Tere Dar Par Sanam (GauriKa) Chapter 1 – Ishqbaaz


Hi guys i wanted to start a new ff on rikkara so i made this one and i promise will finish this off i hope you really enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments

“It is almost past an hour by now I could not find a Rickshaw yet” Gauri muttered under her breath she was almost tired, today was a bad day for her from the morning, she woke up late, got late to office on her first day and got an earful from her senior , could not complete her project on time and now she could not find an auto.It was almost 6 now she decided to walk back up home. When she started walking she had a feeling of someone’s gaze over her and someone following her , she turned back putting up a brave face she looked to her left and right but could not find anyone. Turning back on her heels she started walking again after almost an hour she noticed that she was out of sight of people.she was scared the silence ,the buzzing wind and the whistling trees sent chills down her spine ,she was almost on the verge of crying , chanting all the prayers she clutched her back tightly near her chest and increased the speed of walking having the gaze down on the road all the while that’s when she dashed into a tall strong person before she could touched the ground a pair of arms wrapped around her Waist.That’s when she opened her eyes to meet her worst nightmare , The only word escaped her mouth before passing out was “Kali” and everything went blur around her.

Gauri opened her eyes with a pounding headache to find herself in a small dark room she tried to move but in vain her hands were tied with golden chains to the bed head post the more she struggled to get out of the grip the more it hurt her ,The pain was unbearable she could not take it anymore she closed her eyes, a lone tear escaped her eyes .That’s when flashes came across her mind . she shot opened open her eyes in fear. Realisation dawned upon her that she was in Kali’s clutches .her face went pale the flashes of her past came front of her.


“Maa Papa open your eyes look at your little laadli “maa “papa the little ten year Gauri wailed looking at her parent’s corpse .she had been back from school happily carrying her award which she won to show her parent’s ,she had been checking each and every corner of the house that’s when Khanaji ,the servant ,gotten a call from hospital stating that her parents met with a car accident. Within no time she had reached hospital with khannaji to find her parents had already left her alone in this cruel world.Khannaji had always been loyal to Sharmaji’s family he could not leave the little Gauri alone in this state so he had decided to bring her up as his own .From that day onward’s he had showered all the love and care towards this little one.After around Ten years, One day Khanaji had come to Gauri telling they have to visit his ancestral home in Bareiily .

They started their journey happily without knowing the danger which awaits them.Soon as they reached Bareilly.Gauri insisted khannaji to take a her to nearby temple that was where she had a first encounter with the Womanizer,Kali. Kali wanted Gauri to be his wife by hook or crook he was so memorized by her beauty . He had sent a marriage proposal to Khannaji to have him politely turned down , This had angered Kali and with that rage he had crashed into her house in attempt to kidnap her .Khannaji had tried hard to save his daughter but Kali shot him dead front of her eyes .

He body went numbed she was too shocked to react ,She pushed Kali with all her might and ran to her paa to have her see him take his last breath .Gauri could not think straight losing her father who had given a her so much love The Pain which felt now and the anger made her shoot Kali’s leg from the gun she had got from him with all her might before escaping from that place all the way mourning her father’s death. Kali’s men had followed her luckily she was able to misguide them and come to Mumbai. Since then she had rented a small apartment in a chawl. She was not the fun loving chirpy girl anymore She was Someone New She is changed .
End of flashback

“No this cannot happen I will not marry that scoundrel at any costs “I need to get out of this place. Gauri cried, she was trying hard to remove the chains. She heard the the sound of door opening to see four women coming in she was about to ask them who are they , she heard them say “Thakur sahib has send us to make you ready as a bride if u agree with us would be gentle if not we would have to force you . Gauri did not budge she will die but not be his wife .So the women had to forcefully make her ready .Gauri looked at herself in the mirror she was adorned with a red lehenga which matching jewels and a veil , She had always dreamt of being a bride she never knew that would turned out to be like this. a lone tear escaped her eyes .

Precap: Gauri closed her eyes and was about to cut her wrist with a piece of glass which she had got in the dressing table when she heard a gunshot and within seconds she saw Kali stumbling down with blooding dripping from his chest .

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