Tere Ishq main (kanchi and sanveer ff) ep16

I’m really sorry, sorry sorry guys… For posting so late. Was stuck with work. Hope u understand. Between, missed u all and love u too???
So in the last episode we saw tom and jerry fight between kabir and veer. Kabir had invited Sanchi for his moms birthday.

Its a bright new day and our best shaitanee dimakhs (ya you guessed it right) are out on their terrace gossiping. Just then veer and kabir arrive at sanchi’s steps with flowers.
Kabir: what are you doing here
Veer: that must be the question I should ask you. What are you doing here. I’m here to meet my wife.
Kabir: ha ha ha. If your memory is weak, let me remind you, she was your wife. Now she is single and independent.
Veer: so what. Love never dies so easily. And what is this, lilies. See, you don’t know her like I do. Sanchi likes roses, that’s why I brought her these red roses
Kabir: I think you forgot, but sanchi’s preferences have changed a lot. And I know Sanchi loves white colour a lot. So she will like these white lilies.
And thus their buck buck continues

Watching them fight is our duo
Raavi: you grown up’s life are so interesting na. I wish I could grow up quick and get a boyfriend.
Isha: I’m getting old and neither is my life interesting nor can I get a boyfriend. And here two two guys are fighting for sanchi. I feel so jealous.
Raavi: me too
Isha: why are you jealous. You have Arav na
Raavi: but that’s only one na. It must be really fun to be part of a love triangle na.
Isha smacks her head
Raavi: ouch. That hurts maasi. And waise bhi apka phone wala fan hain na. Aap use kyu nahi patathi
Isha: he is just a crazy stalker. And I don’t even know what he looks like. I can’t take risk
Kabir and veer are still fighting. Just then a bucket of water comes down on them. They look up horrified. Even raavi and isha are shocked. All see Sanchi standing with a bucket in her hand
Sanchi: are you two high schoolers. Grow up .
She leaves angrily.
Raavi: yeh mamma be na, pyaar ka the end kar diya
Isha: ya , I know how boring yourmom is.
Later that day isha is busy in her café. And just then her fan calls.
Fan: your looking pretty today
Isha looking around: how do you know.
Fan: I told you, I am always around you.

Just then pragya and Sanchi arrive and keep their ears close to the phone. They start pestering her
Isha: I told you I don’t like jokes. Nor do I have time for your nonsense. So stop calling me else I’ll report you
Fan: (laughs) I know you don’t mind me calling you. If so why would you pick my calls. Are you worried I might turn out to be ugly. ( Isha tries to hide her embarrassment) you look cute when you do that. I’ll come meet you tomorrow at your café. Let’s call it a date.
Isha: but..I..
The other end disconnects.
Sanchi: what did he say
Isha: I don’t know. He knows everything I do. He wants to meet me tomorrow. He called it a date. He will be at the café tomorrow
Pragya: but that’s crazy stalking. Let me lay my hands on him , I’ll sue him for stalking.
Sanchi: oh drama queen, first let’s meet him. Then we’ll decide what to do. Ok I’ll be back in a while.
Isha and pragya have coffee.
Pragya: did he sound s**y. What do you think. Is his voice manly enough.
Isha: he sounded ok. I mean, not bad though
Pragya: will you date him if he is good looking
Isha: it’s not about looks and appearance. I don’t even know him. How can I just date someone like that.
Pragya: what about Sanchi. Whom do you think she will choose.
Isha: ( mischievously) why she can have only one if there are two
Pragya: pervert..

