Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep17

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Thanku guys for your lovely comments and thank God I escaped from all your scoldings. So I decided to post the next one soon. Any way , love you guys a lot??? just as you guys missed my update, I missed your comments too….??

Raavi and Arav are walking back home from school.
Raavi: why is it twelve on your face
Arav: I hate holidays
Raavi: what more can I expect from a nerdy like you

Arav: it’s just that I’ll miss you
Raavi: oh, that’s so sweet. Do you expect me to say that. You are behaving like a newlywed sending off his wife to mayka
Arav : why do you watch so much serials

Raavi: and why do you read so much romantic books
Arav: I read other books too

Raavi: that’s why you are my friend
Arav: but I like you
Raavi: I’ll think about it when I grow up

Arav: why not now?
Raavi: maasi says people make stupid decisions when your young. So I’ll think about it when I’m wise enough
Arav: she’s still single. Is she still growing
Raavi: don’t you dare say anything about my maasi
Arav: I have an idea

He whispers in her ears
Raavi: are you sure
Arav: (swearing) I shapath
Raavi: (putting her hands around his shoulder) not bad. We will make a great team . And I’ll make maasi the captain. Slowly you are learning to be a shaitan. You know
Arav: is that a compliment?
Raavi: for me it is. Now come. I need to pack to go with nani.
Arav: (murmuring) even pollutions can become pyaar ka dushman.

Sanchi is busy working in her office. Veer walks into her office. Sanchi without looking up
Sanchi: what are you doing here
Veer : you knew it’s me
Sanchi: it was easy to guess. Subah se meri left ankh badak rahi thi.
Veer: your humour sense has got better. So are you busy
Sanchi: (still not looking up from her file) what do you think I’m doing
Veer: care for a coffee

Sanchi: no
Veer: ok I’ll wait
Sanchi: no
Veer: still I’ll wait.
Sanchi: just top irritating me and leave veer.
Veer: why, are you afraid your feelings might come out being alone with me
Sanchi: you are hopeless
Veer: I need to take you somewhere
Sanchi: I’m not interested.

Veer: ok then. I’ll keep irritating you.
Sanchi continues with her work and veer continues doing odd things to irritate her. Finally she loses her cool
Sanchi: finally. Let’s fo
Veer: I knew you can never refuse me. After you.
They leave the office. Pragya sees them coming from the opposite side and hides from their sight. She looks at them leaving and wipes her tears.
Veer brings Sanchi to a hill top.
Sanchi: why did you bring me hear.

Veer ties her eyes and takes her farther up. He brings her to the end of the hill and opens her eyes. She is mesmerised to see the view. She can’t stop admiring the beautiful scenery.
Veer: remember Sanchi, you always said you wanted to touch the sky, you would dream of a house between the clouds
Sanchi looks at the clouds. She feels she is so near to the sky, in between the skies.
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga
Phul sa hai khila aaj din

(Veer shows her the tiny log house he had set up for her. Sanchi is lost in the moment. She has tears in her eyes. Veer wipes her tears and takes her around the house)
Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade ab gale
Tenu dil da vaasta

(On the other side kabir smiles thinking of Sanchi. He looks at his hand and remembers sanchi’s embarrassed face and how she fell asleep on his palm.)
Aasmaan pe aasmaan uske de itna bata
Woh jo mujhko dekh ke hase
Pana chahun raat din jise
Rabba mere naam kar use
Tenu dil da vasta
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga

Veer cups sanchi’s face.
Veer: I know I had hurt you a lot. I want to make it up to you. And this time I want to full fill all your wishes and make all your dream come true. Please marry me Sanchi. I promise, I’ll never leave your hand this time. I love you Sanchi.
Sanchi cries. She looks into his eyes. She slowly removes his hand
Sanchi: it’s too late veer. There is no place for love in my heart. I have shut it out because love only gives pain. I won’t be able to take it again. So please stop veer. You’ll only end up hurt.
She leaves without looking back. Veer goes on his knees crying.

Pragya and isha are gossiping in the café
Pragya: so how are things going with karan
Isha: it’s nothing. I’m gonna block him
Pragya gives her a knowing side eye. Raavi is all set to leave with Jaya. Sanchi comes there and asks her to show her answer sheets before leaving.

