Hi guys…so here I am with my OS…guys this one is going to be really loonngg so m telling u in advance??
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Plz silent readers do read and comment it really encourage alot….. So enough of my bak bak….back to the story…

And guys m going to write this OS in POV form…


So till now shravan was in the hospital in the room of a girl when he sees a thing and gets shocked…

The thing was a beautiful bracelet pink coloured….
He was really shocked to c it….and then slowly went ahead so that he can c the face of the girl….he was left shocked when he saw her

Shravan’s POV
I entered the room of the girl….I was not able to c her and didn’t wanted to also but then I saw a bracelet… That pink coloured bracelet…. I was shocked…. It was then I felt an urge to see the girl I slowly went towards her and was shocked to c her….. She was sumo… My sumo…??

Flashback starts….

A girl enters in a college and collides with a guy
Girl: ooh m so sorry…
Guy leaves without listening…
Girl: uff itna attitude
The day went so …the girl was going to go home when the same guy came to her
Guy: hi..
Girl: ohh ab aapko time Mila
Guy; voh actually I was getting late for the class that’s why btw m Shravan malhotra
Girl: m Suman tiwari
Shravan: so can we be friends??
Sumo: sure why not…
Days passed they became friends but did not interact with each other so much but they started liking each other slowly slowly….
But there was a person who was not happy with their friendship….
THe person was jasmine she was shravan best friend but she was obsessed with him she wanted that shravan should spent all the time with her not with anyone else…
At night in the college…sumo was going home late after going in the Library…
While shravan was going to the terrace with his guitar….. When they both bumped into each other….
Shravan: ohh m so sorry
Sumo: ooh no it was my mistake….
Then they realised who they had bumped into……
Sumo: tum…haha hum humesha takrate rehte hai..??
Shravan: haha yeah btw tum yahan iss waqt….
Sumo: han voh library se aa rhi thi…tum yahan aur yeh guitar…
Shravan: oh yeh han main terrace pe jaa rha Hun tum bhi chalo….
Sumo: main….han han chalo….( thinks…isse bahane main tumhare saath time nhi spent kar lungi…)
Shravan: u said anything??
Sumo:ummm no no let’s go
Shravan; OK…
They both go to terrace where shravan starts playing guitar looking at sumo while sumo was listening to the tune with her eyes closed… Then she opened her eyes and their eyes met…they shared an intense eye lock….
Shravan kept his guitar aside and went close to her….he touched her face and she felt a shiver down her spine….
He went forward to kiss her but she ran away smiling…
Shravan: shit what has happened to me…I never felt so for anyone..do I love her….
Oh freak yes.. Yes yes yes I love her from the day I met her…..

Flashback ends..

Shravan POV
I had tears in my eyes my sumo my love is lying in front of me unconscious… I went towards her and touched her face….but she showed no movement I bent to kiss her….but she didn’t run away…she was lying still….I wanted to cry…shout…plz sumo get up….but I could not coz m a doctor here and my first professional case was of my love sumo….I heard the noise of his father so I retreated quickly…
Her father entered the room he was in a disheveled stage….
Uncle plz u take rest …I said
Saying this i kept my hand on his shoulder… He grabbed my hand and started crying and said
3 Months ho gye but this never ends akeli sumo hi thi meri iss duniya mein… Kya karun ab…???
I consoled him and said don’t worry she will be alright soon..
Just then the doctor came… I said to him
Sir I want to take this case I will try my level best to cure her…doctor looked at me suspiciously and asked do u know her??
I kept quite for a few seconds then said NO….. Yes i lied ….I had too if I would have told him the truth he will not allow me to take this case coz doctors have to stay away from emotions while giving treatment to the patients….
Doctor agreed and took her father out for some talk…
I again went to sumo and kissed her forehead and whispered in her ears that u will be fine very soon don’t worry…
Then again that bracelet caught my attention…

Flashback starts
Party is going on in the college…
Here Maria sees shravan and went to him
Maria: hi shravan u r looking great baat kya hai??
Shravan: nothing special..
Maria: come on tell me mujhse kya sharam…
Shravan: voh actually I m going to propose someone today
Saying this he left smiling shyly
Here Maria thought that shravan is going to propose her
While somebody was listening to their talks that was jasmine
She also thought that shravan will propose her coz she is his bestie..

While they were thinking all this they hear a guitar sound and when they looked in that direction they saw shravan on the stage with mike and guitar…
He started his song…
Tere sang yaara..
Khush rang bahara…

Ho karan khudaya hai tujhe Maine Jo paya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh mujhe jeena aaya hai
Ho tere sang yaara khush rang bahara
Main raat deewani tu zard sitara…

He competed his song and said
Shravan: this song is dedicated to the girl whom I love the most…
I fell in love the day I met u ur talks ur style ur teasing I love ur everything I just want to say that will u be mine not for only this life but forever in my every life will u be with me…. And the girl m talking about is..
Saying this he points to a person and spotlight falls in her
She is none other than sumo…
Maria and jasmine are shocked…
Shravan goes to sumo bent down on knees and said
Shravan: I love u sumo… Will u be mine??
Sumo had tears of happiness in her eyes..
Sumo: yess☺☺
All clapped for them but 2 were jealous and angry those were Maria and jasmine…
Both shravan and sumo go to terrace shravan: sumo close ur eyes
Sumo: but why
Shravan,: close na I have a surprise for u..
Sumo closes her eyes and shravan takes out something from his pocket and makes her wear it in her hand..
Shravan: now open ur eyes
Sumo opens her eyes and see a beautiful pink bracelet…
Sumo: wow shravan it’s soo nice I will never remove it I will always keep it near my heart…saying this she kisses his cheek and runs away…
While shravan stands there shocked and smiling..

