pls my request be granted.

Judge: objection overruled.
The lawyer sits angrily. Kabir and the arshita’s father are tensed. The witness comes to the stand. Both are stunned to see her. The father gets angry. “ what is she doing here?”
Sanchi: my lord , she is Mrs khelkar, arshita’s mother. Mrs khelkar what do you have to say.( She looks at her husband scared) you don’t have to be afraid of anyone. Please tell the truth, as it is.

Mrs khelkar: I killed my daughter. It was i who killed her. (She cries badly)
Sanchi consoles her : Mrs khelkar, pls compose yourself.
K: five years, for five years my daughter was suffering. Every night she used to cry due to pain. I always tried everything I could to lessen her pain. But I was just a helpless mother who couldn’t do any thing to lessen my daughter’s pain. I prayed if I could take the pain on me, I would happily do so. She had just started school, being a flimsy child she always watched her friends play and run around, while always had to rest. Lately she started getting frequent attacks and she was always afraid. I wanted to end her pain. So I gave dr kabir consent to operate her. I know in either case she would be eased of the pain for ever. I loved my daughter very much and this was the best thing I could do for my daughter. God listened to me. He gave all her pain to me. He relieved her from the struggles with her health, but she left me in immense pain. I’m not a bad mother. I loved her very much. My child….(she breakdowns in the witness box)
A police woman helps her out.

Sanchi: my lord, my client dr kabir had never mentioned the name of the victims mother as he wanted to save her from the harassment she might face outside. The world might term her selfish, or may call her who wanted to get rid of her sick child. But my lord, no one understands the pain of a mother. She is always selfless and her love has no bounds. She was ready to take the risk even if the chance was very low not because she was fed up of taking care of her daughter. She wanted to relieve her daughter of the pain. She very well knew that if anything goes wrong, she is going to end up regretting for the rest of her life. But still she was ready to do so because she wanted her daughter to be happy. My lord, Mrs khelkar is not a selfish mother. But she is a strong willed mother who has mad the biggest sacrifice for her only child, she sacrificed her motherhood. She will miss her daughter for the rest of her life, but she will also be relieved that her daughter won’t have to suffer for the rest of her life. I request the court to honour Mrs khelkars decision and to remove all the charges on my client Mr kabir.

Kabir and Sanchi come out of the court with pragya behind them. The media surround them. They try to find their way without responding to any questions. Mr. Khelkar threatens sanchi “ this is not over yet. I lost my daughter and I’ll make you all pay for it” two policemen move him away. Sanchi kabir and pragya leave in their car

Raavi and Arav are walking home from school. Raavi is feeling a bit awkward.
Arav: how did your exams go. Will you score good this time?
Raavi: …..
Arav: what happened. Are you ok? Was it really bad. We need to talk about a really important matter.
Raavi: (blurts out) I don’t want to talk about the kiss
Arav stares at her then snapshot he was talking about her studies.
Whoops, raavi mutters that that was pretty important thing they needed to clarify and they go back to walking home silently.
Veer passes by and sees Raavi. He stops his car.
Veer: hey pretty. Back to home?

Raavi is happy to see her.
Raavi: hello handsome. Yes, exams are going on. So no school after noon.
Veer: want me to drop?
Raavi happily hops in the car to escape from Arav.
Veer: won’t you invite your friend.
Raavi: no no, he has to drop by somewhere before going home. So he won’t want to join us. Hey na Arav. …ha ha…see. bye Arav, see you tomorrow. Let’s go quick.
Raavi and veer leave.

Kabir is sitting in sanchi’s cabin broke. His eyes are filled with tears. He sits on the sofa and thinks about the events of the day. He looks at his hands. Just then Sanchi enters and sits beside him. She keeps a hand on his hand. “ it’s ok. The worst has passed.”
Kabir suddenly hugs her and all the tears rush out. He no more hides his emotions and breaks down before her. Sanchi is taken back by the sudden gesture. Kabir looks at Sanchi and holds her hands, “thanku so much Sanchi. I had lost all hope. Every time I pretended to be ok, I was really broken inside and I was really scared. I was scared what if I never get to hold my stethoscope again. I wouldn’t be able to live without being a doctor. Thanku Sanchi. Thank u.” He hugs her again tightly and cry. This time she reciprocates the hug and slowly pats him on his back “ it’s ok”

