Tere bina dil hi naa lage (Episode 6)

hii guys i am soo soo sorry for late update but we went for family time and i didn’t get time so i am so sorry and so ………. lets begin our chapter but before that i will like to take few people name who always support me those are ammu , sounjaya , jessy , swati and etc so lets begin


the song starts to end and ragini got tears in her eyes as she remember the first time she saw sanskar
ragini was in basketball team and she was trying hard to put ball in basket by throwing it but it was impossile for her
sanskar was seeing her from long time actually he was a senior
ragini noticed him and just lookes at him for long time

ragini pov
hay itna handsome senior tughe dekh rah ahi ragini , tu pyaar mei toh nahi gir gayi yaar chal chod pehle basket mei ball dalni hai
suddenly she got a feeling and she saw a big firm but soft hand on her shoulder ( of course it was of a boy and she felt it )
ragini start to heistate and become shy her cheek gone red as she turn back and she was hell shock seeing sanskar
sanskar-hii mei sanskar hu
ragini-mera naam ragini hai
sanskar-lagta hai tumse voh basket mei ball nahi jaa rahi mei iss chiz mei expert hu bolo toh sikha du ..
ragini happily agreed in this she has many thoughts and even practising she was blushing , her cheek were purily red
sanskar while practising test ragini and she did it and now after 1 hour practise she learned it very well
sanskar-woah girl sahi ek ghante mei kya baat hai
ragini-mei hu hi talented
sanskar-isile ball basket mei nahi jaa rahi thi ……..
ragini make a pout
sanskar laugh and say-koi baat nahi just keep practising and it will happen
sanskar-well senior , junior ,middle
ragini -middle
sanskar whispered -damn
ragini-kya kucch kaha kya
sanskar-nahi nahi ok i m going i have a class to attend
ragini waves bye to him and when he went he saw her last time after seeing and hearing that ragini just smiles all her classes were like this smiling and smiling and her cheek were red she thought-uske damn kaha kyuki mei senior nahi thi , matlab uske mere saath kucch na kucch feeling hai
flash back overs and songs also ends with it laksh comes to her and sees tears in her eyes
laksh-aie ladki tum roo kuy rahi ho
ragini opens her eyes and saw laksj-mei nahi ro rahi
laksh wipes her tears and say-yeh kya hai pasina
ragini-shut up aur yeh btao ki time kitna ho raha hai ?
laksh-time is ? 2 am
ragini-shit mughe janna hai usse pehle btao tumhara bhai kah ahi
laksh-kya chahiye uske saath ( he winks)
ragini-mughe usse gift dena hai aur ………….
ragini-byee kehna hai
laksh kaughs off -ookk you are mad go he is staight right

ragini rans to there
ragini again saw sanskar and start to shy even no one can notice that she was blushing
sanskar-hi ragni
ragini sees him
ragini-voh mei ghar jaa rahi thi toh tumhara gift hai yeh , happy birthday one again
sanskar-oh thanks
ragini-ok byee
sanskar-veses ek baat btau
ragini start to feel nervous-hmm
sanskar laughs-yoou are looking beautiful
ragini hell shocked she was heariing those pretty words from him she want to say but only said thank you and byee and ran from there
sanskar gets confused and start to think something
laksh saw ragini
laksh-oh ruko kah abhaag rahi ho
ragini stopped-oh haan
laksh-raat bahut ho gayi hai mei drop ker deta hu
ragini-no i will manage
laksh-no no its ok
ragini agrees and they both goes

in car
they both sits while laksh start the car he asks
laksh-toh itni jaldi kyu jaa rahi ho
ragini-voh kya hai naa mere aaj early duty hai shop mei toh mughe jana pada
laksh-oh i see
he starts the car and plays music
ishq mei tere bina dil hi naa lage
yeh dosti kucch jaada…………………….
songs plays ragini feels akward
laksh sees this and changes the song fm starts
kya aapko pta hai aaj kal pyaar karne mei samay nahi lagta kyuki aaj kal pyaar ka ek naya hi andaa chal rah hai —–kahi bhi shuru ho jta hai ………….
raglak both start to feel akward by this
laksh stopped fm
ragini start to think of what sanskar told to her and start blushing after that
ragini-omg yeh usne kya keh diya , ab mei mar jaungi …………..

precap-laksh car gets damaged

thiink think there is more twist then staying in one car

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