Flashback ends

Shravan POV
I was holding the bracelet and was thinking about our moments when the nurse came and asked me to get out so that she can clean up sumo…
I went outside the girl who was like an independent fly can not even raise a finger by herself…??
The day went so…I did all the test of sumo so that I can understand her situation better…..her brain was not giving commands to her body…she could feel everything hear everything but couldn’t react at all…this was a critical situation coz she has been like this for 3 months… We need to cure her soon or else it can be late….no no i will not let anything happen to her nothing… Doing this promise to myself I left for home ….I wanted to c sumo before going but her father was inside and he had locked the door so I had a look at her from outside only….

I reach home and as usual she was waiting for me at the dinning table…my mom… How many times I have told her to eat and sleep if I get late but she never listen….
I tell her about sumo…she is shocked… But m more shocked to c jasmine coming out of washroom and she had also heard everything…
Jasmine she is my fiance …we did our engagement when sumo left me….
Yes u heard it right she left me??

Flashback starts..
Sshravan was waiting in a party for sumo…. He wanted to introduce her to his mother…he kept on waiting and waiting but she didn’t came then jasmine came there with a letter..
Jasmine,: yeh Maria ne diya mujhe she said that sumo told her to give this to u
Shravan read the letter it was written
M leaving u shravan jo kuch bhi humare saath hua tum usse bhool jao…I don’t love u it was just attraction m going and u also move on bbye ….don’t try to contact me….
Shravan was shattered after this….but still he was not able to hate her….
But then jasmine proposed her and he accepted bcoz her mother was pressurising him…

Flashback ends..


Jasmine: shravan u know na what she did with u then why did u take her case let it be …..Marne de usse she deserves this only…
Shravan: shut up jasmine…. Think before u speak I m a doctor it’s my duty to save my patients chahe voh koi bhi ho….
Saying this shravan leaves while jasmine was hurt with the way shravan shouted on her….

Shravan POV
I was in my room when a thought struck my mind…..sumo ki yeh halat hui kaise….how did she suffer such a big injury….then a name came into my mind..
Maria maybe she did it with her.. After all she liked me and didn’t wanted sumo to be with me…
I searched her on Facebook and took her number and called her…

Shravan POV ends

Shravan : hi Maria??
Maria: yes…who’s it??
Shravan: shravan malhotra
Maria: what….ohh hi how r u??
Shravan: what did u do with sumo
Maria: what do u mean I didn’t do aanything
Shravan: I want to meet u
Maria: ohk when and where
Shravan: now at Street park
Maria: OK..
They hang up and both reach the place..
Maria: hi shravan
Shravan: I don’t have time for this tell me what did u do with sumo??
Maria: I didn’t do anything infact she is in coma from 3 months
Shravan: I know that aur tumne hi usse coma mein bheja hai..
Maria: what the hell why will I do this..
Shravan: u liked me right and when I proposed sumo u took revenge from her coz u were jjealous??
Maria: right I liked u and u was jealous but I didn’t do anything…

Flashback starts..
Maria comes in her room after party…
She was very upset and was thinking that her bestie ditched her..
Maria: uss sumo ki vajah se yeh sab hua na main usse nhi chodungi….usne apnu sundar shakal se shravan ko pataya hai na I will destroy her beautiful face???
While she was thinking all this a thought came into her mind
Maria: hey how can I do this with my bestie…and she didn’t ditched me she didn’t even knew that I like shravan and m sure when I will tell her this she will sacrifice her love just for me…but will I be happy after this….no no shravan don’t love me he loves sumo and I will never be happy after separating 2 lovers… No I will not do this…instead I will help them shipping their relationship…??
Flashback ends…
Maria: I didn’t do anything… RReally trust me shravan..
Shravan: OK then tell me how this happened…
Maria: sumo gave me a letter before she was going to get ready for the party she told me to give u that letter and told that she wanted to tell u something imp…after that I went away…
When I reached ur house for the party I received a phone call it was from the aunty of her PG she told me that when sumo was crossing the road a car hit her and she is badly injured… I was shocked and I didn’t wanted to face u and tell u this news and then I gave the letter to jasmine and told her about the accident and told her to tell u and went to hospital..????
Shravan; what jasmine knew it???
She didn’t tell me anything….
Well anyways u go home now…
Maria: OK but u tell me if u need any help m always there for sumo and u too
Shravan: hmm thanks alot and m sorry that i misunderstood u
Maria: it’s OK bbye..
They both went to their homes..

