Hii guys, thanks for such wonderful cmnt on previous part.
Now I will never tell on any story how many part it will take
Both were still lost in their trances, they came back in this world by door opening.
Nurse came up with injection, seeing injection swara gulped in fear. She sees toward Sanskar who is not showing any emotions.
Nurse: mam, can you side?, I need to inject him.
She tightly hold his hand, he sees toward her and signal through his eyes “ what happen “

Swara: Sanskar, don’t be afraid. It will not pain you. Sister inject him slowly. Can it not possible instead of injection , you can give some medicine.
She again see toward him.
She kiss his hand and says “ Sanskar, don’t worry I will talk to doctor. They will not give you injection. It will pain na”
Sanskar lovingly sees toward her and cup her face” shh, princess it will not pain. I am not afraid of injection. You are saying like this she is not injecting me but you.”
She turn her face” no , I am not afraid. I thought you are afraid of it”
Nurse and Raglak smile seeing them.
Nurse came forward, she going to pick syringe.

Swara again interrupt her” sister, do slowly. Its pains lot”
She nodded in yes.
She again going to pick injection, this time she held her hand” sister, you don’t have other one. This is so sharp”
Nurse became irritated by her behaviour whereas Sanskar was giggling at his wife antic.
Nurse give her injection” mam, you can do it”
Swara give back to her” arre , I don’t know” ( innocently)
Nurse sees toward sanskar for help, he nodded in yes.
He make swara face him. He started to touch her cheeks “ swara, you know what will I keep my Princess name.”
She totally lost in his touch” noo…”
Mean time nurse did her work and go away smiling at them.
He continued to touch her face romantically” I will call her
‘ princess’
She open her eyes” but I am your princess na”
He sees in her big beautiful eyes” you both are my princess but ha I only call her princress not even you. You can call her by different name. Let me think”
He started to think “ ya I get that , you all can call her ‘swastika’ my and my princess doll.
She nodded happily.
She started to see her surrounding, he become puzzled.
“ hey, now what are you finding?”
She looked toward him” where is nurse?, She need to give injection na” by saying this she again started to looking surrounding.
Raglak and sanky started to laught at her. She angrily sees them .
“ am I joking?, or am I looking like joker?”
All nodded in no.
She angrily started to beat them.
After 3-4 hour

All were still at hospital.
Swara was helping Sanskar, while Sanskar only staring her.
All became ready to leave hospital.
Ragini teasingly sees swara” di are you coming with me or not?”
Before swara could answer, sanskar jumped in middle” swara is not going anywhere. She is going with me our house”
Swara’s cheeks turned red at her husband eagerness. She held Ragini hand and act to go from there. Before moving further , she turned toward him and said
“ someone throw me from that house. If he want me back then he should do something special for me. Then I may think”
Laksh nodded in yes and he also began to move.
For sometime he become confused what he should do for conveying her. He also knows, he had done wrong with her. Soon his face turned bright like 1000 watt bulb.
He immediately shouted their name” swara, laksh “

Both stop at their place listening his voice.
He came forward , he separate swaragini hand” laksh, you drop Ragini to her house. I have some special work with Mrs maheswari.”
By saying it, he lift her in arm and move from there.
She started to struggle to come out” Mr maheswari leave me”
He packed her lips” Mrs maheswari, I don’t hold you to leave. “
She smiled at him but again make her face serious” sanskar ji, leave me. Your arm will pain”
He sees in her eyes and said” lifting you in my arms its pleasure for me. Ya but somewhere I have pain”

