Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep11- 2 Diwali Special

Sanchi is trying to return home after a delivery. She tries hard to get a rickshaw. It’s raining heavily and she is all wet and shivering. She waits at the bus stop. Just then a man in cycle comes and informs her that the last bis has left. She is really scared and tries calling veer. Veer is studying and seeing her call he rejects it angrily. She keeps trying again but then he switches of his phone. She doesn’t know what to do. Just then some goons notices her and starts passing weird comments. They move towards her. She is afraid and tears streaming out. Just then a police Jeep stops by.

Police: what are you doing here this late.
Sanchi: (she is relieved ) I was waiting for my husband. I don’t know why he isn’t coming. I can’t contact him either…there is no bus also( she is in tears)
Police: get in the Jeep. We will drop you.

The police drop Sanchi home.
Police: it is not safe to stay out this late ma’am. Tell your husband to take better care of you.
Sanchi thanks the policemen and goes inside her apartment. She sees the lights off. She finds veer already asleep. She gets sad and sits on the floor crying in her wet clothes.
Sanchi comes out of her flash back sitting at her bay window. A tiny tear escapes the corner of her eye. She wipes them “ no veer, I won’t let you make me cry again.”
The next morning raavi is off to school. She looks for Arav. But not finding him she starts walking alone. In school also she keeps glancing at his empty desk. The next day also Arav is missing.
Raavi sits on the school bench and misses Arav.” Where is he. It’s been three days. He didn’t even tell anything about not coming” . Just then her crush comes by “hi raavi” but Raavi is lost and doesn’t notice him.
He comes and shakes her

“ Arav?” for the first time she is disappointed to see him
“ Could you pass the ball”
“. Are you handicapped?” she kicks the ball into his g….n and leaves. He clutches IT with pain.
In the evening raavi somehow manages to get arav’s address and decides to check on her way home. “ after all he lives in my neighbourhood itself. So it will be OK if I just pass by. I’m not going to his home. I’m just passing by. And I happen to see him. Yes that’s it.”
She reaches outside his villa and tries to look for him. But he is nowhere to be seen. She is hesitant to go inside.

She stands confused outside when she heard a thud. She rushes to see a lady unconscious. She checks on her. It is Gayatri. She can’t find anyone around and she doesn’t know what to do. She checks if she is breathing. She sees an auto passing by and cries” my grandmother is very ill. Please help me take her to hospital. She will die. Please help me.”
The auto driver helps them to SDCH. Raavi immediately calls for help. The staff recognise Gayatri and infrms the other staffs. All are buzzing around.
Raavi waits anxiously. She sees the buzz and asks a nurse , “ will she die” she is in tears.
Veer comes near her and wipes her tears. “ how will she when God send an angel to help her” he takes her inside.

Gayatri is fine and relaxing on the bed. She sees Raavi and looks at veer.
Veer: ma, this little angel brought you here
Gayatri: ( smiling) what’s your name beta
Raavi: raavi.
Veer: thank you so much for saving my ma( he sits on his knees before her)
Raavi: is she your mother (he nods) and are you a doctor?( He nods). Very bad. You should always take good care of your mother. My mamma says that parents are the most precious gift we get from God.

Veer: (holding his ears) sorry baba
Raavi: not to me , say sorry to this dadi.
Veer apologises to Gayatri. Gayatri calls raavi near her and kisses her on the forehead.
Veer: I don’t know how to thank you.
Raavi: it’s simple. I like chocolate shake and triple scoop icecream.
Veer and Gayatri laugh.

Veer: on, come let’s go now.
Raavi: sorry, I don’t go with strangers. What if you kidnap me?
Veer and Gayatri widen their eyes.
Raavi: mamma says you shouldn’t go out with strangers.
Veer comes to her and forwards his hand” hi, I’m Dr Veer malhotra.”

Raavi shakes his hand. “ I’m raavi Mishra. Glad to meat you.”
Veer : now we are not strangers.
Raavi: I need to go home. I’m late. Mamma will be worried.
Veer: I’ll drop you home.
Raavi: its OK. You stay with your mamma. Bye dadi. Take care. I’ll come to meet you tomorrow.
Gayatri: such a sweet child. She reminds me of your childhood.
Sanchi is working at her office. She hears a knock and asks to come in. She looks up and is shocked.
Veer: won’t you ask me to sit.
Sanchi: ……

Veer sits any way.
Veer: you seem quite busy.
Veer: I’m really happy to see you.
Sanchi: (collecting herself) I wish I could say the same to you.
Veer: attitude? You seem to have changed a lot.
Sanchi: I had to. Else people take you for granted and then put you down.
Veer gives an awkward smile.