Veer and raavi reach outside the café. Raavi invites Veer inside but he denies. She insists
Raavi: pls come in. You know my maasi brews the best coffee in Delhi . And her muffins are worth to die for. If you come now you’ll get to taste it for free. If you make up your mind for some other day you’ll have pay including gst.
Veer laughs and follows her inside. Isha is at the counter. Veer doesn’t notice her.
Raavi: Maasi, meet my friend Dr Veer.
Isha is shocked to see him. She turns around but veer sees her.
Veer: Isha?

Isha turns around .
Raavi: you know each other.
Veer : why is she calling you maasi?
Isha: raavi please go upstairs.
Veer: one minute raavi. Why did she call you maasi isha (veer gets angry)
Raavi: because she is mamma’s friend and she lives with us.
Veer: looking at isha) aur aapki mamma ka naam kya hain?
Isha : raavi please leave.
Veer: what’s your mamma’s name. (He thinks) Raavi Mishra. Sanchi Misha?
Ravi : yes. Do you know her also.

Veer angrily goes to isha.
Veer: is she my daughter?
Isha: veer please, she is little. Not now. She won’t understand these things.
Veer : I don’t care. I want to know the truth.
Isha : ( now loosing her cool): you never cared veer, never, except for yourself. And I don’t owe you any answer. So just get lost.
She angrily grabs raavi and goes upstairs. She hugs raavi tightly.
Raavi: is he my papa.
Isha looks at her and cries , “ please don’t ask anything now. Aap mere achi bachi ho na ( raavi nods), toh aap mamma se bhi kuch nahi poochogi, until she herself tell you” raavi nods and wipes isha’s tears. Isha hugs her again.

Kabir comes home , his eyes red. Kusum is worried to see him thus.
Kabir: ma, I won. I won the case.
Kusum: bhagavan ka lakh lakh shukr hain. (She folds her hands)
Kabir: aur ma agar Sanchi nahi hoti toh pata nahi…mein kabhi…
Kusum: everything is alright now. I’m happy for you. I knew gods blessing was always on you. Now that everything is alright why are sitting like this. Let’s party. Take me out for a treat.
Kabir: ma, aap bhi toh toh rahi hain.
Kusum: ab mera raja beta royega toh mujhe bhi Rona hoga…
Kabir: how many times I told you to stop watching your serials. Your dialogues are so filmy..
They both laugh.

Kusum: now I don’t want you to waste time and go and propose her.
Kabir: who ma?
Kusum: Sanchi, aur kaun?
Kabir: ma…
Kusum: kya ma, yeh mein nahi kar sakthi. Tumhe kudh Karna hoga. And the way you look at Sanchi, it’s highly obvious. Even she should have understood by now. So don’t delay anymore. I don’t want anyone else to overtake you. She is such a lovely child.
Kabir: do you like her that much

Kusum: ha, bada aya meri pasand dekhne wala. If it was so you would have got married by now. I do like her. But I know you also like her. So I like her even more
Kabir: ( holds her hand) ma, it’s not easy. Sanchi is a divorcee. (Kusums smile fades) she also has a nine year old daughter. (Kusum pulls her hand)
Kusum: par…
Kabir: I know ma, it came as a shock for you. Now I don’t want you to become the villian in my love story. Ma…
Kusum: after your dad’s death, I never had stood against any of your wish or decisions. Because i knew you could never take any wrong decision. Whenever you decided anything, you always thought about me. You have always made me proud. So how can I deny you now. I know you can not be wrong and I’m proud of you.
Kabir hugs his mom.