Raavi: maasi how did you put up with such a boring friend for this long.
Isha: I know. I sometimes pity myself for being stuck with her for my whole life.
Sanchi gives them a glare. Raavi brings her paper.
Sanchi: what is this, only thirty six out of hundred. Don’t you have any shame
Raavi: but I have passed
Sanchi: ya just pass
Pragya snatches the paper and goes through it
Isha: don’t tell me your expecting counting mistakes

Pragya: it’s just that she only attended for 37 marks and she got 36. She is smart
Isha: kya, let me look (she snatches and goes through it) wow, you got all right
Sanchi: what is this raavi. Why didn’t you attend the rest

Raavi: mamma, what is the point of this whole exam thing. To test if we have by hearted everything the teacher taught or to test our wisdom. If its about by hearing then I don’t believe in such a system. The whole point is to just pass. And I have written the necessary answer to pass. Do you even know how boring its to spend three hours in an exam hall. I get anxiety. And if exams are to check out wisdom, then no exams can check anyone’s wisdom. So why should I waste my time and energy for such a useless process. Waise bhi, to get promoted, you only need to pass. If only top students get to go to the next class, then there wouldn’t be 35 students in my class
All three are speechless

Isha: wow raavi, I’m your fan. Tu Sanchi ki hi beti hain na. Pata hain kitni padakhu thi. Aadha, mark bhi miss hogayi na, to teacher ka dimakh kaathi thi.
Sanchi: ……..

Raavi: it’s ok mamma. I know you’ll be always proud of me no matter how I am.
She hears the car honk and gives all the three a hug and leaves
Sanchi: guys I need to grab a drink
Isha: me too. This karan is driving me nuts

Pragya: ya men are all jerks
Sanchi: who knows better than me.
So guys it’s party time. Sanchi isha and pragya arrive at the club dressed in party dress.
Isha and pragya are wearing short dress. Sanchi is wearing a black Jean and shiny black jacket.
Three are moving with the beat.(tap tap tap)
Kabir: Tenu main love karda
Bematlab karda
(the girls turn around and is surprised to see him)
(He takes away isha)

Baahon mein aa soniye
Bas aaj raat ke liye
(He takes Pragya also to the dance floor)
Saadi taa desi hai adaa
Saade te hoja ni fida
Baahon mein aa soniye

Bas aaj raat ke liye
(He turns the two gorgeous woman around towards his bahein and matches step with them)
Sanchi:Kuch baat ghalat bhi ho jaaye
Kuch der ye dil bhi kho jaaye
Befikar dhadkane, iss tarah se chale
Shor goonje yahaan se wahaan
All four: Subah hone na de

Saath khone na de
Ek doosre ko hum sone na de
Tu mera hero oo oo…
Tu mera hero oo ae…
Na na na….

Humko kehte Superman
On karlo Handycam from AM to PM
Bande at your service ma’am (x2)
(They take shots and enjoy)
Isha(little tipsy): Ataa pataa rahe na kisi ka humein
pragya(keeping her head close to isha’s head,earning a stare from her): Yahi kahe ye pal zindagi ka humein
Sanchi: (coming in between them,breaking their connection):Ataa pataa rahe na kisi ka
Yehi kahe ye pal zindagi ka
isha: Ki khudgarz si khwahish liye
Pragya: Be-saans bhi hum-tum jjiye

Three: Hai gulaabi gulaabi samaa…
Four: Sooraj dooba hai yaaron
Do ghoont nashe ke maaro
Raste bhula do saare gharbaar ke
Sooraj dooba hai yaaron
Do ghoont nashe ke maaro
Gham tum bhula do saare sansaar ke
They are dancing to the beat. A guy is shown coming in blue jean. He adjusts his leather jacket over his white banyan.
Veer: Haaye mainu tu hot lagdi
Lakhaan da note lagdi(coming to Sanchi)
Mauka mila hai abhi
Hoga na phir yeh kabhi

Saanu tu touch kar le ae ae
Maza too much kar le ae ae
Baahon mein aa soniye
Bas aaj raat ke liye haa(he takes away pragya)
pragya: Kuch baat ghalat bhi ho jaaye
Kuch der ye dil bhi kho jaaye
Befikar dhadkane iss tarah se chale

Shor goonje yahaan se wahaan
All five with Sanchi in the middle, kabir and veer on her either side and pragya and isha at the ends : Subha hone na de
Saath khone na de
Ek doosre ko hum sone na de
Tu mera hero oo oo…
Tu mera hero oo oo
Na na na…
All are jumping high with the beat.
Veer turns Sanchi around in his arms and hold her close. They share an eye lock:
Matalbi ho ja zara matlabi
Duniya ki sunta hai kyun

Khud ki bhi sun le kabhi
Kabhi kabhi kabhi….
Kabir and pragyas face fall seeing them thus.
So thanku guys. And ya , a happy news. Due to all your requests, I am thinking of extending two three episodes more and also seeing your love for aravi pair, I have thought of a special episode only for aravi love story(after a leap).

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