Tere bin (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) shot 7 (Last shot)

I was caressing her face while she was lost in her thoughts.. expressions on her face were normal but after some time it seemed that something is bothering her.
Dev: what happened Sona? What is bothering you?
Sona: before getting married to you, I never allowed you to even kiss me..and look now I have slept with you..like being in bed with your ex husband..and not being ashamed of it.
Dev: Why are you saying that you have slept with me? We made love Sona. It wasn’t a one night stand. You had s*x with the person who is madly in love with you..and you also love him with equal..no.. not equal.. you love me more than I love you. That’s the truth..are you feeling like you are cheating someone..
Sona: I am not feeling cheating someone..
Dev: then don’t think much
Sona: hmm
I pulled her closer..

Sona: Dev ..what have you done with your hair?
Dev: tumne khudake kam kar diye isliye maine badha liye..just to maintain the balance.
Sona: and what about the clothes
Dev: Heyy.. girls drool over my dressing style..look at your clothes..you look like a aunty..
Sona: jagah jagah pe fati hui jeans se better I am happy with my aunty look..
Dev: I am least bothered about your clothes..you are still the same beautiful Sona..whose one glance is enough to make me woo
she blushed. And before I could get anything, she was passionately kissing me. She didn’t give me a chance to reciprocate. And once she was done with it, I asked her
Dev: what was that?
Sona: I don’t know..
And she sounded sad..
Dev: kya hua?

Sona: I don’t know for how much time we can remain like this..may be after half an hour..we will come back to our routine life..you will be just soha’s father for me n my family. My father will get angry at you. Your mother will curse me for returning this home..so I just wanted to live this moment for some more time. Tumpe apna haq jatana chahati thi..
I didn’t allow her to talk further..I kissed her. And kept on kissing..which eventually ended up in a love making session. Sona was sleeping peacefully in my embrace.. it’s 7 in the morning.. I made her wear her clothes as Soha can come anytime to meet Sona..and it will be really weird if she finds Sona without clothes. Sona again slept..and in next 15 minutes someone gently knocked the door. I know it’s Soha. I opened the door.

Soha: Good morning Papa..how is mumma?
Dev: good morning Soha.. mumma is fine now.
Soha: Can I meet her.. please just for 5 minutes..
Dev: ok..come in..
Soha ran to see Sona..
Soha: you know papa.. mumma is looking like…mmm
Dev: like what?
Soha: the way she was looking at your wedding.. Happy.. beautiful..
Dev: Achha? …I smiled at her.
Soha: Thank you Papa..Mumma jab aapke saath hoti hai happy hoti hai..
Just then asha enters..
Asha: Soha.. don’t disturb mumma..let go beta..
I also accompanied them..Asha ma asked Soha ti have milk but she denied to have it..It took many efforts to make her drink milk.. She demanded to play games with her. As Sona was also sleeping, I gave in and me, Soha, Golu started playing.
Dev’s POV ends here

Meanwhile Ishwari went to Dev’s bedroom where Sona was sleeping. She sat besides Sona and started caressing her face..and stroking her hair..

Sona’s POV
I was half asleep and I felt someone stroking my hair..it wasn’t Dev..I can feel it thar it’s not him. I opened my eyes n Maa..sorry Aunty ji was there to make me realize that it’s the time to stop daydreaming..The dream of my happy family that is me, Dev n Soha , will remain a dream.
I got up with a jerk..
Ishwari: Beta aaram se..aaram se
Sona: Maa..i mean Aunty ji..aap yaha?
Ishwari: No one was here so I thought to come and visit you..
Sona: ohh..Soha must me waiting for me..she must be worried.. I have to meet her..
And I left the room before she could say further.. I don’t want her to put efforts and say me that I am not a part of her family..

I came down stairs..and saw soha playing with Dev and Golu. As soon as she saw me..she came running and hugged me..
Sona: O re mera bachcha..
Soha: Mumma I missed you..
Sona: I missed you too.. I am sorry, mumma was not there with you. You were worried because of me.
Soha: It’s ok mumma..and I wasn’t worried as Papa was there with you..
I couldn’t say anything as Baba was there..
Bijoy: How are you feeling Shona?
Sona: I am ok baba.. feeling much better now and I hugged him.
Sona’s POV ends here

Ishwari came down stairs with sad face.. Dev came to her..
Dev: what happened maa..
Ishwari: I was there with her. She saw me and got shocked..she got up and called me Maa and then she called me Aunty ji..and then she told me that Soha must me missing her..and she ran away..She doesn’t want to listen to me..I wanted to ask her forgiveness..but she ran away..
Dev: Vo tujhse nahi apane sapno se bhag rahi thi. Tujhe dekh kr usko laga hoga ki uske sapne kabhi pure nahi honge.. vo khud ko sambhalte huye thak gayi hai maa..(She was not running from you, she was running from her dream.. she must have thought that her dreams will remain dreams only..she is done fighting alone..) we need to give her some time..
Ishwari: I can’t handle this guilt any more Dev.. please do something.. please tell her that I have changed..
Ishwari started crying and Dev consoled her.
Sona went upstairs and she brushed her teeth..When she returned from bathroom to the room..
She saw Dev picking dress for her from his cupboard..
Sona: I am no more the same Sona who used to wear these clothes..So please don’t
Dev: If you can love me the same way you used to love me before 7 years then what’s wrong with these clothes..they hadn’t done anything wrong to you like I did..then why are you punishing them..they were not at fault.. please
Sona took a deep breath..She wasn’t ready for this..She didn’t say anything..
Dev: I am sorry.. I just couldn’t stop myself.. I just wanted to see you the way you used to be..that Sona whom I missed a lot.. but I know you are not comfortable.. I will not force you..
Just then Soha called Dev..
Dev: Soha is calling me..your regular clothes are in that bag.. don’t think too much..
And Dev left..