Isha side hugs her and asks about her relationship status with veer. Pragya isn’t sure how to term it. She is wry and hopes veer finds his true destination. And so does she. Pragya takes her leave and advice’s her to just grab their hand when someone confesses their love for you. She leaves with a painful smile.
Isha sighs: you jerk, how many more hearts will you break.
And now for our cutest couple.
Raavi is all worried when the teacher asks everyone to submit their class assignment.
Teacher: pls stand up those who don’t have one
Raavi is about to rise when arav keeps his book onher table and stanfs up instead .( Oh he is so in love…)
Teacher: Arav mehra, I never expected this from the most brilliant student of this class. You may go and stand outside the class. And take all your time till the period ends to think whom you should befriend and whom you should keep away. (She eyes raavi meaningfully)
Raavi just curses her silently. Arav silently goes and stand outside. He is a bit sad. He is surprised when Raavi comes and stand beside him.
Arav: you should have shown my homework. Why did you leave the class
Raavi: it was not my work. So I didn’t want to submit.
Arav: when did you become so honest and modest. This doesn’t sound like raavi
Raavi: I wasn’t being honest. Its just that I found the perfect way to escape from her boring class. It wouldn’t be fun if I had to stand alone.
Arav: this is so you.
Both share a sweet smile, spreading from ear to ear and beaming eyes. (They have a long way to go)
Arav: when we grow up, will you marry me
Raavi: shouldn’t you be asking me to be your girlfriend first
Arav: then will you marry me after becoming my girlfriend
Raavi: that depends. I mean if I don’t get bored of you and if I don’t find a handsome guy.
Arav: and….
Raavi: and if I find someone who can put up with my tantrum
Both smile looking at the opposite sides.
Isha is working at the counter. Her employee returns a coffee saying that it’s too sweet. Isha goes to the table
Isha:excuse me sir
The customer is reading one of isha’s books and he slowly downs the book to show his face. Its karan wahi. (Karan mehra)
Karan: miss isha Negi. Nice to meet you in person. You really are pretty than this(he shows her photo on the back of the book)
Isha tries to control her anger
Isha: sir, we had added regular amount of sugar. We actually don’t add much sugar because we provide sugar sachets for people who prefer more sugar. And if you needed lesser sugar, you could have pre ordered. So we won’t be able to replace your coffee
Karan: is that so. Well did you make the coffee. May be that’s why it got sweeter.
Isha: you sound familiar. Where have I heard you. …( She gets thinking and gives a horrified expression) you are the stalker
Karan: oh..that breaks my heart(he gets dramatic) is that what you call your admirer.
Isha: what are you doing here
Karan: you invited me
Isha: you invited yourself, and that too tomorrow. Then why did you come today
Karan: (all love struck) I couldn’t wait
Isha notices the customers watching. She plasters a smile on her face.
Isha: would you like to have something SIR
Karan: can I have you
Isha: huh?
Karan: anything with your hands..(He watches her with his chin resting on his hands)
Isha leaves fuming and conference calls Sanchi and pragya

Pragya: what, the pervert is in your café. Wait till I lay my hands on him.
Sanchi: don’t let him leave. Well be there shortly. How dare he..wait till we teach him a lesson
But when they reach cafethey are totally useless because all they do is sit across him and admire his perfect features. They encourage isha to go for it.
Pragya: (whispering) he is so good looking
Sanchi: and his shoulders are broad and he is tall too
Pragya: his smile is so cute. Look at his eyes
Sanchi: his watch is expensive
Pragya: I bet he must have a well kept body. He must be so hot without a shirt.
Karan: (smiling at both) ladies, do you want me to go shirtless
Pragya: I would love to
Sanchi hits her. “ it’s just tahr we want to get to know you more. “
Isha holds her head “traitors!!!”
Karan: I’m karan mehra.
Sanchi: I’m Sanchi Mishra. And this is pragya.
Karan: oh I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m a fan of yours. You are really awesome
Pragya: inki bhi…
Karan: pls don’t take me wrong. It’s just that I respect you a lot
Pragya: so what do you do
Karan: well I take care of my family business. The Amanda Mehra Group of companies
Sanchi and pragyas eyes go wide
Pragya: you are awfully rich. Waise if isha doesn’t agree, I’m still single.
Sanchi: well take your leave. Enjoy your coffee.
Sanchi pulls pragya away.
Pragya: meri hi kismat kharab hain.

