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Tere bina dil hi naa lage (Episode 3)


so guys how did you like the previous chapter i would be very happy if you like it – i think it was little short don’t i i am so sorry for that from next time i will update quickly (if i got sometime free ) any ways lets countinue one more thing ,as you remember in 1st episode it wa all doubbled and i don’t know why did telly updates do that ,so i it happen again i will be very sorry

recap-laksh calls swara at sanskar b’day party

precap-someone call ragini for something that make her dance (hehe)

ok lets start our chapter-2

AT 11;34
laksh is decorating house and there are 4 more friends preparing for his brother b’day
laksh-aaj bhai bahut khush ho jaega
friend -1 – bhai tu harbar essa karta tere bhai ko kya new lagega
friend 2 – baat toh sahi hai
laksh thinks and say- yeh tofa usse sirf mei hi de sakta hu chahe usse jitna bhi bore hue … agar hua toh change kar denge ,magar usse pata hai mere ki mere alava usse yeh gift koi nahi de sakta
friend 3 -aur agar usse pyaar mil gya toh
laksh- uska jawab mere paas nahi hai ,agar voh apne pyaar ke liye mughe chod dega magar mughe pata hai voh essa nahi karega
friend-2 -kya defination di hai
laksh smiles
friend-4 -magar agar tughe pyaar ho gya toh ?
laksh shocked and start to deep think ( in thinking usse ragini yaad aa gyi laksh opens his eyes and start to look around and then said
abe yeh kya baat kar rahe ho kaam nahi karna saale chal
friend 2 – baat badlana aata hai
and then everyone start to decorate the house again

ragini house
ragini was sleeping when a phone call come to her
she opens the lights and in a sleepy way asks
ragini-kon hai / itni raat ko kon call kar rahah hai
girl-oh mahan jaldi se ready ho jaa tughe ek party mei abhi raat ke 12 baaje aana hai
ragini-kya keh rahi hai swara ? sahi sahi bol
swara-abe aaj sanskar ka b’day hai
ragni-(iin sleepy mood) toh
swara ( angry mood )-tere phele crush ka
ragini wakes from sleepy ness and say -SANSKAR ka b’day hai magar meei….voh .keses …mei kese jaa sakti hu matlab ……
she start to blush
swara-yaar 3 din pehle uska bhai aaya tha new york se hindi hi bolta hai hehe aur usne kaha ki party hai aur jaldi se jaldi aaana hai
ragini-OMG OMG sanakar ka b’day mei usse wish karungi
swara-thik hai thik hai mei aa rahi hu mei toh ready hu jab tak mei aati hu tab tak apna dress aur gift nikal
ragini -thik hai

as the phone cut ragini start to dance she opens her cuboard and then see a picture of sanskar she smiles seeing his picture
ragini-mahine ho gye sirf tumhari photo se baat ki ab real life mei milungi
then she start to find in the cupboard and then then she find something – a watch
she remember that by mistake she took gents watch and the shop keeper wasn’t taking it back
ragini-aaj kaam aa gyi ab ek jaldi se dress dhundani hai
she takes out a dress a silver frock gown that has 2 strips both side and the back was half backless
ragini-kash mughe aaj sanskar dekh le aur kucch toh bol de
she start to wrap the gift after that she start to curl her hair by the machine then she gets ready
but then she thinks -mughe kal shop pe bhi jaana hai aur early morning ka duty hai (6:00 am to 12:000 ka duty hai jaldi aana padega
she becomes a little sad and then tears come from her little eyes -yeh jindagi ..bhi naa …………kaash agar abhi maa aur papa hote …..aaj jindagi essi nahi hoti
a beep come from outside of door she goes to window and saw swara down there waiting for her ragini wipes her tears and then start to go down stair
as she goes down stair she is surprised to see the person
swara was in car witha boy and the boy was none other than laksh
ragini-laksh ?
laksh-ragini ?
swara-kya ?
ragini-laksh tum….?
laksh-mei ….. i mean tum ..?
they both look at swara
swara says scared-KYA …………?

PRECAP- ragini went to the party meet the one she is thinking of ,laksh sees her

Credit to: miami

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    Laksh is falling for ragini
    How will he react when he finds that ragini has a crush on sanskaar

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