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Now 3 months had passed,
Swara’s family never allowed her to meet neither Sanskar nor any member of his family.
In these three months sanskar drowned himself in immerse work, neither he was talking to his family member nor they were trying to do so. Both were ignoring each others presence.
Other hand, swara trying to figure out drastic change. She is not getting where she was at fault. Many times she tried to meet Sanskar but every time only failure getting in her hand. Sometimes her family or Sanskar himself refuses to meet her.
But one day she able to succeed in it, finally she is going to meet him. He was sitting in front of her.
Seeing him after 3 months, all sorrow vanish from her eyes only happiness was there but this happiness was only for some second. Seeing next scenario , she collapsed on floor.
Whereas Sanskar was busy with a girl, both were kissing each other.
She managed to stand with help of her sister, Ragini started to scold her. Without giving any heeds to her she went in that direction where Sanskar was still hugging someone.
She forcefully separate them and held Sanskar collar.
Girl ; what kind of behavior is this?
She angrily looked at her, that girl gulped in fear and move backward.
Sanskar: swara, are you in sense? ( he noticed ragini there) ragini, take your mad sister from here.
He tried to free himself from her cultch. As more he tried , her grip turned more stronger.
Ragini tried to calm her but seeing her anger she also back off.
Now no option left for him, he gave up. She started to slap him again and again. Her own hand turned red and started to pain but she ignore it , continue to slap him. At last her body gave she started to faint, he tried to help her but she shows her hand. She fell down, only spoke four words” I hate you Sanskar” and closes her eyes.
He tried to lift her but ragini jerked him.
She angrily said “ we don’t need your help Mr maheswari , I am enough for my sister. “
He tried to speak “ listen ragini..”
Ragini’s frnd come there both take swara with them before going Ragini turned toward him and harshly spoke “ thanks for making her life hell”
After they gone, sanskar fell down and started to shout “ I am sry swara , I don’t deserve you . you should hate me” the girl come and console him.
Girl said while wiping his tears “ why are you doing this?, why can’t you tell her whole truth ? I am sure she will understand you.”
Sanskar said while crying more “ no, she should hate me. You know na I don’t had that much of time she had to move on. It will be only possible when she will hate me. Today I am very happy she started to hate. Do you listen her word “ I hate you Sanskar” .

All these scene seen by someone who is highly confuse by his condition.
Ragini take swara in hospital and inform her parents to come there.
After checking her , doctor come outside.
Ragini ; doctor, is she fine?
Doctor turned toward shekhar and started to scold them “ how many times I had told you, your daughter is weak she doesn’t need to take stress. But it seems you all not love her”
Swara with support of nurse come there and stop her for further scolding “ doctor, there are not at fault”
Doctor turned toward her and said” beta, you need to fine for your baby. If you will be weak then think about that life which is developing inside you.”
Again tears brimmed in her eyes, she touch her stomach “ I am sry, your mumma is too bad na. Now she will take care of her. She will be live happily for you. Doctor I will take care of myself”
Doctor passes genuine smile and went from there.

After 1 week
She started to live happily or say pretend to live happily.
Still Sanskar and his family unknown to that fact she is carrying their heir.
Other hand, with passing days Sanskar condition started to become worse. He turned pale and weak.
Manytimes, ap tried to ask him but he always insult or ignore her.
Now his condition not hided from anyone, all can see his pale face which has lost his all charm.
Laksh trying to figure out what problem his brother is facing,finally he get succeed . he started to feel ashamed of his behaviour how can’t he don’t able to recognize it. He angrily entered in Sanskar room seeing scenario he become astonished , one wall is full of his family pics and three fourth wall is covered with swara’s pic.
Sanskar come there after taking bath, first he emotionally see his brother he want to run and hug him . remembering something he changed his grin he angrily see him.
Sanskar “ what are you doing here”
Laksh take him bone crushing hug and started to crush him self “ I am very bad brother, I can’t able to see your pain. Why bhai why you hide it from us. Is we don’t have that much right also.”

First he don’t reciprocate but listening his words he hugged him.
Sanskar “ be a man laksh, you don’t need to cry. See I am all okay.”
Laksh broke hug and angrily throw some file on his face “ are you still okay”
He come to know what must be in this file , he didn’t check it.
Sanskar hold his bro hand and make him sit” promise me you will always take care of this family and business.”
Laksh replied him” what about bhabhi , bhaiya who will take care of her. Among us she will mostly effected by it”
He replied” that’s y I make her hate me , now she is hating me “
Laksh” do you think this will help her in move in”
He turned her face “ I don’t know but it’s necessary”
Laksh turned his face toward himself” bhai I am going to tell her everything. I know nothing will happen to you”
He angrily jerked his hand” never, you have my swear “
Without waiting for his rply he marched from there.
Laksh still not able to believe what is happening around him.
Laksh ( himself) “ no bhai, I will not going to listen you. Now only she can make you understand.”
With determined face , he moved from there.
Other hand, her baby bump slightly started to noticeable. Now she was perfectly taking care of her.
Laksh trying to call her but every time she used to ignore it remembering Sanskar face.
At last he decided to take help from ragini, first she denied but seeing her sister face she agree to meet him.

At coffee house
Ragini reach there at perfectly 5:00 pm. She give him only 5 min to complete his talk.
Laksh offered her seat” ragini , bhai need Swara”
She angrily started to stand but his sentence make her shock.
She turned toward him” what are saying”
He also stood from his place” I am saying true, ( muted conversation) ………..”
Listening him, she don’t able to get it what should she do? After sometime she replied “ I will help you”
Both shake their hand and separate their ways after discussing further plans.
Ragini directly reach swara’s room. To unknown to this fact Ragini is there she cutely talking to Sanskar pic.
“ you know Sanskar, now our baby has become 3 month . I can feel him. Don’t be angry from me, I want cute boy just like you. Baby, tell daddy don’t be act as arrogant. I know everything he is just pretending to change. See I am holding my ear , sry na for that day. I lost my control that’s y I slap you. Baby tell your dad to forgive me. Your mom is incomplete without him. She will prefer to die before hating him.”
Listening all this Ragini eyes filled with tears. From some distance she called ‘ swara’ name.
Swara fastly hide Sanskar pic and her tears. She turned toward her “ what happen”
precap: do you think swara will able to know Sanskar problem ,if yes then how will she cure his pain.
Sry guys for again not finishing in this part. Actually I had completed writing but it turned very long part that’s y not finishing in this part. also i wanna include tittle track thats y giving this part in two parts. hope you will not angry from me.
If response will be good then tmrw or else Wednesday. So choice is yours, don’t think I am blackmailing I had completely loss my interest from this story due to long break. I am just writing for all of you. So I can at least expect some comment na.
Note: In starting , some of you were not happy with kavlak. May be after this part you are able understand why I choose kavlak because laksh wife doesn’t has any imp role. But swara’s sister has main role only due to it I choose kavlak. I hope now you all happy.
Bye , take care and love you all…

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