Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep10

Hello guys. How’s all your diwali preparations going on. I really miss diwali sweets. I used to enjoy when I was in Bangalore. Our neighbours used to give us a lot of sweets and crackers. Anyway hope you all enjoy the festive season when. So time for our new episode. Enjoy.
Veer sits in his balcony sipping coffee and lost in thoughts. Gayatri comes and sit beside him.
Gayatri: veer beta, what are doing here this late.
Veer: everything seems to have changed a lot .
Gayatri: ten years is are not a short period.
Veer: do you think people will also have changed.
Gayatri: everything changes with time. You too should. Mr Yadav called. Ne that your back, he wants to hurry the marriage.

Veer: mom, I am not sure about this. I still don’t know if I want to.
Gayatri: look veer. We have already talked about it. Pragya is perfect for you. Spend time with her. Get to know each other. OK listen, aisa karte hain, tomorrow we are throwing a diwali party at The Leela Palace. So why don’t you bring her along with you.
Veer: I’ll think about it.
Gayatri smiles and leaves. Veer takes out a golden waist chain and looks at it with thoughts of someone.
Chayee hain tanhaai , kyu na jaane.
Saza yeh kyu hain lagayi, kaun jaane…..
Isha is walking back home After her night walk. Pragya sees her and joins her.
Pragya: are you heading back to the café?
Pragya: I had to submit my reports to Sanchi ma’am . I hope you don’t mind me joining you.
Isha: ….
Pragya is a bit sad.
Pragya: do you mind me asking , is there anything in me that you don’t like. I’m sorry if I had done anything then I’m extremely sorry.
Isha: I hate everything about you
She sits on a bench. Pragya also joins her.
Pragya: I’m sorry that you hate me
Isha: stop being sorry for others. You have your own identity. Stop trying to change yourself for others.
Just then a trio of school girls pass by. One of them throws a coke can carelessly. It falls near Pragya’s feet.
Pragya chastises the trio for throwing waste on the road. Then isha surprises her by yelling angrily that the can could have hit pragya on her head or her face. One of the trio calls isha a stuck up aunty causing her and pragya to surge to their feet. They are engaged in a push and pull until they realise they are no match for the girls. Pragya is all smiles suddenly and tells that they don’t want any fight. Bit it’s too late . They find two more girls blocking their path. They fight back as best as they can with feet and teeth. But they are badly out numbered.

Sanchi and raavi stand with their arms crossed as they look at both wounded faces and messy hair.
Sanchi starts doctoring them.
Isha: Sab iski galti hain
Pragya: but ladai toh apne sure ki thi.
Raavi: apne toh meri naak kata do maasi. Mein toh kisi ko muh dikane ki kayak nahi rahi
Isha: mein kya make saath baagh gayi kya Jo tumhe muh chupake ghoomna padega.
Raavi: have you seen me ever loss a fight. Raavi Mishra naam hi Kari hain. You could have just taken my name.
Pragya: I did not know. Next time I’ll tell I’m your friend.
Raavi: waise maasi, what if your cut leaves a permanent scar on your face
Isha: Abe jale pe namak math China
Raavi : dono auntyaan bacho se har gayi….
Isha: aunty kisko bola. Rukh….abhi dikhathi Hun…she chases raavi.
Pragya is about to leave. She sees isha checking out her face in the mirror.
Pragya: thanku isha ji
Isha: mein kya tumhari aunty lagti Hun Jo tum mujhe ji ji kabir bhulaye. Aur thanku kyu
Pragya: for standing by me. And showing that you care for me.
Isha is all like she got caught while stealing chocolate. She just leaves without saying anything. Pragya smiles and leave.
Isha is sitting on her bed reading a book. Raavi lies in her lap playing in her phone.
Raavi: maasi…how is it to fall in love
Isha: kya baat hain. Aaj pyaar ke bare main kyu pooch rahi hain.
Raavi: aise hi. Kya pata kab kaun ajaye. I need to be prepared na. You know I don’t like surprises. Acha chodoongi, tell me if you had a crush on anyone.
She sits up.
Isha: haan, when I was doing my internship at SDCH, there was this hot senior doctor. He was no less than a Greek god. (As she says she imagines doctor kabir with a godly light around him). Every girl used to die to get a glimpse of him…he was so handsome that seeing him music used to play in our minds and (raavi also dreamily imagines about her crush with a light) breeze used to flow around us. When he is around, we don’t see anything else. Every day we used to here those golden words from his mouth.
Raavi: what?
Dream kabir “ one week , record room”
Raavi: eh? What. You mean punishment. Yeh bhi koi romantic baat hi hain. Khadoos kahi ka.
Isha: kicks her it of bed.) Apne karne mein jaana . And don’t insult my hottie.
Raavi: goodnight AUNTYJI…she runs out of the room.
Isha: raavi ki bachi. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Sanchi recieves a call from kabir.
Kabir: Sanchi, I mean miss Sanchi. I need a favour from you.
Sanchi: it’s OK KABIR. How can I help you.
Kabir: well it’s something personal. See, I don’t have much friends. Even though we met for the case, I see a good friend in you. So I just thought to take your help.
Sanchi: OK I’ll help you if it’s within my ability. Par baath toh batana..
Kabir: well tomorrow I have a diwali party at the Leela and I ..uhm… Every time I take ma along with me. But you know, her health. This year I dont want to go. But….ma insisted I ask you to come along. I know it’s stupid . But I just thought to ask if you would accompany me. I’m sorry if I overstepped my boundaries.
Sanchi: it’s OK kabir. Aisi koi baat nahi hain. But sorry I don’t think I would be coming.
Kabir: I’m sorry Sanchi. I shouldn’t have ..
Sanchi: it’s nothing like that. It’s just that I don’t like going to parties. In fact I don’t even remember when was the last time I attended one. Please don’t think otherwise. I’m sorry for rejecting you like this.
Kabir gets sad.
Isha suddenly grabs the phone from Sanchi.
Isha: look Mr..
Kabir: Bhansal
Isha: yes Mr Bhansal. Sanchi will be ready on time. Do come to pick her up. Have a good night. See you tomorrow.
Kabir: aap?
Isha: your well wisher. Be here on time. Bye.
She cuts the call.

