Tere Bina!!! (Without You!!!) Kaanchi OS Part 1

Hi friends, how are you?? Okk so I came here with an OS…. after long time I’m posting an OS hope you all like it…..I have two shots of it….Enjoy First part second I’ll try to post soon.

It was dark rainy night. A man walking on the road drops of tears falling down from his eyes…..he was walking slowly…it seems he was shattered by some thing…. something unwanted happened with him…he was heartbroken he was passing by so many emotions…his heart was paining….his eyes were wet due to tears….he completely out of this world…. thunderstorm happened… every one ran for shelter but he was still walking on the road peoples saw him in the shock… 

Random man pointed finger towards him…see the man it seems he is blind…stop him by walking.. 

Men seeing him…but he was walking and only walking without noticed anything… 

Bg: song..

Chan se joh tute koi sapna jag suna suna laage…(From: OM SHANTI OM)

Then some flash backs came in his eyes….

Flash back.. 

A girl slept on her bad it was morning…her phone rang she opened one eye saw the mail then quickly jumped from the bed and stood up….her eyes widely opened…she took her laptop and started to loading the tab…. there she saw


She bite nails….her expressions were mixer of nervousness and excitement…then page loaded…she started reading….with every word her heart beat become fast……after reading that when she went to her family members then her phone again resonate… She attended the call…

Hi Isha guess what??

Isha…u are going to get engaged….isha 

O hoo… nothing like that baba..Saanchi 

Ok, so pragya is going marry with Satish jiju….isha

Isha??? Nothing u have to say anything else??..Saanchi

So what u tell me Saanchi..

Ok listen…I applied for one semester study at abroad…..Saanchi

Ok yeah so what happened?? She asked holding her patience..

I was selected there… she said in a very exciting tone…

Whattttttttttttt….she screamed loudly her scream heard out of the phone… Saanchi kept far phone from her ?

Yes Isha you heard it right..

Okk I’m coming…


They cut the call..

…………….At Mishra’s House……

No Saanchi I’m not allow you to go so far from me…Jaya said her by going out from kitchen with the Trey of tea snacks…

But why mom?? She went behind her..

Jaya served tea and snacks to suneel…who was sat on the couch… after serving. She also sat down… suneel took the cup of tea and took first sip… 

See na papa what mom is saying… she doesn’t allow me to go abroad….u know na from how many years I want to go there and I got chance but see mom denying me go there that’s not fair na tell her something…. Saanchi pleaded him.

Saanchi beta ur mom is right….we can’t allow to go there …and u r studying in a very reputed college so why u want to go so far room us hmmm?? 

Saanchi became very upset with their answers she went from there to get tears in eyes…. suneel and Jaya noticed that they too became very upset to see her beloved daughter like this…. 

One week passed Saanchi became very quiet and upset she didn’t eat anything she didn’t talked with any one Jaya and suneel are hurting to see her daughter’s condition…they tried to talk with her but they were failed in their attempts…ishagya tried to make her understand and tried to talk with her but she didn’t uttered any single word from her mouth.. Slowly she fall in ill….. suneel and Jaya were tensed about her they told her 

Okk if u wanna go then we premised to go….she looked at them and smiled  

But humari ek shart hai 

The smile faded from her face…she asked what?? Worriedly..

So listen carefully… before going u have to do engagement with someone. 

Saanchi was hell shocked…and sat down … what?? 

Yes, we decided that if u ready to do engagement with someone there then u can go there for 4 months after ur return u will marry with that guy… okay??

Saanchi no I’m not doing anything like that for going u get it… she told them with so much anger her voice on the rage… she went from there…Jaya and suneel remained there by looking at her. 


The man walking on the road suddenly he sat down in the bench that was came in his path…

Man’s POV 

Our lives takes so man u turns we are not know what destiny has decided for us it seems we are puppets of destiny…and playing our specific decided roles… our character is chosen by destiny we are nothing in front of that….. what happened if she doesn’t came in my life I was happy and enjoying life in full entertainment…I was flirts with girls it was fun for me I singing Happy songs Rocking songs I doesn’t liked sad music….I was hatting that word sad…I didn’t believed in sadness….l loved my mom so much I hate my father she was one and only for I can do anything in this world she did so many sacrifices for me she didn’t show her pain to me but I was good son na…. I was understood her pain by without uttering any word by her….we were in our own world don’t know where from she came in our lives… 

Flash back 

Isha pragya and saanchi was walking in their college’s playground…. Saanchi was upset… ishagya looked at each other…

Ahhh… Saanchi what is your problem?? yarr u want to go and ur  parents want to by u to get engagement na…toh karlo na engagement..woh bhi Khush aur jao abroad tum bhi khush….

Pragya?? She turned and giving her weird expressions..

What?? Why r u looking me like this… I’m serious see me I didn’t engaged with Satish for my parent’s happiness…U can do the same for fulfill ur dream… U will happy they will happy…all will be well. Saanchi heard her words and thought something then ran to home urgently isha pragya looked on.

She reached home.. She gasped jaya looking at her then suneel came out from room both were looking at her.. Then Saanchi uttered….I’m ready for engagement… With whom u want… I will do…but promise me after my engagement u won’t stop me from going….Are u promising me??

Jaya and suneel gave surprising gaze to each other…. Jaya was smiled at her statement… She came to her caressing her face smile was continuously maintain on her face…

My daughter… U took good decision… I proud of u…u stay here I’m going bring some sweets. She turned for go then Saanchi held her hand…she stopped..

Maa give me answer of my question…

Jaya turned towards her…now smile faded from her face.. She glared at her Saanchi too. Saanchi leaved her hand..

