Tere Bin (epi-2)

The episode starts with Ritik winning the fight.

Ritik sits inside car.

Ritik:Dad I know it is you not the driver.

Ankush turns to Ritik.He was sitting in driver seat.

Ankush:Even wearing the cap and hiding my face you came to know it’s me.

Ritik:I am your son I know everything about you.

Ankush starts driving towards Raheja house.

Ankush:Whatever everyone say that London is beautiful and all that but the best is our country India.

Ritik:I have never seen India.When I was not even born you bought me to London.

Ritik looks out of the window.

In India Shivanya was in a small house.She was making beautiful pots.It was her business to make pots and sell it.

She was making pot when she got a call in her phone and went to pick it up.After attending the call she was going when saw the glass was fallen down.She pucks it up but she gets hurt.


In London


Ritik feels sharp pain in his finger.Ankush stops the car.

Ankush:Ritik what happened?

Ritik:Nothing happened.

Ankush continues to drive.Ritik thinks

Ritik:It felt that something sharp thing cut my finger.

Suddenly his heart started beating fast.He kept his hand on his heart.

In India Shivanya applied medicine on her hand.

Shivanya:Today my luck is not at all good.

She again starts her work.Her heart starts beating fast.

In London Ankush and Ritik reaches Raheja house.They enter the house.Ritik sees a girl and goes to her.

Ritik:Hello Miss Beauty.

Girl:Hello Handsome

Yamini:Oh ho Ritik again you started flirting.

Ritik:Mom you know my habit.

Ankush comes and keeps his hand on Ritik’s shoulder.

Ankush:He is my son and he should be flirty only know.

Ritik goes to get fresh.

In India

Shivanya was working when Shesha comes out her.

Shesha:Shivanya how much you will work?

Shivanya:I like to do this work.

Shesha:You should do rest as you need power to take revenge from your parents murderer.

Shivanya:Shesha don’t worry about it.I will kill all the Raheja family.

Her eyes become red.

Precap:Raheja Family leaves for India.
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