Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep11- 1

Hi guys. New dresses, gifts, crackers, sweets…… disk is here. Wish you all a happy diwali and also here’s a great diwali gift from me….hope you all enjoy.
A guy is getting ready in his armani suit. He wears the cuff. He puts on his coat. His shoes . Makes his hair. And finally looks at the mirror. It’s out Veer with a clean face. He is like his old cute self. Veer leaves for the party.
Kanchi arrive at party. Kabir takes kanchi inside. Kabir can’t take of his eyes from her. Sanchi is talking to a group of aunties. Kabir steals glances at her from where he is standing. Riya comes to the party and sees kabir. She tries to get His attention. But she notices him staring at Sanchi. She fumes to see Sanchi there. She calls Gayatri and informs her about Sanchi.
Gayatri: SANCHI MISHRA!!! What is she doing there. Oh god , what if veer meets her. I have to stop veer from going to the party.

She calls pragya . Their conversation is muted.
Riya goes to Sanchi.
Riya: Miss Sanchi Mishra. So good to see you.
Sanchi: then why don’t you look so good?

Lady: do you know each other
Riya: of course. Hamara Purana rishta hain. Waise aap apni ex nanad ko gale nahi lagaoge?
She hugs Sanchi and while hugging she slowly pulls down the zip of sanchi’s jacket. Riya leaves smiling.
Riya: ab ayega maza…

Veer goes to Pragya’s home to pick her. She takes like forever to get ready. He losses his patience and finally leaves from there. Pragya is tensed “ arre yeh toh chala gaya. Ab sasu mom ko kya kahi” just then Gayatri calls. She is afraid and switches it off.
Couples move to the dance floor.

A man sees sanchi’s back and shows it to another guy. Kabir sees them and he goes towards her. He asks her for a dance. She refuses politely. He insists and without waiting for her answer he takes her to the dance floor keeping his hand behind her back. She feels awkward. He whispers in her ears. “ Sanchi please don’t take me wrong. I’m going to do something to save you from embarrassment. He slowly pulls her zip up. They share an eye lock.
Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)
( Sanchi slowly moves along with kabirs steps without breaking the eye lock.)

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)
( Kabir slowly moves his hand to her waist and pulls her a bit closer. Both could hear each others heartbeats. She tries to leave. )

Keh De Mujhse Dil Mein Kya Hai, Aisa Bhi Kya Guroor
Tujhko Bhi Toh Ho Raha Hai Thoda Asar Jaroor
Yeh Khaamoshi Jine Na De, Koi Toh Baat Ho
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)
( He pulls her back and turns her around and they twist and turn beautifully to the beat of the song.)

Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi
Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone Lagi
Wo Wo O O O O O……..
Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyaar… (2)
They are lost in each others eyes when kabirs phone ring.
Kabir moves to a corner.

Kabir: ma, are you OK. Kya hua? I’ll reach there quick. You don’t panic.
Veer is coming to the hotel.
Sanchi comes to him worried. “ kya hua. Aunty teekh hain na?”
Kabir: I don’t know. I’m sorry Sanchi. But I need to go home.
Sanchi: it’s OK kabir. I’ll also come with you.
Veer is parking his car. Sanchi and kabir moves towards the exit. Veer is about to come but the watchman stops him and talks to him about the parking. Kabir asks Sanchi to wait till he comes with the car. Veer comes towards Sanchi. But he recieves Gayatri’s call. He turns around when kabir comes . Sanchi gets in and leaves. Veer turns around and sees the car leaving. He goes inside.

Kanchi reaches home. They rush inside and find Kusum enjoying serial with popcorn.
Kabir: what is this ma. How could you joke like this. Do you know how tensed I was.
Kusum: mera bp bilkul normal hain. Ab tu apna bp math bada.
Kabir: not fair ma. I even troubled Sanchi.
Sanchi: it’s OK kabir. The good thing is that aunty is OK. And aunty, poor kabir. You really scared him.
Kusum: I had to do drama to get your attention. Varna kisi ko meri fikar hi nahi hain. And you, you promised to come often. You forgot your promise. And you(kabir) how many times I asked you to bring her over. So I did drama. I knew Sanchi was with you. Aur mera usse Milne ka mann kar raha that. So I called you here. I’m sorry beta.

Sanchi: no aunty, I’m sorry. Actually I was quite busy as totally forgot.
Kusum: waise Sanchi, you are looking really pretty today. Hain na kabir? ( Kabir rolls his eyes at her) but something is missing. Wait here. I’ll just be back.
Kabir and Sanchi look at each other confused.
Kusum returns with a jewellery set. She opens it to reveal a beautiful necklace.
Kusum: put on this. You will look more pretty.
Sanchi: aunty… how can I…
Kusum: don’t say anything . Your neck looks bare. What will people say
Kabir: ma, the party is over. She is going home.
Kusum: I don’t want to hear anything. Waise Maine yeh apni bahu ke liye piya tha. Ab tum hi rakhlo.