She became angry listening about his pain and angrily spoke” see I had told na, it will pain you but no you had to become romantic hero. Now I will never talk to you. No no first tell me where is paining”
He make her sit in car and himself seated at driver sit” here( he shows his cheeks) vo kya hai na Mrs maheswari, someone slapped me here. Not once but ( he started to count) ya 6 slap. Can you imagine Mrs maheswari, 6 slap to great Mr maheswari?”
She touched his cheeks, her eyes turned teary remembering how she had lost her control that when she sees him with another girl.
Swara “ is it still paining? But fault was your na. What was you doing with her? Are you really kissing her..?”
Before she could complete he places his lips on her lips and began to kiss softly, soon kiss turned into passionate one. They broke kiss after 15 minutes, her eyes were still moist. He cupped her face.
Sanskar” nope, princess no more tears. That day I was just helping her . she is just like my sister ya but still it’s paining what to do Mrs maheswari my wife turned into tigresses . you know today also she slap me. Can you believe how my wife is giving me torture?”
She chuckled at his words, she tightly kissed his cheeks and see toward his eyes” Mr maheswari, now is it okay?, your wife did very good. You deserve more. How could you thought she will be live happily without you?
Sanskar” you don’t know mrs maheswari, Mr maheswari is little crack. He don’t know what is good or bad? But now his wife will teach him everything.”
Swara” don’t dare to say anything about Mr maheswari. He loves his wife a lot ,even more than life”
Both burst out laughing.
They both reached mm, before she could keep her feet at ground he again lift her.” No princess,I will not allow you to walk. That day I behaved very rudely na. Now only I will take you inside”
She nodded in yes, everyone become shocked to see them.
Ap and kavya came,kavya started to tease them” mom, k don’t knew my brother in law is so much romantic”
Ap” even I didn’t knew my daughter and son are doing romance…”
Swara face turned red, she hide her face near his chest.
He starred kavya and ap” mom,your daughter is so careless.”
Ap “ no my daughter is like diamond but my son don’t know her importance”
He sees toward her who is still not looking at him. He make her sit on sofa and keep pillow at back.

Sanskar” mom, sry na I thought if I will separate her from me she can able to start fresh life. But she is very stubborn mom.”
Ap sit near swara and cup her face” you know swara, when I first time saw you na. Only that time I came to know you are perfect for my idiot son….”
He sit near them and keep his head in ap’s lap” mom, don’t call me idiot . what will my daughter think her dadi is calling his dad idiot”
Ap again sees toward swara, she nodded in yes.

Ap “ you are telling me now.”
She held their ears.
Swasan” sry mom”
Ap” no, you both deserve punishment. Swara your punishment is till delivery you will not even move and sanskar you, you will always take care of my daughter”
Both nodded in yes, sanky again pick her and take her in room.
She become shocked seeing room, whole room is filled with her pics. She started to see every corner of room. Everything was like before, the way she keep that room. Nothing was changed not even he changed bedsheet.
Swara” sanskar ji, ….”

He cut her in between, he said” I know what you want to speak. I just don’t want to change anything here. That’s y I never allow anyone here. This room always remind me your presence. I didn’t wanted anything change.”
He make her sit on bed and he himself sit on floor.
His eyes turned moist” swara, I am feeling sleepy. Since you had gone I didn’t sleep peacefully. Can today you will make me sleep?”
She nodded in yes, she held his hand and make him stand. She make him lie on bed and removed his shoes and shocks.
Swara“ sanskar ji, from today we both will only think about our present neither about past nor about future”
She sleep beside him, both slept in each other embrace.
With passing month their love , care for each other always increased, both became dependent on each other. Even for single second they are not living each other. Sometimes she used to become irritated by his extra caring behaviour. He never allow her to do any work. He always used to say” swara don’t eat this, swara don’t sit, walk carefully, don’t sit like this, and many more…”
Sometimes he also used to become irritated by her mood swing.
She used to make him awake mid night and demand icecream, chocolate , pani puri etc..
Sometimes she used to demand him sing song for her, if he ever dare to say no. She started to cry and make him scolded by everyone.
One day, he was in office. She called him demanding for teddies.
Both used to irritate each other but yet they were enjoying each and every moment forgetting about future.
Now sanskar’s operation and her delivery both were very near. Fear of losing each other started in their hearts but they promised each other. They will fight for living. Even death can’t separate them.
One day sanskar vision started to became blurred, he fall down. Listening sound everyone rushes there they become shocked by seeing sanskar lying on ground, blood flowing from his head. Swara sit near him and keep his head on her lap.
“ sanskar ji, open your eyes. Sees I want food by only made you. Mom tell your son fulfill my demand or else I will ( she started to think) ha I will cry loudly.”
Seeing him not opening his eyes, she started to become panic. Laksh try to lift him but she pushes him.