Next morning…
Shravan POV.
I woke up early so that I could go to hospital early…I went to mom and told her what Maria told me…and tell her that kya pta sumo mujhe milke reason batana chahti ho
Beta this could happen but we can’t just make guesses so plz don’t be so hopeful u know how hard it will get for u later if this will not be true…this is what mom said and it was true also…but I don’t wanted to believe it…I went to hospital and first thing I did was to go and c her….she was lying peacefully there…like nothing happened to her…she was like this only…
Flashback starts..
Shravan was teaching guitar to sumo and while playing her gfinger got cut but it didn’t come in the notice of shravan for he was behind her…and they kept on playing it…but then shravan notices blood oozing out of her finger
Shravan: sumo kya karti ho..chot lagi thi toh batana chahiye tha na??
Sumo: it’s nothing shravan ?
Shravan: yeah I know that bataya kyu nhi…
Sumo: agar batati toh tum mujhe aage se guitar nhi seekhne dete and it’s nothing and it’s not even paining… I know nothing will happen to me till u r here…

The flashback ends…
Shravan POV
Kaash main vahan hota tumhe bacha leta …??
His eyes were wet but he subsided his emotions and got busy in the treatment of sumo…
One month passed by but sumo was not showing any improvement shravan was loosing hope and then one day doc said to him
Doc: shravan I think u should drop this case she is not showing any improvement it’s a hopeless case…
Shravan: sir no plz ggive me one week I will cure her in one week if I will not be able to do so I will leave this case…plz sir
Doc: ohk but only one week..
Shravan: (relieved ) yes sir…
He went in sumo’s room and sat at the stool …
Held her hand and said
Shravan: sumo utth jaa kitni ziddi hai kab se aise hi leti hai…don’t u have any work to do….u r also a doc na then don’t u want to start ur practice will u always be dependent??
Sumo tujhe mere pyaar ka vaasta agar kabhi bhi mujhse pyaar kiya hai toh utth jaa…at least try na…
Just then someone enters the room and shravan wiped his tears and got up…
He faced the person he was a boy…
Just then sumo moved her hand but as shravan was facing the boy he didn’t noticed it….
Shravan asked the boy
Shravan; yes …who r u???
Boy: m Parth sumo ka boyfriend
Hearing the word boyfriend he was shook up he was not able to believe that sumo had a boyfriend….
Shravan: ohh ohk m her doc shravan
Parth: well hi doc but now I think she needs me more than u….
Then again sumo’s fingers moved…this time Parth notices it…
Parth: c mere aate hi uski fingers move hone lagi…c doc she is moving her fingers…?
Shravan then looked at her hands aand saw that they r moving he was very happy he tried to make sumo open her eyes but couldn’t so he thought to make her come in her senses slowly…
Just then sumo’s father harsh enters..
Parth: namastey uncle
Harsh: hi tussi kaun..??
Parth: m sumo’s boyfriend
Harsh: but she didn’t tell anything about u
Parth: she decided to tell u bUT before she could tell this all happened
Shravan: if u knew this happened with her why u didn’t came even once in these 3 months after all she is ur girlfriend
Parth; a day before her accident I went abroad and when I got the news I applied to come back but they said u can’t u have to be here for 3 months
Shravan: ohk….
Them Shravan says to harsh
Shravan: uncle she moved her hand now want to do some more test and don’t worry she will be fine in a day or two
Harsh; kya …???sachi meri beti will be fine….thank u thank u thank u doc u don’t know how much I m happy now…..I will never forget ur ehsaan..
Shravan: what ehsaan uncle it’s my duty..
One day passed and now sumo was freely moving her body parts but still she had not opened her eyes and not spoken a word….

On the last day of the week…shravan entered sumo’s room…he saw that it was all crowded…he was confused but then he heard a voice a similar sweet voice….yes he thought yes the voice was of sumo..it means she had gained consciousness and is fine now…
Then harsh saw him and said to sumo
Harsh: sumo pputtar c here comes ur life saver…. He is the one who saved ur life….come doc plz come…
Shravan was a lil reculant he wanted to meet her alone he didn’t knew how sumo will react after seeing him…but then he stepped forward and saw that sumo was looking at him with her beautiful glittering eyes…
Sumo: thank u doc…thanks a lot…u are like an angel for me..☺☺
Shravan was shocked… She didn’t recognise him….kya voh sach mein usse bhool ho gyi ya phir kuch aur hai…
Parth: hi baby…how r u feeling now…??
Sumo: do I know u??
All were shocked….
Parth: yes baby m ur boyfriend u forgot me??
Sumo: m sorry I m not able to remember anything…??
Harsh: beta plz try to remember plz …
Sumo: no Papa I m not able to remember anything…
Shravan: plz all of u wait outside I want to do some check up…plz…
All went outside while shravan was looking and sumo’s case file…when he heard her saying..
Sumo; mujhe kuch yaad kyu nhi aa rha….ohhh what the hell why is this happening with me only…..m not able to remember a single thing and ahhh my head is paining…???
Shravan: shhhh relax relax sumo….no need to worry it’s just bcoz ur brain was at rest for 3 months so it will take time to work properly… U will get ur memory back soon…..and for now don’t panic and take rest this is really necessary for u….
Sumo: thanks doc…
Shravan takes out the pink bracelet which he had kept with himself
Shravan: here I found this in ur room thought that it might get misplaced so kept it with myself this is urs…
Sumo takes if and was confused…
Sumo: when did I buy it
Shravan: umm maybe someone gifted it to u…
Sumo started having some flashes….but couldn’t c the person ….
Shravan was now not able to suppress his tears so he went out and told her father…
Shravan: she has partial amnesia that means she have lost her lil bit of memory i just hope it will come back soon….
Harsh: ohh OK but thank God at least now daughter is safe now…
Shravan POV
I was very happy to c sumo well now she had gained proper consciousness…. But when she saw me she called me doctor…. She didn’t recognised me ….she had lost her memory…. There was now no chance of getting her back in my life…I lost her…I lost her forever..??
When i reached home jasmine was there with her mom….I heard there talks they were deciding the date of our wedding…. It was after 4 days…I didn’t say anything just went up to them and said that I wanted to talk to jasmine… Alone..

