Tere Bin (epi-3)


Shivanya’s eyes becomes red.

Shesha:Shivanya control your anger.Use this anger to kill Raheja family.

Shivanya becomes normal and continues with her work.

In London after getting fresh Ritik sits on bed and takes his laptop and searches on India.

Ritik:India is really a beautiful country.I wish I could be able to go there.I would ask dad to live in India forever.

Ritik quickly imps out of the bed and goes to Ankush running.

Ankush was in his room.Ritik comes to him running.

Ankush:Signal is there stop your car.

Ritik stops

Ritik:Dad I want to talk to you.

Ankush:What you want?

Ritik:Dad just want to live in India forever.

Ankush:No beta it’s not possible

Ritik:Please dad

Ankush gets melted by his request

Ankush:Okay beta

Ritik gets happy and hugs him

Ritik:I will tell to everyone

He goes from there running.

Ritik comes downstairs

Ritik:Guys listen soon we will go in India and will settle down there only.

Angad:Bhai it’s a great news!

Ritik:I know dude

All get ready to leave for India.

Next day they leave for India.

In India Shivanya was doing some work when her heart again started beating fast.She thinks

Shivanya:Why I feel that something which is very near to my heart yet far away from me is coming near to me slowly?

In flight Ritik was too feeling same.He was confused.Divya was sitting beside him.

Divya:Bhai what happened?Why you are looking confused?

Ritik:I am not confuse

Divya:I am your sister and I know you are confused.Tell me know

Ritik:Okay I will tell you.You know my heart is beating fast and it is feeling that now I am going to meet someone that is very much important part of my life.

Listening this Divya starts laughing

Divya:Bhai I think you have started watching hat boring hindi serials it is because of excitement.

Ritik became angry

Ritik:Just shut up.I am feeling this because I think that somebody is there in India who is waiting for me.

Divya:But bhai…….

Ritik:Shut up

Divya closes her mouth with her hand.

After some hours Raheja family reaches India.

Ritik was at seventh cloud after coming in India.They were in Airport waiting for Ankush’s friend.His friend is Shailesh.

Shailesh arrives in airport.


Ankush and Shailesh hug each other.

Ankush:It have been years I have met you.


Shailesh gives them lift to there mansion.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya meets each other but they don’t know they met each other.Shivanya’s hatred increases for Raheja family.
Guys I am sorry for late.

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