Swara“ can’t you see I am talking to him? Is the way disturb someone? You wait I will complain to him”
She again shifted her gaze toward him” sanskar ji, your brother is disturbing us. You will scold him na. But this time forgive him. Laksh from now onward don’t disturb us. I will tell him not to scold you.”
Laksh” bhabi, if we will not take him hospital na then he will die”
She slapped him” he will not, have you listen? He will never leave me? Sanskar now I will not stop you. Scold him as much you want.”
Swara family also come there, they started to worry about her health. Ragini try to make her understand but she is not listening anyone.
Ap come near her and slap her, swara keep her hand on cheek” ma, you slap me. Do I done something wrong?”
Ap” swara leave him, allow laksh to take him hospital. I don’t want to loose my son due to you. Every second is important for his life. Do you listen , if anything happen him na then I will never forgive you.”
Laksh and shekhar lift him . they take him hospital, as soon as they separate him from her. She started to cry and slapping her self . all try to stop her but she is not listening anyone.
Only blabbering” I am responsible for it. He will go away from me. He don’t love me. Ma you are right only due to me he is in this condition. Why you choose me for him . your son will die due to me.”
She hugged her tightly and started to cry more. Suddenly she shout in pain” ahh, ma its paining. Ma, I want my sanskar pls call him. Say him his princess is waiting for him”
Ap” swara, don’t close your eyes. What I will answer your prince. I didn’t even able to keep his princess safe.”
Ragini immediately call ambulance, they take swara with them. Ap went with her. Ragini and shomi go in different car.

Swara only murmuring sanskar name, she is shouting “ I want sanskar”
Ap” when you open back your eyes I promise your sanskar will with you. Pls stop crying, if he will come to know about your tears then he will scold all of us”
Swara smilied little” ma, promise. You will give me my sanskar”
She nodded in yes.
Doctor take her in OT.
Both were struggling for life.
Sanskar ward
Doctor were trying to save him but with passing time they were losing him.
Outside, swara and sanskar family were Waiting for doctor. When they sees doctor, they all rushes to them.
Laksh” how is he”
Doctor” can’t say anything, we are loosing him. Operation is successful but he is not responding us.”
By saying he went from there, swara’s doctor also came and inform they are loosing both mother and child. Only one of them can be save”
Without thinking they replied to save swara.
Doctor nodded in yes.
Sanskar ward
Sanskar slowly open his eyes , he started to find swara.
He smiled seeing swara holding is hand.
Swara” sanskar ji, you won”
He tried to sit, she stop him” no today, now my turn is you always fulfill my every wishes. Thanks for fighting with death for me. Sanskar ji,will you promise me something?”
He become confused by her words, yet he nodded in yes.
“ tell our daughter her mom loves her very much. She deal with god to save his dad. God give her choice to save herself or her love. She choose her love. Sanskar ji, never angry on her. Always handle her with love. Ya sometime scold her also but never dare to raise your hand on her”
Sanskar not understanding anything, he try to sit.
He said” swara , what are you saying”

Swara” nothing sanskar ji, I just came here to meet you last time. Always take care of yourself and swasatika”
By saying this she vanish, he tried to find her.
As he not able to find her, he started to shout. Listening his voice all came there.
Ap” thank god sanskar, you are safe.”
Sanskar” ma, where is my swara and daughter?, you don’t know she was blabbering something nonsense here.”
All sees each other emotionally.
Laksh” bhai,you take rest. Still your health is not good.”