Shravan POV ends…
They both come to sshravan’s room
Shravan; u knew that sumo had an accident… Then why u didn’t tell me????
Jasmine: I didn’t knew..
Shravan: truth I want to hear only truth..
Jasmine: yes I knew it but I didn’t tell u coz I read that letter also….I came to know that he had a boyfriend and I didn’t tell u coz I thought u will be hurt that’s the reason I just didn’t wanted to hurt u…
Shravan: leave me alone
Jasmine: but Shravan
Shravan: kaha na just leave me alone damn it
Jasmine: but shaadi..
Shravan: that will happen as planned now plz go…
Jasmine went away..
Here Maria called shravan
Maria: thanks yr bcoz of u now sumo is fine…bas she has lost her memory voh bhi jaldi vapis aaa jaayegi
Shravan: she recognised u??
Maria: yeah kaise nhi karti m her bestie from childhood…
Shravan: ohh acha..I just hope she stay happy with her bf..
Maria: bf??
Shravan: yes she didn’t tell u she has a bf Parth is his name..well bbye c u soon and han after 4 days is my marriage at khn hall u plz come…bbye
Maria: what marriage hello..
But Shravan has hung up…
Maria: no sumo loved shravan very much she can’t have a boyfriend there is something wrong… I will have to do something so that she can get her memory back…

Scene changes to a car in which parth sumo and Maria are sitting…
Maria: hey Parth take this turn this is the shortcut to khn hall..
Yes they were going to the wedding of shravan and they were quite early
Parth: but what is the need of shortcut we r already quite early..
Maria; no I want to reach there soon after all he is my bestie…
So Parth took the turn…and when they reached near a building sumo asked him to stop the car…
Parth: what happened now??
Sumo: this place this place is looking familiar u wait here I will go and c
Before Parth could protest she got out of the car and entered the house…
The lady of the house was shocked to c her and said
Lady: Suman how r u oh my god thank God u r ok now…long time dear…
Sumo said to Maria who was with her..
Sumo: do I know her?? Have I ever came to this place…??
Maria: she is the land lady and this is ur PG Sumo u lived here while doing studies…
Just then the lady comes with a box…
Lady: here take it dear…u left it here only…
Sumo opened the box there were so many pictures of her and shravan and so many letters he had written to her and her personal dairy also…
Sumo was confused: Maria yeh toh voh doc hai
Maria: han tum dono ek dusre se pyaar karte the….c read this dairy…
Sumo started reading it
While on the other side Parth called someone
Parth: yr kahan phasa diya tune ab pta nhi what is she doing inside a house…m waiting from soo long..
The person: which house tell me the address
Parth tells the person address
The person: idiot that’s her PG go get her out or else she may remember everything…
Here as sumo was reading every page she started having flashes and this time the face of the person got clear…and that was of shravan… Yes she got her memory back…
Just then Parth enters and says baby let’s go we r getting late ….
Sumo: who r u??
Parth; m ur bf baby
Sumo: no u r not i have got my memory back…now tell me who sent u..
Parth: ohh u gof ur memory back good now keep quiet and come with me…
Saying this he started dragging her but then some one hit hI’m on his head…that was Maria
Maria: u go sumo I will handle him u go and stop that marriage…
Sumo runs from there…. she is disheveled but all she wants is to run and stop the marriage…

At khn hall
Both shravan and jasmine are sitting in the mandap and pandit says
Pandit: ab aap dono plz stand to take the rounds..
( guys m not describing the whole marriage process coz then it will be really long)
They were just going to begun the third phera when they heard a voice..
Voice: stop it…this marriage can not happen…
They looked it the direction of voice it was sumo…she was full of mud coz she had fallen on the road and was disheveled
Shravan ran to her leaving the pheras
Shravan: sumo what happened r u fine??
Yeh kya haal banaya hai apna…
Sumo; m fine shravan
Saying this she went past shravan went to jasmine and slapped her hard…
Shravan was shocked
Shravan: sumo what happened yeh kya kar rhi ho…
Sumo: I have got my memory back shravan… And she is the one who did all this….when I was going to come to ur party she gave me juice to drink…she had mixed something in the drink …so as I was crossing the road I felt dizzy and got hit by a car and this all happened…..??
Shravan: what…jasmine u were my bestie how could u do this with me..
jasmine: I love u shravan I really love u I did all this just to get u…plz shravan marry me I love u alot…
Shravan; no u don’t love me u r just obsessed with me get lost..
Then Maria come with Parth and police..
Shravan saw Maria and said
Shravan; learn some thing from Maria… She loved me but still she sacrificed her love for me and sumo and look at u…
Maria: ab tu sabko batayegi ki tune kya kya kiya hai?
Jasmine: I hated sumo she took my shravan from me..so I thought to kill her..I made her drink that juice and told her to cross the road and come the other side towards my car….and then I called the driver of the car and made him hit her…and them I went away and was coming to u when maria gave me a letter in which sumo had written that she doubts me nd wanted to talk with u…so I decided to change the letter and I wrote another writing all that fake stuff so that u never even try to find her….but then u found her in the hospital so I had to send Parth as her bf to keep u away from her..??
Shravan: inspector plz take both of them…
Police takes both Parth and jasmine..
Sumo hugged shravan it was a tight and intense hug…
Shravan: I love u sumo
Sumo: I love u too shravan…
They both get married happily in that mandap…and the one who did the gathbandhan was Maria coz without her this marriage would not have happened


