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All ladies started to suggest her visit doctor but she denied saying it’s simple food poison. Sanskar also agree her. They became disappointed by their answer, but none of them shows their disappointment to them.
Days are passing like normally, by passing days their affection, care and most important love for each other increases. All things seems to be perfect for swasan. But it not necessary always that things not change. Sanskar started to ignore her, he always come late at nights and go out before her waking. In initial days she thoughts , may be he is busy in his work but day by day condition started to become worse. Now he started to sleep in study room. Many times she decided to talk him, but every time result came in negative. He always used to give her excuse. Not knowing what step she should take, she used to ignore it by thinking may be work pressure.
Days are passing like this only , one day while going to market she faint there. When she open her eyes , she found herself in hospitals.
Some ladies came and congratulate her. She sees them with confuse face , sensing her confusion. An old lady caressed her hair.
Old lady says don’t worry child you’re absolutely fine. You had fainted on road , we take you here.
She thanks them to bring her here.
They congratulate her, “you are going to become mother.”
For some second she doesn’t react anything, she became froze . soon she reliases what these ladies said, she again ask them” are you saying true”
They nodded in yes, happiness tears start to flow from her eyes. She wanted to shout in happiness.
After discharge, she quickly went home. After reaching home, firstly she started to find sanskar. By not finding him she became disappointed. Family members ask her reason of happiness. She excuse them by saying “ today she met with her best frnd, that’s why she is happy” . all become convince by her answer.
Swara; ( monologue) sry , but first I wanted to share it with Sanskar. Only after that I will tell you everything.
She desperately started to waiting for him, but there is no sign of his arrival. She slept on sofa while waiting for him.

Early Morning
Her sleep got disturb by car horn. she happily go for open the door but after seeing the scene in front her, she feel like she will collapsed on floor her feet started to betray her. If someone not held her she must have fallen till now. Kavya is holding her from shoulder to support her in standing.
Sanskar was standing there in drunken condition, one girl is supporting him in standing.
Sanskar with durken voice “baby, now you go they (point toward swaya) will handle me.”
Girl went from there , he started to stumble swara and kavya help him in reaching his room. After making him lay on bed they silently come from there.
After they gone, Sanskar open his eyes and cry for sometime. Soon he dozes off due to headache.
Tears started to roll from swara’s eyes, kavya console her by saying he must have some problem. She nodded in understanding manner, after kavya leave from there she again started to cry by placing her hand on stomach.
After sometime
Sanskar slowly open his eyes, tears brimmed in his eyes. He quickly hide his tears before anyone could notice. After freshen up, he started to going for break fast. Swara stop him by holding his hand, she drag him in room.
He understand what must she wanted to ask him still he pretend to be angry at her behavior. He furiously asked her reason of this kind of behavior .
Sensing his rudeness in his voice she leave his hand and simply ask him” why are you doing this with me”
Not Knowing what to answer her, he bow his eyelids.
Sanskar asked “ what rubbish you’re talking?”
You well know about what I am talking
He answered her“Okay then listen, I don’t want you in my life, I don’t love you.”
Before he could speak further she slap him hard.
Swara asked “How could you say like this”
Sanskar says“ it’s true” without showing any emotion
Only his words echoing her ears” I don’t love you”
She asked him reason.
He replied her closing his eyes“I am not any more interested in you.”
She ask him say this with seeing in her eyes. He directly see in her which is only showing her trust on him, her immense love.

She asked what happen now? Say na you don’t love me.
With no option left he again told her” I don’t love you”.
She smiled with teary eyes and says” but your eyes showing only love , unconditional love for me”
Listening her words, he felt happiness for some second that she knows him more than himself but he covered his happiness and repeat his lines and this time he drag her from there.
She tried to free herself from his clutch but all things going in vain.
Seeing Sanskar dragging swara , all members try to ask him reason. He stops them by saying it’s his personal matter.
He throw her outside , she is about to fall but by luck Ragini reaches there and hold her before falling.
Without listening them , he says I will send you divorce paper . kindly sign it without doing any drama. Before anyone could interfere he closes the door on swaragini face.
Kavya ask him reason for his behaviour.
He angrily replied her this is his house and it will be only his decision to who will live here or who not. If you all want to leave , you all can happily leave from here.
Ap tried to say something but before she could speak, he went in his room like Strom.
Sanskar room
He started to throw things in anger and take swara’s pic from table.
I am sorry, I don’t deserve you. Pls forget me and move on. Immerse tears started to flow from his eyes.

Swara lifelessly sitting there , ragini tried to ask reason but she is not at all replying her.
Sanskar seeing all this from his room window , seeing her condition he closes his eyes and turn his face.
Ragini forcefully make her stand and tried to take her.
Kavya also came outside , tried to help ragini but she jerked her hand saying she can handle her di.
Swara is not reacting anything, ragini forcefully drag her inside the car and make her sit. Like lifelessly doll she seated there , her eyes become red by crying.
Expect Sanskar, all family tried to stop ragini. without giving any heeds to them went away from there with swara.
After reaching home Ragini make swara lie on bed and cover her with blanket.
Seeing their daughter condition, anger raises up in Shekhar eyes. He tried to ask something but ragini signal him wait for sometime.

Precap; ????

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