Sanchi: (on phone) please come to my cabin
Pragya knocks and come in. She is surprised to see Veer.
Pragya: veer tum yaha?
Veer is equally surprised to see pragya
Sanchi: ( smirks) miss pragya, since your fiancée is her I think you should take the day off and spend some quality time with him.
Pragya: no ma’am …woh
Sanchi: it’s perfectly OK pragya. Waise bhi I have some other issues to sort out. So I’ll be leaving early. (To veer) have a nice day Mr malhotra.
Veer is unpleasant with sanchi’s cold behaviour. He leaves unhappy.
Sanchi sits back and closes her eyes.
Sanchi is home helping isha close up. She recieves call from kabir. Isha also eagerly places her ear near the phone
Sanchi: hello kabir. Is aunty on

Kabir: ya she is perfectly OK.
Sanchi: actually I wanted to call you. I don’t know how to say this. But I can’t keep the necklace. You should tell aunty.
Kabir: please don’t do so. Mom gave it with so much love. She will feel hurt
Sanchi: but how can I..
Kabir: I called you to ask you for dinner.
Isha: arre ha bolo na. What are you waiting for. He is inviting you for dinner. May be he wants to propose.
Kabir: hello Sanchi..

Sanchi: ya..kabir, I was thinking, why don’t you and aunty join us for diwali. We can have dinner at my home.
Kabir: ma won’t be here for diwali. But I’ll definitely come. Bye
Isha: arre pagal. He wanted to take you out for a date and you want to make it a family gathering. You are such a fool
Sanchi: I don’t want to be a fool. That’s why I called him home to meet everyone.
She leaves

Isha: is he affecting you. Is that the reason you don’t want to move on
Sanchi: I have moved on. And there is no place for love in my life. I don’t care anymore. It’s my life. And I’ll live it for myself and raavi. I don’t want any support. I can support myself and my daughter.
She leaves angrily. Isha is also angry.

Raavi visits the hospital on her way to school. She gifts Gayatri cookies.
Raavi: I baked them for you.
Gayatri: mmh..they are yummy. You know how to bake.
Raavi: I do sometimes with my maasis’s help. We love baking together
Veer comes in and is happy to see raavi.
Veer: hello young lady.
Raavi: you are the handsome I met that day!!! But where’s your beard
Veer: do I look ugly now
Raavi: no, you look more handsome now.

They all laugh
Raavi: OK bye, I’ll get late for school
Veer: shall I drop you.
Raavi: ok….
Raavi walks to her class. She sees Arav and happily rushes towards him
Raavi: where have you been nerdy…
Arav: Why? Did you miss me?

Raavi: why should I. Are you my boyfriend or what, tomiss you.
Arav : ( naughtily) do you want me to be.
Raavi angrily leaves) “ samajhtha kya hai…gadha…
Keh De Mujhse Dil Mein Kya Hai, Aisa Bhi Kya Guroor
Tujhko Bhi Toh Ho Raha Hai Thoda Asar Jaroor
Yeh Khaamoshi Jine Na De, Koi Toh Baat Ho
Wo Wo O O O O O……..

Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)
( Raavi looks at Arav in between class and smiles. Arav catches her stealibg glances and asks her “what” she pretends to be not interested in him and pouts angrily. Arav smiles at her. Raavi keeps her book to cover her face. In between she again secretly looks at him.
It’s celebration time. Isha and Sanchi are beautifully draped in sarees and flowers on their hair. Raavi is looking cute in a lovely little gagra choli.
She is caught stealing sweets by Kusum. They have a lovely argument. She goes out to burn crackers. Arav joins her to wish her happy diwali. Raavi is happy to see him. She pretends to be still miffed with him. They burn crackers together and enjoy.
Arav: I’ve to go now. I promised mom to return home soon.
Raavi: as if I care. you are really rude. You didn’t even bring me a diwali gift.
Arav: of course I have a special gift for you. I wanted to give you last.
Raavi: where is it. (She looks around him)
Arav: it’s a special surprise. Close your eyes.

She close as and forwards her hand
He slightly kisses on her cheeks “happy diwali raavi” and runs off. She freezes at the sudden kiss. Just then isha comes behind her
Isha: uhm. Uhm… Did someone get kissed just now.
Raavi: NO, he was just saying secret in my ear. You just misunderstood…she smiles sheepishly and leaves.
Isha: is chotte packet ne bhi boyfriend banaliya. Bas mujhe bhi koi hottie mil Jaye.
Isha is setting plates on her counter top. Just then kabir enters. Isha imagines him as a Greek god. There is light around him and heavenly halo around his head. He walks towards her. He is just speechless…
Kabir: Isha Negi ?
Isha: kabir sir…
Sanchi: kabir? Hi…
(Just then breaking sound comes)
Sanchi: did dish break?
Isha: no, my heart.
Kabir: isha, what are you doing here.
Isha: well I own this place. So I have to be here.
Sanchi: you know each other?
Isha: he was my senior at SDCH
Sanchi gets sad. Kabir notices this. Just then Jaya comes in.
She recognise kabir.
Jaya: kabir beta tum yaha. Aur Kusum kaisi hain. Why didn’t you bring her along. I would have personally invited her if I knew the guest was you. No one found it necessary to tell me.
Sanchi: no one asked me
Isha:..uh…come please have a seat.