SO guys this is it..I know it is very loonngg it took me 4-5 days to write it…
I hope u liked it..plz tell me with ur valuable comments… Love u all….
Sorry for posting late it was read but the TU site was having problem so I was not able to post….plz plz plz I have worked hard on it plz comment
Silent readers u also plz do comment

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    1. Khushi

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    1. Khushi

      Hayo rabba soniyo itni tareef mat karo??
      Thanks alot Preeto u r such a sweet heart I m so happy that u liked it dear….. Mujhe lga tha ki bahut bda hai shayad koi nhi padega but sab comments pad ke toh m on cloud infinity….love u so much
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      Thanks Nikki…..thank u soo much….even I loved Maria’s role….m so happy that u didn’t find it boring and read it till the last…love u dear…keep loving and I will post next part of my ff soon….
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  5. Well its really a very nice OS….. I liked shravan pov everytime….in whole OS shravan rocked….i really felt his live was very much strong…… Its really a very good story line….. By the way its lilttle similar to ishq unplugged or something like that it comes on v channel…. The story is quite similar to that …. Is it true???? But u have changed a lot… I really liked this OS very much…. Shravan as doctor nice idea….. N Khushi my id is @medha_roshni urs??????

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      Thanks alot rosh….umm ya now I got to know yes a show came on channel v but not ishq unplugged it was another one I can’t remember the name….but I just wrote climax ACC to that show baki story is mine….u know what when I reached the climax it came in mind again and again that I have seen this type of climax somewhere either in a serial or in any book….ab meri confusion door hui…thanks alot dear
      Ya my climax is somewhat influenced by that show…..

      Dear I followed u on Twitter my ID name is anahita u will c my request

      1. Yup dear even I don’t remember the name that’s okay…. But its only little similar I liked ur os very much…….. N yeah I got notification….n have replied to ur msg too dear……

      2. Khushi

        Thanks alot….m glad u liked my os

  6. Angel_pari

    Khushiiiiiiiiiiiii amazing this was THE BEST os i hv ever read mixed emotions of khushi and gam 😉 at same time…..
    Hats off yr u nailed it
    loved it
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    loved it
    loved it
    to the core
    u can write both funny sences as well as emotional so well….. U rocked yar
    and maira,s character was really heroic…. Loved her character…….

    Really great work khush 🙂

    1. Khushi

      Awww pari di…u made me blush…abhi mera face bilkul aisa hai jaisa aapki DP mein Parth ka hai….m blushing soo hard
      Thanks alot di…m so happy that u liked it that much…
      Yes di Maria is the hero coz apna pyaar kissi ke liye sacrifice karna is not easy….
      Love u di….bas aisi hi mujhe humesha encourage karte rehna…
      Btw how r u??
      Studies ka abhi bhi bahut stress hai kya??

      1. Angel_pari

        Studies huhhhhh han yar but its ok now i can manage and ur schools are open frm mon and u dont wana go??? 😀 awwwww toh mn chali jaun kya??? Becoz i,m missing my school life badly 🙁

    2. Khushi

      Haha di plz chale jaao…aadhe din main jaati Hun baaaki aadhe aap chale jaana….h dono khush rahenge…
      Wht say??

  7. Loved it! Thanks khushi for writing such a long one. Waise i love to read so it was really satisfying tyoes to read such! I appreciate your hardwork of 4-5 days! Keep going. If u dont mind ur surname pls?

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot nandu…even I love to read…I have read plenty of books…btw do u read novels…. Whose ur fav writer??
      M soo glad that u liked my ff…love u sooo much.
      And my surname is sehgal….no dear I don’t mind we r friends na…so u can ask me anything… Btw why r u asking??

      1. No actually i was abt to misunderstand u with some other khushi. I dont have any fav one wht abt u? Un whuch class are you? And yes we ofcourse are frnds and my name is nandini.

    2. Khushi

      It’s OK dear…well yes I love reading books and I have a lot of favourites…??
      And I m in class 11 wht about u??
      R u on Twitter??

      1. Well den am really younger to you. So ill call u khushi di afterwards. No am not on twitter, will join after 2-3 years.

        Am in



      2. Khushi

        Ohh dear u r soo young just in class 8….OK dear no problem u can call me anything u fell comfortable with I don’t mind….ohk ya I think u r quite young to join Twitter now….will wait for u till u join in ???

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    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Khushi

      Aww thanks WS…yeh comment padh ke bahut khushi kui…u t right yr this is not my genre so bahut mehnat ki…but ab main bahut khush hu coz I got the meetha fruit of my mehnat….seriously m so obliged by reading the comments that I can’t tell how I m feeling right now….
      Love u tooo WS??