Sona’s POV
I don’t know what to do.. should I..No Sona please don’t give false hope to yourself. These clothes belongs to Mrs. Dixit..and you are not Mrs. Dixit anymore..
Sona’s POV ends here.

Dev’s POV
She is not ready to wear her own clothes. I wish I could see her the way she used to be 7 years back. At least on this day..it’s our anniversary..8th anniversary. I can’t see her like that.. forcing her to control her emotions..I am going to tell her that she is still mine..
We all sat on dining table.. for having our breakfast. Sona was not there at dining table.. I asked Asha maa to call Sona..She said ok and just then Soha said..”wow mumma…” And I turned my head to see and my dear wife was wearing her blue dress that she wore on that day when Aayan came to our home for the very first time to meet Riya(hope you guys remember her dress)
She was looking breath taking.. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. She sat opposite to me..and I was adoring her beauty. I was looking at her lovingly and I didn’t even realize that everyone was looking at me. I came to my senses..we had our breakfast.. everyone left but me and Sona were still there..
Dev: I thought you won’t wear your old clothes..
Sona: You know.. I was about to wear my regular clothes then a part of pleaded me to wear it.. Sona.. for the last time please..and I gave up..
Dev: Thank you..
She didn’t say anything and she got up to leave..
Dev: I have something for you..
Sona: what?
Dev: close your eyes.. please
Sona: ok

And she closed her eyes.
I tied mangalsutra around her neck. And without opening her eyes, she only touched it and got angry..
Sona: what the hell is this Dev..majak lag raha hai tumhe? We are over Mr. Dixit. We got divorced 7 years ago. I am no longer your wife. Do even know the significance of tying this mangalsutra. It’s not a random thing that you can do anywhere anytime.. you hurt me a lot.. I didn’t expect this from you..
She turned to leave.. I held her wrist and pulled her..
Dev: shhhh..you talk a lot without listening..
Sona: leave my hand
Dev: I won’t..And I know the significance of tying mangalsutra.. I tied mangalsutra around neck of my own wife. With whom I got married 8 years ago. And we are not yet divorced..do you get that?
Sona: What are you talking about. You brought those papers asked me to sign..you broke me n my love..and now
Dev: Those papers were fake. Me, Asha ma n Sourabh did this to save our marriage.. otherwise you n baba could have prepared actual divorce papers n you know..

And I narrated whole story..but I didn’t tell her that Suhana gave me the letters and all..
Dev:….. that’s it.
Sona: Iska matlab..I am still..
Dev: Mrs. Sonakshi Dev Dixit.. and you enjoyed last night with your husband only..
She smiled with teary eyes..and she hugged me..
Dev: Happy 8th anniversary Sona..
Sona: Happy anniversary..
We remained like that for sometime.
Sona: Dev..did you asked maa..will she be able to accept me? She can’t share you with anyone.. Baba ke reaction ke bare me soch kr mujhe dar lagta hai..
Just then everyone arrived..
Ishwari: Bijoy Bhaisahab..you can take Dev and Soha along with you.. But I don’t allow Sonakshi to leave this house..
Bijoy: ha ha jarur..
Maa came to us..
Ishwari: kya tum dono kabhi mujhe maaf kr paoge? I am sorry Sonakshi..I was so wrong and mad in my own stupid assumptions.. unknowingly, I made you live a life of a single mother. I know how difficult it is to raise you child without taking any help from your partner. In my case at least Dev’s father knew that he is father of 4 children n all..but in your case.. because of my stupidity you couldn’t even share your happiness with Dev..this is all because of me.. please forgive me..
Sona: Maa..
And she was so emotional that she couldn’t say anything further and she started crying.. they both hugged each other..
And felt that my family is completed..
Asha maa and Bijoy Baba stayed for a week with us..and they left for their home.

It’s been four months now..Me and Sona were trying to adjust with our new habits.. Suhana was happy as her parents are going to stay with her..there is zero privacy for me and Sona as Soha is always there. Everytime I kiss sona, I need to make sure that door is locked. Having s*x is rare …not rare it’s impossible.. as Soha always sleeps between me and sona..Maa was paying more attention towards Sona than me n Soha..I was really happy with us. Today Sona and Soha are going to Bose house for some days as Sourabh is going to marry in next week. I wish I could stay for the whole week with them..but I will join them on the wedding date only.
A day before marriage..at 12am Sona called me..
Dev: Sona, what happened..is everything ok?
Sona: Dev, I have something to tell you..can you come home now..
Dev: Ok I am coming.. don’t step out of the house until I reach..it’s too late
Sona: ok..Drive safely..
Dev: yeah..

What’s the matter..I was in like a stupid person.. I was scared..I reached.
I dialed her number.
Dev: I m there..
Sona: ok I am coming..and she came outside..
Dev: Sona what happened..are you ok?and what about Soha?
Sona: vo Dev..
Dev: batao na kya hua..
Sona: I missed my periods and the reports are positive..
Dev: you are..
Sona: pregnant..it’s been 4 months and I didn’t even know about it..
After 5 months, Sona gave birth to a baby boy..Tiny obodro..I went inside the room, Sona was bre*stfeeding him..this is the first time I saw her like that. Like someone else touching her breath*t in front of me..and I was adoring them.. I stood near Sona and gave a side hug..Once the tummy of baby was full..he left my Sona free..Sona gave him to me.. He is so tiny..so delicate.. I wish I could be there when Soha was born..but I am blessed that I got a chance to enjoy those moments that I missed at the time of Soha..
And I felt like..god is there..he sees, he hears and he will deliver your happiness to you..just have faith on him…

*********THE END********

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