Tere bin (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) shot 3

Hello guys I hope you are liking the story.. Silent readers please please please do comment..We writers spend a lot time thinking about the plot, the dialogues, then it takes time to write it down..Even a small episode also needs lot of efforts. So please do comment..And this is not only for my ff..It’s about every ff you read.. love you all..Have a great time..Let’s start with the next shot..

Sona’s POV
I have no answer to Baba’s questions.. It’s hard to choose one from your love and parents. Though it’s been long 7 years of separation.. I couldn’t hate Dev. I am hell angry with him. In this 7 years I was praying to see him once, to talk to him once, to be there with him like we used to be.

In this 7 years, Baba took care of me n my Soha. He was always there when it came to console me, to stop Soha crying when she was little baby girl, changing her diapers.. If I choose Dev over baba then I am going to disappoint him..His efforts.. care. We can’t be together Dev..If you can do the same sacrifice for your mom..

Then how can I be so selfish to only think about you and me..You didn’t choose me. I was never your first priority. What if his mom refuses me one more time? She is so possessive that she is never going to accept me. She can accept her grandchild but not mother of her grandchild. And she will snatch my Soha from me. How can I allow Dev or his mother to snatch my Soha from me. No one can snatch my Soha from me.. Not even Dev. He once told me that “Achha hai tum ma nahi ban skti..Agr ban pati to tum bahot buri ma banati..” the one whom I loved unconditionally said that. It was like a worst curse..I am not going to forgive him. I failed to be a good wife, daughter in law..And he wished that I will be a bad mother too..

My past was killing me. He didn’t love me..He loved me when it was convinient for him to love me. He didn’t ask me to stop when I was leaving his house..He never tried to find if Sona is alive or not..How she will live without me..In this 7 years he never ever came to me and I was a big big fool to wait for him.. I always wanted him to come to me ..For me..Though I wanted him to come to meet Soha..But I always wanted him to come only once just for me to let me know that he still loves me. But he never did so. He never came. I was the one who fought alone. He came just for Soha. He wants to take her home so he is doing all this. He doesn’t need me. And I started feeling he ditched me again.

I am losing faith in love. I left him..But I didn’t let him go. There’s a difference, my feet stepped away from my world embodied in a person, a walking token of our memories- but my heart, my weak, trembling little heart still clings to him wherever he goes. Love knocks your door when you are not ready for it and ends when you need it most. Sometimes it feels more like a curse than a gift.. he betrayed me..he snatched my love..left me empty. I was so weak that I couldn’t get over him. His memories was the only thing that made me feel happy. The hope that he will return one day forced me give birth to his child..our child. I kept on searching him in Soha. I couldn’t be happy even in Sona’s presence. I used to be happy only when she used to call me khargosh..and used to do these little things that reminds me of Dev. I hate you Dev Dixit for making me this weak..for giving you all rights to betray me..and I hate myself for loving you..you took my everything. I was losing hopes.. happiness..faith.. everything..
Sona’s POV ends here***

Sona was looking at bijoy blankly..she was just crying..she was crying terribly. No one was getting anything..this was the first time Sona was crying like this..she was not uttering a word. Everyone was shocked. It was very difficult for everyone to see her like that. Asha was trying to console her.. Bijoy asked her what happened..Dev said sorry for what he asked her..but she was out of her control..Soha was scared looking her mom like that..sona was crying terribly.. everyone was trying to console her..and Sona fainted..

Dev called the doctor. Soha was crying. Jatin also came. Doctor examined Sona..
Dev: Doctor what happened to Sona?
Bijoy: Sona thik to hai na?
Doctor: according to me it was like a panic attack..she has high fever. She is under so much pressure that she failed to manage herself.. I feel like she suffered for a long time. She is very weak.. pamper her..and who is Dev? Ask him to be with her..she called her name once or twice.
Dev: ok doctor..

Dev’s POV
I don’t know what happened to her. She was looking so pale..a life less person. I can’t see her like that. I sat beside her..Took her hand in my hand..Mere tiny miny khargosh ke tiny miny hath.. I still remember those days..The time spent with her was the best period of my life. It’s been 3 hours now..Sona please call me by my name once.. Please..
Bijoy baba came inside and asked me to go and have some food till then he will be there with Sona.. I went outside. I don’t want to have anything. Soha was yet to eat.. I went to her room to make her eat.
Dev: Soha chalo khana khalo..
Soha: Papa Mujhe nahi khana..

Dev: Agar nahi khaogi to Mumma gussa karegi..
Soha: Papa mummy Ko kya hua hai?
Dev: aapki Mumma bahot Kam krti hai na isliye bimar ho gayi hai..Chalo aa karo
Dev started to feed her.
Soha: Kya main Mumma ke paas baith skti hu..
Dev: nahi beta Mumma Ko fever hai..Aap bhi bimar pad jaoge.. Mumma jabtak thik nahi Hoti Tabtak Papa hai na aapke saath.
Soha doesn’t say anything..She is lost in her own thoughts
Dev: Soha what happened..Kya soch rahi ho?
Soha: kuch nahi Papa..

Dev: batao kya hua..
Soha: Papa..Kya mumma bohot bimar hai?
Dev: kya hua Soha aise kyu puchh rahi ho..
Soha : Mumma ne ek Baar kaha tha ki agar vo bohot bimar ho jaye ya vo kabhi bohot time ke liye aaspas na ho to mujhe aapko call krne ko kaha tha..
Dev: don’t worry beta I m with you..
Soha: Papa, Mumma ne aapko dene ke liye ek letter diya tha mujhe..
Dev: what? Letter diya tha? Kaha hai vo letter?

Soha: ek minute..Mai leke aati hu..
I was wondering why Sona will leave a letter for me..
Soha came running with an envelope..
I took it from her..
There was a letter and some photographs, documents..
I opened the Letter..

Dear.. sorry.. Dearest Dev

Episode ends here..

I know it’s short one..But while writing this much I was controlling hard not to cry. I just feel like I am Sona..And when it comes to write down her POV it really hurts me. I couldn’t write further. I feel like I can feel her pain..Sorry for short episode.. I know you will understand me..

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  1. such an emotional epi. i loved it. i understand. i also feel like i am sona. i am also crying…

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  5. Rekhadhir

    Very touching
    Jaldi post karna

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    It was a very emotional especially sona’s part but the dialogues each and everything was perfect
    what’s in the letter..pls post soon
    and ya what you wrote on silent readers is absolutely right..i can understand it..
    loads of love and pls don’t cry!

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    Awesome Richa…
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    Lovely way of writing dear…
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      1. ShrutiP

        Ritika sorry dear…I just posted a Short one today..???

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    Heart touching epi..luved it..
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    You wrote it crying and we are reading it crying….?????

    H E L L I S H W A R I…..!!!!?????

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    Post soon

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