  9. Khushi yr…… mere pass words nhi hai… is story ko appreciate krne ke liye…… this was by far one of the best one shots….full of drama romance friendship betrayal…..osm…
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    1. Khushi

      Aww really anamika…u liked it this much??
      Thanks alot dear….m soo happy…and yes I will try to write more and more…bas keep loving and commenting like this…it feels so nice…m still smiling like mad right now….??
      Love u dear??

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    1. Khushi

      Haye rabba aaj toh sabka irada mujhe maarne ka hai….itni tareef….main toh khushi ke maare mar jaaungi??
      Thank u so much meri pyaari ishu…tujhe acha lga bas aur kya chahiye… Keep loving and commenting like this only….love u sooo much dear??

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    1. Khushi

      Haha thanks shiny…u know what likhne ke baad toh even I couldn’t believe that I wrote this and that too without even a single joke….but then I thought ki han yr maine hi likhi hai??
      Thanks alot shiny….m soooo glad that u liked it…
      Love u soo much dear??

  12. Marie

    Story ke hisab se toh mujhe sab se pehle cmmnt Karna chahiay tha Lekin m late……
    Sorry yr…….
    Chal ab cm to OS:
    Khushi yr u r just awesome blossom intelligence toh tum Mai koot koot kar bhari hai yrr…,….
    Memory loss ka idea mujhse Bhi acha use Kia yr tumne !! 😀
    N yr I loved maria character u made me positive thanks a lot ! 😉 😉
    Bindaasssss 😉 loved it to d core….!!
    Usually Mai kabhi Bhi itne lamhe OS nai parhti sirf starting n ending hi parhti hoon Lekin Aaj Mai ne poooora OS ka ek ek lafzz padhta hai….!!
    N it’s WS fantabulous yr teri tareeef ke liay mere paas words khatam ho gai ………
    Ur imagination is beyond d world…..!!!! 😀 😀
    I really really want u to write an other 1 plzzz plzz…. 🙂
    Acha n 1 more thing APNE ff ka nxt ep Bhi post Karna ASAP!
    God bless u dear <3
    May u always smile 🙂
    Take care 😉
    Love u a lot se Bhi ziada! 😀

    1. Khushi

      Oye no sorry vorry …so what tune kitne baje comment kiya iss se farak nhi padta …tune comment kiya iss se farak padta hai…I love u so much dear…aise hi thodi main tujhe apni bestie kehti Hun…
      Intelligent and me …mmm that is hard to believe but agar tu keh rhi hai toh maan leti Hun??…plz meri mum ko bhi koi bta do ki m intelligent???
      And tune pura padha uske liye bhi thanks alot dear…..and tera character toh vaise bhi humesha positive rahega meri JAAN..
      Love u too alot se bahut bahut bahut zayada
      Thanks again and I will try to post asap the next part of my ff….khush the meri JAAN

  13. Khushi..tuney tho maar daala mujhey..
    Aur maria..so..sweet..vo tho khushi sey pagal ho jayegi..uski..aur..shravan..ki story dekh key tho..I really..liked it
    Aur vo Jo ruhstum film ka gaana..
    l Want it to be in serial to rey..I just love that song..????☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Khushi

      Ohh hoo di marna nhi hai….nhi toh mujhe itne pyare comments kaun dega…??…batao batao??
      Well thanks alot my sona di….u r soo sweet …Maria ka toh pta nhi but aapka comment padh ke main toh zarror khushi se pagal ho gyi Hun??
      Love u di….and yes di I also love this song…after all atif aslam is my fav singer…
      Keep loving and commenting like this only di.

      Love u 123 ….till infinity

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    1. Khushi

      Awww thanks alot Fatima…thanks for reading it and liking it
      U made me blush…so many good words that too for me….I can’t believe??
      Thank u so much Fatima and I will try to write many if I get a good story in my mind….love u dear??
      Keep loving me like this only

  15. Just one thing for ur ff khushi its out of the world…..superb…..very well written and yeh i wanted to know smthngs….plz tell me whats the meaning of POV and PG actually im not that smart to know these abbreviations so plz tell me and once again ur os was the best ff i have ever read

    1. Khushi

      Awww naina u r a sweet heart and u know what it comment is out of the world… Thanks alot dear….m soo happy that u liked it
      And dear POV means point of view
      And PG means paying guest…when we r not at our native place we either live in hostel or PG…. I just hope u got it….and u r not stupid even I came to know about these abbreviations after coming to this site…. Love u dear….bas keep loving me and my work like this only

  16. Dee(devaksha)

    U had two of the main things that I enjoy in an os one is the fact that is is awesome and two the length wow long and incredible. Keep it up kushi di…ps I hope u don’t mind me calling u di… And I love the picture you have of Omkara

    1. Dee(devaksha)

      Sori 4 commenting so late

      1. Khushi

        Hey Mo need to say sorry… I can understand u must be busy m happy that u read it and commented and these TU people r also giving so problems nowadays… So need of any sorry love u dear

    2. Khushi

      Hi devaksha…how r u??
      Thanks a lot dear….m soo glad that u liked it…..keep loving like this only dear.
      And u can call me anything u wish like…I don’t mind dear u can call me di also…just as u wish…
      I also love omkara dear….he is so sweet thanks for liking my DP….
      Love u dear

  17. Nishu

    Hey khushi sry for late cmnt, I read it yesd but didnt got tym to cmnt, so tdy jaise he utti mera subse pehle I remember I hv to cmnt, bcoz how couldn’t I cmnt n appreciate such a grt story………
    Trust me khushi ur such mindblowing story teller, I mean u write every part emotional, romance, mast sooo well as if ur experiencing now……….. N in this os I loved every thing especially shravan POV, too convincing………… Never leave written, always keep such rockstar wala epi……. Luved ur osos?, n luv u my talented gal?