So now time for birthday party. Isha raavi and Sanchi arrive at kapoor mansion. Kusum is glad to see Sanchi. She hugs them all. Raavi gives her a kiss and wish her birthday. Veer also just arrives.
Kusum: veer puthar, finally you got the time to met me.
Veer: what to do aunty, your son always keep me busy
Kusum: ya I know he is a khadoos. Come in let’s have dinner
They all sit for dinner. Sanchi finds veer picking out vegetables from his dish. She looks at raavi to find her doing the same. Kabeer follows her gaze and is slightly disappointed.
Kusum: today I feel like this is a home. Because I got tired having to eat my dinner with my boring son alone.
Kabir: ma..
Kusum: toh shaadi karlona..
Kabir: kabhi bhi?
Isha and pragya smile
Raavi: I told you to come and live with me. I also feel bored with these two AUNTYJI s
Isha: raavi…
Kusum: well, you should eat all your vegetables unless you want to end up like an AUNTYJI
Raavi: I’ll have paneer instead. Papa please pass me the paneer.
Veer passes her the paneer. Kusums face falls swing the exchange. She looks at kabir in shock. Kabeer just gestures her with his eyes that it’s true.
Raavi: (to veer) why do you marry?
Veer: ( tickling her mischievously) then how would papa get his little princess.
Raavi: (to kabir) why do people marry
Kabir: (smiling) I don’t know. May be it’s better to have someone beside you than being alone. Someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who stays beside you, no matter what(he looks at Sanchi), someone who understands you better than you.
Veer: you don’thave to say all that to a kid.

After dinner all sit in the lawn near a campfire and chat. Veer leaves to attend a call.
Kusum: I’ll go and get the icecream.
Sanchi: no aunty, you pls be seated. I’ll go and get it.
Isha: let me help you.
Sanchi: it’s ok. I’ll do it.
Sanchi goes to the kitchen and arranges the bowl on the tray. She scoops out the icecream into each bowl.
Sanchi: lo hogaya. Spoons…?
When she is about to turn a hand keeps the spoon on the tray. He is standing behind her and she can feel his breathe.
Sanchi: veer..
Veer: you still recognise my presence.
Sanchi: there’s nothing like that.
Veer: (he whispers in her ear) you didn’t even look back. Then how dis you know it was me. Don’t lie Sanchi. I know u still love me
Sanchi: veer please leave. (She turns around) what if someone comes.
Veer locks her between his arms on the kitchen cabinet.
Veer: then what Sanchi? Why do you care. Are you worried if kabir saw you with me. Do you have feelings for him?
Sanchi: your disgusting. Just let me go.
Veer: I told you, I won’t let you go this time. Nor will I get away. I love you Sanchi
He caresses her face and wipes away her tears. He gently kisses on her forehead.
Veer: pls come back to me Sanchi. I need you and raavi.

Just then kabir comes there.
Kabir: Sanchi. What’s taking you so long.
He notices Sanchi standing their awkwardly with veer beside her. Kabir’s face hardens a bit.
Kabir: Sanchi ma is waiting. You leave. I’llbring the icecream.
Sanchi leaves . Kabir glares at veer and leaves with the icecream.
It’s time to leave. Veer offers to drop isha and Sanchi.
Kabir: it’s ok Dr Veer. I’m the host, so I’ll take of my guests. I think you should leave as you wouldn’t want to be late for the early morning surgery.
Veer leaves making faces at him
Sanchi: aunty I think we should also leave
Kusum: beta don’t take me wrong, but it’s already late night. I don’t t think it’s safe to leave at this hour. Raavi is also sleeping. So it’s not better to disturb her sleep.
Isha: aunty we don’t want to trouble you. We also need to freshen up
Kusum: I’ll open my daughter’s room for your. Your can use her dress. Don’t say no. It’s jst that I won’t be able stop worrying.
Sanchi: aunty, but..
Isha: Sanchi. AUNTYJI is insisting na. Let’s go in the morning. Waise bhi I feel tired.