Sanchi: yeh kya kardiya tumne.
Isha: waise his voice is so s**y
Sanchi: he is my client
Isha: come on Sanchi . Move on. Get a life. Go out and enjoy. When life is giving you chances you should also give it a chance
Sanchi:but isha.
Isha: I don’t want to hear anything. I’ll personally get you ready tomorrow. You are going to the party or wherever it is. That’s it. Food night.
She leaves closing her ears.
Sanchi: isha , what have you done.
The next day morning Sanchi is leaving for office. While leaving Sanchi asks raavi “ raavi what should I bring home for dinner. Mamma has an engagement in the evening. So mamma won’t be able to make dinner for you.”
Jaya: mere hote hue raavi bahar ka khana kyu jayegi?
Raavi and Isha look at jaya and Sanchi to and forth as they each speak out.
Sanchi: you don’t have to take trouble. I can take care of my daughter. She smiles slightly
Jaya: I too can take care of my granddaughter. Tell her. (She looks at raavi) waise bhi breakfast meine banayi. For my granddaughter.

Raavi: cut it out guys. Aur waise bhi meri pyaari naani, mera itna sa pet hain( small) aur is main khaaana sirf itna sa jayega(smaller). Aapne itna Sara khana kyu banayi
Jaya: woh beta, subah hamain zyaada khana chahiye. Khali pet jayegi thi kam kaise karthi
Raavi: naani darling mein school main padne kaafi hu. Kaam karne nahi
Isha: acha tu padthi bhi hain.
Raavi: bad joke maasi. Waise bhi you have made all of mamma’s favourite dishes.
Jaya: meine toh aise hi banayi . I don’t remember about some people’s likes and dislikes. Agar mujhe yaad rahti toh kabhi nahi banati.
Sanchi leaves smiling. Raavi and Isha chuckle.
Raavi is sitting on the play ground steps. She is deep in thought. Arav comes and sit beside her.
Arav: kya soch rahi hain raavi
Raavi: assignment. I’m actually confused. I don’t know what I want to become when I grow up.
Arav: just think of what you want most in your life.
Just then ball comes near her. She sees her crush coming towards her. She is all lost, “ I just want to become his girlfriend”
Arav sees him and gets disappointed. “ hi raavi, could you please pass the ball” raavi is all fluttery hearing her name from his mouth. She passes the ball and squeals in happiness.
Raavi: did you just hear that. He knows my name.
Arav: what’s so exciting about that. Everyone in school knows your name.
Raavi: what ? Wow, I never knew I was so popular in school.
Arav: well, look. You play pranks all the time, pick fights, like…..you know kaise ki gabbar ko Sab jaante hain. He is popular like…you know right
Raavi: tumne mujhe gabbar kaha. You mean I have negative publicity. You are so mean.
Arav: k I am. Bye
Raavi: arre ja kaha raha hain. Who will finish my assignment.
Arav: apne footballer se kaho na. (He leaves angrily)
Raavi: ise kya hogaya. Aaj kal ajeeb sa behave karta hain. Khadoos kahi ka.
At home raavi sits with isha working on her assignment.
Jaya: you should become a doctor like your grandpa.
Isha: I think you can become a good lawyer. No one can beat you with dialogues.
Raavi: yeh itna difficult kyu hain. I can’t even decide with one career. There are so many options. I don’t ever get confused even when choosing my icecream flavour.
Isha: chill yaar. Tum na Aram se socho
Raavi: what Aram maasi. Naani apna umar hothe hi meri shaadi karalo. I think it’s better and simple option. Mujhse nahi hogaya padai vadai. Already itne saare assignments de dekhar pakathe hain. Tho bade class main aur milenge na. Mujhe bas shaadi karni hain.
Jaya “ chal pagli. Kuch bhi bolti rahthi hain. Mein tumhare liye pakode lathi hu”
She leaves

Isha: waise tumhara woh assignment wala friend ka kya hua
Raavi: uska kuch samajh main nahi araha hain. Hamesha khadoos banker ghoom raha hain. Bat baat pe chidtha hain.
Isha: tu na, use apna boyfriend banale. Problem solved.
Raavi: par aptho hamesha kahthi hain ki boyfriend hamse zyaada smart nahi hain chahiye. Plus he is a nerdy. Padakhu.
Just then Sanchi comes in her green saare. It’s a dark green saree with black and silver border. She is wearing a black velvet blouse. She has big diamond earrings. Her neck is empty. She has a bun and jasmine around her hair. She is looking so traditionally hot. Raavi and Isha are so awestruck.
Raavi: mom you are so beautiful, just like me.
Sanchi: thanku sweety.
Sanchi recieves a call
Sanchi: OK bye. And raavi, pls don’t trouble naani. Be a good girl. Bye
Kabir waits for Sanchi near his car. He is just mesmerised to see her. He can’t take his eyes of her.
Sanchi: chale?
Sanchi: kabir, chale?
Kabir: ya. Pls come. (He opens the door for her) waise you are looking different today.
Sanchi smiles and gets in. They drive of.
So that’s all for today.hope you enjoyed.

Precap: kanchi romantic dance. will Sanchi and veer meet at the party. And what is it about her first night. Who is it.

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