Kusum: she is such a good girl. Whoever might have been her husband, may he doesn’t realise what he lost in his life. Ok you freshen up. I’ll set food for you. And I forgot. I had asked mannat for you. Let’s go this Sunday. Why don’t you invite sanchi’s family also. I want to meet her little princess also.
Sanchi is leaving her office. Veer angrily comes grabs her hand and seat her in his car.
Sanchi: what is this misbehaviour veer.
Veer angrily drives off. Pragya looks on confused and hurt.
Veer brings her near a secluded area and gets her out of the car.
Sanchi: what’s wrong with you Veer, why did you bring me here.
Veer: how could you Sanchi, how could you do this to me. (He holds her by her shoulders) how could you hide about Raavi from me. We have a daughter….and I never knew. How dare you..
Sanchi jerks off his hand

Sanchi: enough veer. I hid it from you? I had no reason to. I was always here, and so was Raavi. I never hid her from any one. Door tum gaye the veer, Sab kuch chod kar tum gaye the. mein tho hamesha se yahi thi. Agar ek baar, sirf ek baar tumne mere baare main jaan ne ki koshish kiya hota toh tumhe bahut pahle hi pata lagta. In all these years you never ever tried to know how I am. And now you are blaming me? It is not my fault, and it never was. So don’t you dare veer…
(Mix tape . Kabira + Naina )

Sanchi walks away angrily. Veer angrily hits his car tyres. He sits on the pavement on his knees and cries. Sanchi stops an auto and get in
Tooti chaarpaai wohi
Thandi purvaai rasta dekhe
Doodhon ki malaai wohi
Mitti ki suraahi rasta dekhe…

Veer cries sitting there. Sanchi also cries in the auto. Veer gets in his car and drives away madly.
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Na dhoop chune na chhaanv
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Kisi thor tike na paanv

Veer comes to halt trying to avoid an accident. He keeps his head on the steering and cry. Sanchi wipes her tears hard and reminces her old times
Ban liya apna paigambar
Tar liya tu saat samandar
Phir bhi sookha mann ke andar
Kyun reh gaya…

[Music] Sanchi and veer happily run around their apartment. He lifts her and turns her around. They fall in the sofa and he tries to kiss her, but she keeps the cushion in between.
Sanchi makes two cups of tea and takes milk powder. She sees it’s almost over. So she puts milk in only one cup and takes it for veer.
Mann mann ki sunta jaaye
Sunta nahin mann waalon ki
Mann hi mann mein banaaye
Duniya ye ek khayaalon ki…

Veer is leaving for the hospital without breakfast. So she lovingly makes him sit at the table and sit on his lap. She bites the toast and make him eat. They finish the toast lovingly.he brings his nose near hers and they share sweet hug like that.
Paas koi aave, door koi jaave
Hota hai kyun ye, koi samjhaave
Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriyaan
Ae mann karda ae seena-zoriyan
Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan (x2)

Veer sits at a bar drinking badly. Flash back: Sanchi brings cake for veer. Veer angrily leaves arguing with her and throwing away the cake.
Naina nu pata hai
Naina di khataa hai
Saanu kis gal di phir
Mildi sazaa hai

Sanchi comes home with her pregnancy report. She is happy. But Mrs Gayatri waits for her at her apartment. She throws it at her and leaves smirking. Sanchi breakdowns with the paper in her hands.
Neend ud jaave, chain chhad jaave
Ishq di faqeeri jad lag jaave
Ho mast Maula, mast Kalander
Tu hawaa ka ek bavandar
Bujh ke yun andar hi andar
Kyun reh gaya…

Present: Sanchi comes home and sees Raavi sleeping. She lays beside raavi and hug her and cry. Raavi turns around and see Sanchi crying. Raavi kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly. She slowly pats Sanchi and put her to sleep.
Re Kabira maan jaa
Re Faqeera maan jaa

Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira maan ja
Re Faqeera maan ja
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaaiya…
Re Kabira, Re Kabira
Re Faqeera, Re Faqeera
Re Kabira, Re Kabira
Re Kabira, Re KKabira

Veer walks on the roads drunk holding a wine bottle. He sits near his car , near the tyre, drinking and crying.
Sang tere hai savera
Re Faqeera, Re Faqeera
Sang tere hai savera
Re Kabira, Re Kabira
Re Kabira, Re Kabira
Re Faqeera, Re Faqeera

Raavi comes near the window and looks out at the night…..
Kabira maan jaa
Faqeera maan jaa
Aaja tujhko pukaare teri parchhaaiyan…

Precap: kabir proposes Sanchi. Veer spends time with raavi and bond.

So that’s all guys. Love you all…???

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