Jaya goes to get sweets. Raavi comes there.
Sanchi: kabir I want you to meet someone. (She gestures raavi to come) meet my daughter, raavi.
Kabir is surprised ad shocked. He gets speechless. But then recognise her.
Raavi: mar gayi…
Kabir: aap… Yaha…
Raavi: hello uncle. Are you mamma’s friend. I’m her daughter. Nice to meet you for the FIRST time…
Sanchi notices a bandage on her had
Sanchi: raavi what is this. How did you get hurt?
Raavi: it’s nothing mom. I just fell from the cycle
Sanchi: don’t lie raavi. Did you pick a fight again.
Raavi: no mama. Isha maasi ki kasam.
Isha: abe oye…

Kabir: you must be really worried about her. It’s ok. It’s just a small cut. There’s nothing much..
Sanchi: nothing? How can there be. Nothing. I’m really worried for the child who might have got beaten. (Kabir looks at raavi surprised. Raavi gives him a sheepish smile). Raavi I’m fed up. Next time instead of changing school I’ll send you to boarding.
Raavi gets sad. Jaya comes there with sweets.

Jaya: don’t worry beta. You come and stay with nani. I’ll feed lots of sweets also.
Raavi: tab toh mein motion ho laoongi and I won’t even get a. Boyfriend.
Isha: ha..iski boyfriend ise chod Devi
Raavi : ( stamps her foot) kya maasi, kuch bhi bolti ho. Ghoom lagi hain nani…chalo na..
They all sit for dinner. Jaya feeds kabir happily. She asks about his wife.
Jaya: you should get married soon. Beta. The girl whom you marry will surely be lucky. Sunil used to always say that he wanted to have a son in law like you. But hamari beti bhi toh achi honi chahiye na…

Sanchi just eats silently. Kabir also feels bad.
Raavi: Dr Kabir, aapko interns khadoos bhulathe the kya?
Isha coughs.
Sanchi: raavi beta
Kabir: it’s ok Sanchi. Yes miss raavi, they call me khadoos because I’m very strict.
Raavi: (she gestures him to come closer and whispers) you know what, I also call mamma khadoos.
Kabir smiles lovingly at Sanchi.
Later kabir Sanchi and isha share dessert. Sanchi excuses herself to tuck raavi in bed.
Kabir: I am sorry I couldn’t help you.

Isha: no sir it’s ok. There was nothing you could do
because I myself was ready to quit. And I don’t regret it at all. I’m happy with my current life. I’m carefree and busy. And my books are also selling good . So no regrets.
Kabir: I’m happy that you found your happiness…I know it sounds awkward. But dad?
Isha : she’s divorced and raavi lives with us.
Isha and Sanchi see kabir off . Isha asks Sanchi to go up while she sits in the café alone.
She remembers how she angrily walked up to Gayatri at the hospital.
Isha: Mrs Gayatri malhotra!
Gayatri: how dare you..

Isha: oh, I don’t really care anymore. Are you even a woman. How could you do this to Sanchi.
Gayatri: she was just a toy for veer. When he lost his interest , he threw it away
Isha: I k is that your dirty mind worked behind this
Gayatri: stay in your limits Dr isha . You know I can destroy your whole career. You won’t be able to practice anymore in your life. So stay in your limits.
Isha: I told you I don’t care. People like you only know how to play with others life
Gayatri: it was his decision alone. And I supported him as a good mother. So don’t show your and your frieend’s dirty face to me a y more. I know you are the one who helped out in all this. A d you will have to pay for this. Until now I was silent because veer was supporting you both. Now I don’t have to bother about him.

Isha: mark my words Mrs Gayatri malhotra. She may be nothing now. But there will come a day when you will beg before her. You will find yourself really small next to her. You will envy her. And I promise, I’ll make sure you regret your decision.
Gayatri: (laughs evilly) first try to fix yourself. I’ll make sure you to never get up from where you fall.
Isha sits in the dark café with tears whelming. She throws away her mug angrily. “ I’ll make you pay for it Mrs Gayatri malhotra .”

That’s all guys. Hope you enjoyed once again, a happy diwali

Precap: veer gets to know raavi is his daughter….

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