Saanchi what’s ur question??

Maa, after my engagement u won’t stop me from going??

She smiled.. Of course not beta…now don’t think much about it it’s great news that u agree for engagement we are so happy.. Then suneel came to beside them and kept hand on Saanchi’s head.. Both hugged her… 

Next day jaya called to savitri and anand malhotra with their son veer to home… They came jaya prepared to Saanchi…

She took Saanchi to downstairs veer was looking at her and mesmerized by her beauty… Savitri looking at veer and silently smiled. Saanchi came near them her eyes were down.. Veer still starring at her and Saanchi was feeling nervous… Then jaya said..

She is my daughter Saanchi u all know very well… 

Saanchi beta came sit with me savitri said.. Saanchi went there and Sat with him…

Katni khoobsoorat hai saanchi hena she asked from anand…..anand nodded yes…

Soon Saanchi stood and offered them cups of tea… 

All were happy.. 

I like Saanchi very much as my bahu (Daughter in law)…what about u veer…asked savitri by looking at veer… Veer blushed 

Yes Maa l like her…now Saanchi blushed…with their confession the happiness spreads all around… All stand up…and hugged each other… All congratulated each other than ishagya came

Sorry for late hum me kuch miss toh nahi kar diya?? Ishagya 

Ishagya u come so early shaitan larkiun kaha thi??…on that time u leaved to ur friend alone..said jaya  

Both held their ears and apologized them…

So sorry plz forgive us. Next we won’t do that… Promise…pakka wala..

It’s okk now come said jaya…all laughed both came to them fast….and hugged to Saanchi by sides.. 

Then veer and Saanchi exchange their rings…now their engagement took place… After that all danced together… On the song…

Song: Dilan wale soude,
Aene hunde nhi sukhane..
Lagda fareet khatte..
Dil sadda bhal ae..

Haye dilan wale soude,
Aene hunde nhi sukhane..
Lagda fareet khatte..
Dil sadda bhal ae..

Wanga mele ton chadaun badle
Wanga mele ton chadaun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda..

Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.
Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.

Gal mukk jandi nyio de ke red ros ae,
Zindagi saath hunda badda ikk dhoos ae..
Oye gal mukk jandi nyio de ke red ros ae,
Zindagi saath hunda badda ikk dhoos ae..

Koka nakk da kadaun badle..
Sadda hire jiha dil mangda..

Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.
Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.

Haan ishq ch kasma ne nebauniya ne pendiya,
Jaan diyan baziyan vi launiya ne pendiya..
Haye ishq ch kasma ne nebauniya ne pendiya,
Jaan diyan baziyan vi launiya ne pendiya..

Kanne jhumke ke pawaun badle,
Kanne jhumke ke pawaun badle,
Sadda hire jiha dil mandga..

Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.
Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.

Khairewala suraj tu karda kiyu till ve
Dena pena teinu vi dil vatte dil ve..
Khairewala suraj tu karda kiyu till ve
Dena pena teinu vi dil vatte dil ve..

Ho canada nu lejan badle,
Canada nu lejan badle.
Sadda hire jiha dil mangda..

Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda..
Chhala ongli che paun badle..
Sadda hire jeha dil mangda.. 

Some days passed Saanchi reached airport for her flight for Australia she bid adieu to all and went from there…

Plan flights all were looked to plan and waved hands tears were appeared in jaya’s eyes. She was emotional on her going… Suneel consoled her and took her home back.

Saanchi’s flight take off at Australia’s airport she was in jeans and top black goggles on her eyes she was looking stunning she chewed the chewing gum she hired taxi and reached her hostel… She reached hostel’s room where she found two bed in her room…room was well furnished she smiled to see room…she kept side her luggage… Now she took water bottle and started drinking…. Then one another girl entered in the room..

Hey!! Are you Saanchi Mishra from India??

Saanchi turned to see her she was shocked to see the girl stood in front of her… she was so much beautiful she wore black top with torn jeans with silky long hairs….

Saanchi stood, how u know me??

Actually I saw ur name in the list and got to know that you are coming from India…am I right?? 

Yes, u r right and can I know ur name?? 

Ohh, yeah Hi she raised hand for handshake and said… Hi I’m Zara I’m from Pakistan..

Hi zara it’s nice to meet you she shake hand with her….??both smiled..

In the evening Zara told her…Heyy Saanchi will u go with me??  

Where Zara?? 

U know what Saanchi tonight is the musical concert in our University for well come to their new entrants… 

Really?? She asked interestingly 

Yes Saanchi…and u are going with me okk?? 

No, Zara I’m very much tired sorry dear..

Heyy!!  What are you saying? She sat beside her and trying to convince her..Heyy Saanchi U know what who is performing in the concert…

She nodded No..

O foo…..u don’t know okk I’ll tell You….the university’s most wanted handsome hunk, every girl’s heartthrob, .Australian’s Business tycoon Kailash nath kapoor’s one and only bachelor son Kabir Kapoor….he loves music I heard him on you tube he is a Rockstar..

 To be continued……

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    Wow, now that’s something interesting under your sleeve. Can’t wait for the next one. And I must say, why do our dreams always have so many constraints. Every permission we get always comes with clauses….it’s too sad that women in our country can never make a decision for themselves…

    1. Anee

      Heyy Ziyu….thank you so much dear for your love and consistent support…and yeah you are right…but my dear….woman are not weak as much that peoples are understands them…and another thing is also our responsibility that we should need to obey our parents decisions…because they never go wrong for their children…..and dear sorry for waits you…next part is on the way you will get it soon….okk luv u bye tc….

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