Kabir coughs “ma”
Kusum: mera matlab hain ki mujhe nahi lagta ki yeh kabhi shaadi karega. Ab mere Marne ke baad iska kya hoga. You are like my daughter. I brought this with lots of love. Please don’t say no.
Sanchi: (smiling at kabir) kabir. , seriously, you need to get married now.
Kabir: I also feel so now
Kusum: kabir please go and help her wear the necklace.
Sanchi: it’s OK aunty

Kusum: enough. This is my order. I want to see you wearing this.go.
Kabir and Sanchi walk towards the mirror. Kusum smiles and thanks god.kabir helps her wear the necklace. They share an eye lock through the mirror.
Later kabir drops Sanchi home. She is about to get out but then remembers something. She looks at kabir and smile. “ you are a really good person”
Kabirs heart skips a beat. She walks towards her steps. Kabir is about to leave but then notice Sanchi in the rear view, smiling at his car. He can’t stop smiling. He checks his heart beat again. He drives away smiling.
Sanchi is lost over a cup of coffee. Isha joins her.
Isha: are you Still lost about your hot client. How was the party. Did you guys dance
Isha: Sanchi are you OK. Where are you lost. Is something bothering you
Sanchi: Veer…..
Isha: veer ?

Sanchi: I saw veer today. He is back
Isha: (serious) did he see you?
Sanchi: I’m not sure
Isha: does he still affect you
Sanchi: I don’t know. I felt strange after seeing. There was no happiness, nor sadness. I don’t know…
Isha: it’s past. Let it be in past. He was just a spineless cheat who couldn’t live up to his words. I don’t want you ever to be affected by him. And don’t even think about him.
She leaves angrily. “ isha listen….”
Veer is at his balcony. He takes out the waist chain and looks at it” you were looking pretty today, miss golgappa”
He smiles remembering Sanchi.

Veer comes inside a bedroom. He sees Sanchi arranging clothes in the cupboard. She is wearing a red saree. She hears noise and turns around.
Sanchi: (shyly) : woh..isha ne insist kiya tho …pagal hain woh…I mean is there any rule to wear saree on first night…(veer raises his eyebrows. Sanchi realises what she just said and bites her toungue) woh…main pehli baar pehan rahi hoon na…so I was feeling weird..
Veer slightly tilts his head and walks towards hear.
Thode bheege bheege se thode nam hai hum,
Kal se soye voye bhi to kam hai hum.
(Veer takes kajal from the corner of her eye and slowly moves his fingers down her face , down her neck , down her curves, (while sanchi’s heart beat increases) .he moves his finger to her waist and puts on a black spot near her navel.)

Thode bheege bheege se thode nam hai hum,
Kal se soye voye bhi to kam hai hum.
Dil ne kaisi harkat ki hai,
Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai,
Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai…
( Sanchi feels current by his touch. She closes her eyes for a moment.
Sanchi: veer…
Veer: sh….

He keeps a finger on her lips and slowly places his lips on it. He removes his finger and they slowly share a passionate kiss. Sanchi clutches his shirt)
Aankhein doobi doobi si surmayee madham,
Jheelen paani paani hai bass tum aur hum,
Hmmm baat badi hairat ki hai,
[Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai] – 2 times
( Veer slowly removes her pallu. Sanchi is shy and turns around. He slowly puts her hair aside and unties her Dori. He looks at her sensuously. He kissed her on her back. Sanchi feels current again. She tries running away.)

Hmmm khawab ke bhoj se, kapkapati hui,
Halki palkein teri yaad aata hai sab,
Tujhe gudgudana… satana yuhi sote hue,
Gaal pe teepna… meechna bewajah besabab.
( Veer pulls back her pallu and turns her around to remove her saree. She is all red and her heart is beating fast. He pulls the pallu for one last time and she falls in his arms.)
Yaad hai peepal ke jiske ghane saaye the,

Hum ne gilehri jhoothe matter khaaye the,
Yeh barqat unn hazrat ki hai.
(Sanchi lies in bed in two piece. Veer slowly moves up . He is in shirted. He slowly kisses on her navel. She could feel her hair strands standing up. She rises up her chest due to his passionate kiss. Veer kisses her between her Clea…ge. she clutches the sheet. Veer slowly puts his fingers through her hair and lock her in a kiss.)
[Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai] – 2 times

(Soon both are sitting undressed on the bed with a bed sheet around them. Veer kisses her ear and then her neck. Sanchi tightly clutching the sheet covering her chest. He slowly turns her face towards him holding her shoulders. He holds her face and kiss her and slowly lay her down………..their sweet moment fades into the night……)

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