Sanskar pushes him, try to stand” I ask about my swara. Where is she?”
He began to move toward door. Before he could open door , Ragini come with baby in her hand.
Ragini” jiju, here is your daughter. See she is looking like di”
Sanskar take her in arm and kiss her forehead.
“ princess, where is your mom?”
She started to cry , all tried to take her from him. He held her tightly” princess, don’t cry. I am taking you to your mom”
She even started to cry more.
He tried to make her clam.
He turned toward ap and shomi” ma, why she is crying?”
Shomi come toward him and try to take her. Sanskar turn his face.
“ I will not give you. First my swara will take her. She will make her stop crying. You all are bad. No one is telling me about my princess. I will myself find her.”
He move from there.
Sanskar don’t able to walk properly due to weakness.
He somehow managed to enter in swara’s ward.
He become shocked seeing , nurse and ward boy trying to cover her with bed sheet.
He shouted on them and order to leave from room right now. Sensing his anger , they went from there.
He sit near her and keep baby near her.
He held her hand.
“ swara, see our princess. I won swara. Now wake up and stop her from crying. See she is missing her mom.”
Seeing no improvement, he shout at her. Yet no result.
All of them came there, they tried to tell him about swara. But he is not ready to listen anyone of them.
Ragini went near him and forcefully take swasatika.
Ragini” can’t you see, she is crying. Instead of stopping her from crying, you are trying to awake a dead body. She leaved this world. She broke all promises to you, to me and all of us. She is cheater, she don’t want to fulfill her responsibility toward us that’s why she left us.”
He blankly sees toward her and run from there pushing everyone.
He walking lifelessly there. He notice swara going far away from him. He run to stop her.
Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karvan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahan Hum Kahaan
Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan … (2)

He hold her hand, but she disappeared. He again notice her going far from him.
She turned toward him,she was smiling at him. She signal him to go away from here.

Tum The Ke Thi Koi Ujli Kiran
Tum The Yaa Koi Kali Muskayi Thi
Tum The Yaa Sapnon Kaa Thaa Saavan
Tum The Ke Khushiyon Ki Ghataa Chaayehe Thi
Tum The Ke Thaa Koi Phool Khilaa
Tum The Yaa Milaa Thaa Mujhe Nayaa Jahaan
Do Pal Rukaa Khwabon Kaa Kaarvaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan
Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan … (2)
He forward his hand to stop her, she just moving backward.
He started to shout her name, she don’t able to see him like this and run toward him . she hugged him tightly.

Tum The Yaa Khushboo Hawaon Mein Thi
Tum The Yaa Rang Saari Dishaaon Mein The
Tum The Yaa Roshni Raahon Mein Thi
Tum The Yaa Geet Goonje Fizaaon Mein The
Tum The Mile Yaa Mili Thi Manzilein
Tum The Ke Thaa Jaadoo Bharaa Koi Samaa
Do Pal Rukaa Khwabon Kaa Kaarvaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan
Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan … (2)

She cupped his face and kiss all over it.
After 6 hour
Sanskar open his eyes in hospital, again he started to find her. Not seeing her, he become disappoint.
Suddenly, he notice one girl entered there with baby in her hand.
Girl” arre , you awake up?”
He come down and hug her tightly.
He started to cry “ where was you gone?, I will never talk to you. Now my princess and I am angry from you.”
She confusedly sees him, not understanding anything.
Girl “ sanskar ji, what happen? See me and your princess is all okay.”
He take baby in his hand” no, I don’t believe you. You will again leave me. And go away from here. You are just my imagination.”
She cupped his face and kiss his cheeks” now you believe I am real. Not any imagination”
He nodded and hug her again.