    1. Nishu

      Cmnt bada hua kya, but its ok………. Itna bada os or itni bade writer keliye itnaa tho bantha hai…..

      1. Khushi

        Haha di yes bahut badi thi OS….and di I always like long comments infact I love long comments and u also….love u di??

    2. Nishu

      P. S. N yaa e1 though is too long, it was toooooooo interesting frm starting to end

      1. Khushi

        Di ab main kya kahun sharam ke maare tamatar ban chuki Hun
        Thank u soooo sooo much di
        Love u muahhh??
        A big tight hug from me

    3. Khushi

      Aww thanks alot di….koi baat nhi di u read it and commented that’s more than enough for me time doesn’t matter much…..u r soo good di….itni tareef…ahem ahem digest nhi ho rhi….m on cloud nine now…love u di…keep loving me and my stories like this only.
      And post the next part of ur ff soon m waiting

  18. What a length!!!!!!amazing…

    1. Khushi

      Haha right it was quite long…
      Thanks shaheerica?

  19. Shekhar.yash01

    Gajab Yr
    Itna lengthy

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot shekhar…thanks alot for reading it yr

      1. Shekhar.yash01

        Welcome yaar
        But aapko mana Kita tha Maine thanks bolne ko ..

      2. Khushi

        Oops forgot it…no problem aage se nhi bolungi yr…..BTW how r u??

  20. Amazing I loved it I don’t know ki itne azing thought apke dimag me atten kahan se gain


    1. Khushi

      Aww thanks a lot shaan….m soo glad that u liked it yr

  21. Amazing I loved it I don’t know ki itne azing thought apke dimag me atten kahan se hain


    1. Khushi

      Thanks bro

  22. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot kavina….I was literally waiting for ur comment dear….thanks alot ❤❤❤

      1. Kavina

        I am so sorry tellyupdate kept telling me “server mantanices” so I could not comment. Sorry once again and this os reminds me of a episode I saw from a hindi tv show. ( I think it is a tv show from Channel V)

    2. Khushi

      No need for any sorry dear…well yes I think it was on channel v only even I don’t remember the name I think the climax is same as that of the show more I don’t remember
      Well may I know in which class u r and from where???this

      1. Kavina

        I am going to start first year of high school in USA

    3. Khushi

      Ohhh u r from USA……so how r u able to understand Hindi…I mean I have lots of parts in my ff which r in hindi

      1. Kavina

        I was raised in the USA but my parents taught me how to read hindi and how to speak with my parents native language so that’s why.

    4. Khushi

      Ohhh I got it….u r a real sweet heart dear…
      Love u loads

      1. Kavina

        Thanks. You are a such a kind person. Lots of love coming from me

  23. Ashu

    I’m impressed with ur writing skills!!??
    Luved it so so mch!!!
    I told u I saved this os in my bookmarks, seeing ur name, and I’m glad I did that!!! Otherwise I’d have missed a wonderful os!!

    True love!!! U have showed it thru Shravan’s emotions!!! I cld feel the emotional turmoil in him!!!
    Your writing is so so awesome!!! Keep writing!!
    And wht a coincidence! Both of us used the same song in our oneshots!!! I loved this song as soon as I heard it!!!

    Love u sis??
    Keep writing more and more!! And if possible write on swasan too!! And when u wrote something like this, do msg me!! I don’t wannt to miss!!

    1. Khushi

      Awww thank u sooo much di…..m glad u liked it…m soo happy that such an amazing writer like u liked my OS….m obliged…
      And yes di we used the same song I just love this song and atif also….this song has become a rage….
      Love u di thanks for commenting and liking it…. I will surely tell u the next time I write one…..
      And yes the next one will be on swasan for sure…..m just thinking about some unique story afterall our swasan r very unique…
      Love u di and thanks alot

  24. Sss

    yar amazing khushi teri story to it liya dil twist with love n care kya bat he..u r surprising me day by day with your story best think batahe kya he that you write this story from your heart i think so it’s fantastic loved it oh shraman finally they meet i liked very pert do not saying which think i like because whole part s fabulous..

    1. Khushi

      Awww thanks a lot SSS how r u??
      How is ur studies going…. Missed u alot yr but thank God u r back now…
      M so glad u liked my OS thanks for reading and commenting dear…
      Yes I wrote this os from my heart shravan POV was fully based on my thoughts thinking what will I do if I would be at his place…..thanks alot again
      Love u yr❤

  25. Nita D

    Its just awesome khushi…..loved it….

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Nita…m glad u liked it dear
      Thanks again

  26. Sss

    i am fine n study not going well but beyond my head lol you know the study will never end n will never go well so i am also in that situation n yeah maybe i will be not in time but i will comment so don’t think i am gone n all that eventually will be back to torture you just kidding..keep writing awesome story

    1. Khushi

      Haah right dear….studies r like this only one had to do ….no choice??