Later in the night Sanchi is restless on the balcony. Kabir comes to her with coffee
Sanchi: thank you
Kabir: I k ow you are not happy about having g to spend the night here. Im sorry on behalf of ma
Sanchi: it’s nothing g like that. I’m ok
Kabir: you don’t see ok. Is there anything..
Sanchi: its just work related. Can I use ur laptop. I needed to draft a few important mails.
Kabir: my pleasure. Pls come
Soon Sanchi and kabir are sitting before the TV. Sanchi is typing into the laptop while kabir is watching g match
Sanchi: you don’t have to stay up to give me co.pNy . You can go and sleep.
Kabir: you are mistaken. I’m just enjoying the match. You can go and sleep if you are done.
Kabir puts on his headphones and continue watching the match. Sanchi feels tired after a while. She stretches a bit. She notices kabir sleeping on the sofa. She slightly smiles watching him. She slowly leans forward and observes him closely. She puts her hand forward to caress his face. Kabir suddenly opens his eyes “ I’m handsome, right?” Sanchi falls back with a scream. She is super embarrassed. She can’t meet his gaze
Kabir: were you thinking about
Sanchi: no I was only watching
Kabir raises his brows
Sanchi: I mean I was watching the match. Then I saw something on your face. Thats it. I wasn’t checking you out or something. Do I look like someone who does that.
Kabir: in that case it should it should still be on my face.
He tries to look down. Sanchi immediately acts like wiping his face with her fingers. Kabir looks at her smiling. Their eyes meet and Sanchi pauses, her hand still on his face
(Kuch to hai Jo dil ghabraye
Kuch toh hain jo saans na aye
Kuch to hain jo hum honton se
Kahte kahte kah na paye

Kabir lowers his gaze to her fingers. She suddenly grows conscious
Sanchi: uhm..its ..gone. I’ll continue with my work then.
She gives him an awkward smile. She is still embarrassed. Kabir also continue ues with the match. Later he notices Sanchi falling asleep. He immediately lends his hand when she is about to fall. He rests sanchis face on his palm as she was drifting sideways in sleep. He sits there on the floor adoring her while Sanchi sits there sleeping with her face resting on his palm.
(Jo hamare darmiya hain, isko hum kya kahe..
Ishq kya hain, ik leher hain, ao isme bahen..
Kuch toh hain jo Hum hain khoye
Kuch to hain jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hain jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye….)
Isha watches the exchange from her door and smiles like a mother hen. She takes their pictures ad silently tiptoes to her room. Pragya recieves the picture and is all excited. She recieves isha’s call and she squeals in happiness
Pragya: they look so cute together
Isha: I know. But only god knows what is in sanchi’s mind
Pragya: all she thinks about is work
Isha: I know. I’m so envious. He is so caring and gentle
Pragya: I am the one to be envious. You at least have your Mr admirer.

Just then isha recieves a call.
Isha: I’m receiving a call from someone. Let me check. I’ll all you tomorrow.
Pragya: who else could be at this hour. All the best.
Isha: (speak of the devil and he calls . She takes the call) why are you calling me at this hour
Karan: you could have just cut the call if you didn’t want to talk to me. Why did you take my call then.
Isha: …uh..well..I didn’t k ow it was you
Karan: but you were the first one to speak. And you recognised me even without me speaking. That means you knew it was me.
Isha: don’t confuse me
Karan: you are confusing yourself. You picked the phone because you didn’t mind talking to me.
He smiles on the other end. Isha also can’t hide the small smile that appear on her lips. And on the other side of town, pragya is total sober. She finishes her bottle of beer and Lays on her balcony gazing at the empty dark sky.
“ There are so ma y stars I the sky today!!!”
So that is it guys . Please bear with me if I’m not able to update soon. I’m planning to end my ff with two or three more episodes. Hope you enjoyed.

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