All family member entered and smiled at them.
After 1 ½ year
Sanskar was playing with his cute princess. He notice swara coming in saree and wet loose her hair. He went near her and back hug her.
“ swara, you don’t think. Day by day you are becoming more beautiful and tempting. I am loosing my control”
She turned toward him and encircled her arm around his neck.
“ what to do Mr maheswari, my husband is so hot. So I need to maintain my figure. So he can never leave me”
He going to kiss her, but they disturb by their baby voice.
“ p…..a…..p…..a”
Both run there, sanskar pick her and started to kiss her.
“ swara, you heard my princess call me papa. She speak swara . princess again call papa”
Swara sees his happy face and smile at his behavior.
“ why are smiling? My princess take my name first. She called me papa. Now why she is not speaking”

She tried to take her, he don’t will to give swastika to swara.
“ sanskar ji, give na”
He nodded in no.
He replied” first tell her again call me papa. Then I will give you”
Both started to fight for her. Again they disturb by someone cute voice.
“ p…..a…..p….a”
They smiled looking at her.
Both kiss her cheeks and hug each other.
After 4 year, they again blessed with baby but this time swara won.
They keep his name “ Ansh”

Now there was complete.
Both live happily with each other with their cute babies and family.
Guys I am very sad, now I can’t able to blackmail you na. So today without blackmailing share your views about whole story and specially about this part. I want each and every reader to cmnt on this part.
Mainly this story about two true lover , who fight with death for each other. They were incomplete without each other, two body one soul. Ya this story about ” tere bin yaara ”
Submitted; 3:20
Bye, take care, love you all….


  1. Haya malik

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    I’m a big lover of love stories I have read all type of love stories happy ending sad endings tragic endings incomplete endings….the stories never effected me too much in many stories lovers died but in this story I was just praying that Swasan should not die none of them but the moment Swara vanished from sanskar’s vision…. My vision became blur because of tears I was crying like idiot…I decided just not to read till end but after composing a little I thought to read till end….and after reading further I was crying continuously… Tears were just rolling down….I can’t describe how feeling I m right now….
    Yeah yeah I know you must be thinking that I have gone mad or doing over reacting but what to do yr I m not able to control my feelings…
    I just wanna say it was awesome and worth reading story….
    God bless you and come back with new story

    • Anniya


      Thank god, you read full story.
      Warna whole time you would thought to kill this innocent girl.
      I feel good making you cry , you know why my frnds told me only I am emotional fool. Who started crying after reading and writing stories. But yipee I proved them wrong.
      I am not thinking like this, I love this fact you share your precious feeling with me.
      I will try to return with new story till then keep smiling.☺☺☺☺☺

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    • Anniya


      Omg, you also cry. I thought. Only I will cry, thanks for crying with me.
      Oh so you are happy on my sadness, but I am not going to stop my blackmailing session.. Soon I will return with more emotional story than this. Then I will make you more and more cry. Now I am laughing imaging our conditions…
      How we will stop our precious tears😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

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    • Anniya


      I too don’t want to end it but what to do. Every thing once ended. Don’t worry I will comeback with more amazing story than this one.

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    • Anniya


      Di, you can’t even imagine how much I am happy seeing your cmnt. Only today I thought to inform you about this one. But before I could tell you , you read it.
      Yup I am doing happy wala dance, soon I will update new one also…
      Sry for your tears , don’t wry you were not alone crying I too cried a lot while writing this one. My mom ji and sister scolded me and ask why I am crying like hell.
      Now eat this🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

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    Anniya its amazing i am happy that u gave a happy ending or else we were all ready to hit u with broom and all other stuff
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    • Anniya


      Thanks, all happen due to you all…
      If you all don’t cmnted on pervious part asking about happy ending. I don’t think so I could able to give such beautiful ending.
      Yipee I am safe right now. Now no one will beat me.
      Yup, ya true love has power to fight with everything…

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      Thanks for such sweet cmnt…
      Actually this all happened suddenly, I didn’t plan anything for sanskar imagination part. Nick of time I get that idea, didn’t knew it will be so good.

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      Well I am not going to say thanks…
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      Thanks for such huge compliment
      You can’t imagine seeing cmnt on this ss after long time , I am feeling like jumping.
      Well if you are interested you can read my new ss ” your love changed me”
      It’s also smthing diff.

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