    2. Khushi

      And u don’t torture me…infact I love u read ur comment
      M happy that u r not going anywhere and will be here to comment ur comment always encourage me…u r a sweet heart??
      And yes well may I know in which class u r or doing which course??
      And u got registered…wow now we can even talk through pm

      1. Sss

        yes now we can as i got registerd n ni did it so that i can chat with you see how good friend i am 😀
        i am in 11 class now new collage girl my group iscommerce…what about you??

    3. Khushi

      Haha yes dear u r such a good friend dear….well I m soo happy that u got registered now I can disturb u all the time whenever I want??
      Well m also in 11th but here in punjab we can do 11th in school also so m doing in school only…
      BTW r u from Bangalore???

      1. Sss

        khushu yaar you can disturb me anytime as i am always ready to disturb you double 😉
        dr i am from Bangladesh

    4. Khushi

      Ohh Bangladesh sorry got confused… Howzz Bangladesh I mean the beauty and all
      And don’t worry I will surely disturb u yr??

      1. Sss

        i think our reply just getting longer wow feeling awesome 8-|
        Bangladesh its like your country like the people n full of nature green but mostly in my city i don’t want to point the bad view it really a beautiful country except the people thinkingl in my point of view.
        let’s see who will torture whom 😀

    5. Khushi

      Heeh yup let’s c…hey can I PM u??
      Let’s talk there

      1. Sss

        yeah sure you can..
        i think i will be the one who is victim of torture mission lol

  27. Kruti

    Khushi this was just soooooooooooooo awesome loved it to the core
    after a few epi of ur ff this is the only thing apart from twinj ff’s i have read
    there were many emotional scenes and u expressed them very well
    Gud piece of writing

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot di…..m sooooo glad that u tool out time and read it….love u di….u r soo sweet
      Thanks alot m glad that u liked it….getting such a good comment from a amazing writer like I means alot di….thanks again
      Lots of love di??
      And yes di plz tell if u write another one as u always tell love u di

  28. Hey khushi such an awesome os i loved it and it’s heart touching.i am silent reader of ur love is blind ff but this os made me comment.climax of the os was amazing .shravan’s pov and all the flashback scenes was awesome.ya it was quite long but I enjoyed reading it?

    1. Khushi

      Awww thanks alot loga….ohh u r a silent reader… Well thanks for taking out time and commenting love u yr…..m so obliged
      Well may I ask u that how is my ff as u never commented do u like it??
      Is it OK??
      R u liking the current track??
      Do u want any changes or any suggestions u want to give??
      Plz tell it will help me to improve thanks alot again dear
      Keep loving and try to comment it’s encourage the writer love u dear

      1. Hey khushi I really like ur love is blind ff and especially at part 9 shraman scenes was funny i loved it.seriously no complaints go ahead.and also do write many os like this?

      2. Khushi

        Awww thanks a lot loga…u r such a sweet heart m glad that u r liking it and yes stayed tuned dear next part of love is blind is coming tomorrow
        Love u dear

      3. Khushi

        Awww thanks a lot loga…u r such a sweet heart m glad that u r liking it and yes stayed tuned dear next part of love is blind is coming tomorrow
        Love u dear
        I hope I will keep up with ur expectations and u will like the next part…dont forget to read
        Lots of love

  29. Priya15

    Hey Khushi… ItS Fantastic yar.. Heart touching os.. Loved it dear… No words to explainin ur writing skill…

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Priya m glad u liked it dear…..m soo happy that u took out time and commented here ….love u dear

  30. Sumo

    Woah! Solo many comments n yes it was well deserved… I loveddddd it … It was a bit similar to an ep of twist wala love .. Fahad’s ep.. But still .. Such a romantic n tragic turmoil of emotions… Loved it khush! Waise v sbki ff’s pe to tu meri trf se comment kr deti h.. To its my duty ki mai tere ff pe personally comment karu.. U kno I can’t wait for dis week to finish n I will be free … ??? back to u guys…???? miss u loads… Long live khush! ????

    1. Khushi

      Hayo rabba….long time di….m soo happy that u commented instead of being sooo busy….yes di soo many comments m obliged ….
      Bang on di….yes it was twist wala love I was not able to remember the name but aapne bta diya….yes di I think the climax was similar baki PTA nhi….
      Thanks a lot di….thanks for commenting reading and liking it…
      Yes di u know what m more excited than u after all u will be back… Bas jaldi se Sunday aaye apka ppr bahut ache se ho jaye phir aap ekdum mast comeback karo
      All the best di..
      Love u di?

  31. Dimple

    awesome yaar…loved it…sorry for being late…i was busy…hope u understand

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot di….plz di no need to say sorry… M glad u tool out time to read it and even commented…. And of course I understand even m very busy with my studies nowadays as my school got reopened…
      Love u di

  32. Ruchi

    Hi khushi
    how r u?
    first a biggg walaaaa SoRrrrryyyy for cmmnting late…
    It was mind blowing…
    Loved it…
    u maintained the suspense till the end…
    Nd yes when u r going to post ur ff…

    1. Khushi

      Hi ruchi di…m super fine after seeing ur comment…how r u??
      Well di no need to say sorry u commented and read it that’s more than enough for me….love u di…m so happy that u liked it
      Di I have submitted the next part of my ff don’t know when they will post
      Love u di…??

  33. Ruchi

    M also fine khushi…
    Love u 2 Dear… 🙂 :-*

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