Tere bin edkv one shot PROMO cum INTRO

Hey guys this is khushi here….m here with my OS Tere Bin….
Actually it’s a promo of the OS I will post the OS soon…
I wanted to post the OS but couldn’t complete it bcoz of the hectic schedule…
So here is the promo cum intro of my OS hope u will like it…

Shravan Malhotra: A Neuro surgeon… Had got a new job in a big hospital… Loves his mother alot miss his father who died earlier… Seems lost most of the time …is very sincere and dedicated towards his work…

Suman tiwari : a cute chirpy girl ….but a lil introvert don’t take with anyone so openly… Opens up with time…loves her father alot as her mother had died her father has brought her up…can do anything for the people she loves…

Nirmala: shravan’s mother….a very nice lady….funny person loves her son Alot and trust him alot…both live in a flat and r satisfied.. She wants a suitable girl for her son

Harsh: father of sumo…. Talks alot…very modern don’t apply any restrictions on her daughter have full faith on her….loves his wife and feels incomplete without her…wants her daughter to be happy…

Jasmine: best friend of shravan… Not a nice girl can c anything other than status and brands….very egoistic and arrogant…

Maria: best friend of sumo… Loves her alot she is always there at her side…full on bindass girl …likes shravan secretly but didn’t tell anybody…

At the city hospital…
Shravan enters the hospital …
Shravan: good morning sir….where is my duty today??

Sir: good morning shravan… U will come with me today there is a case of a girl she is in coma since 3 months u r going to assist me in this case..

Shravan: 3 months this is a really long t time sir..

Sir: yes case is really difficult but I think u can handle…

They both go to room…shravan was standing outside whereas his sir went inside… He couldn’t see the face of the girl but was very sad to c the girl’s family crying….
Later all go out only nurse is there… She is standing between the girl and shravan so he is not able to c her…. But then his eyes c something and he gets shocked to c that…????

So guys this is the promo….hope u all liked it..
So what must have Shravan seen..??
Why he was shocked??
Who the girl was??
To know keep reading and I will post soon

So guys tell me how is it and do u want me to continue or not… plz tell if it don’t seem interesting I will not write…. Si sorry to waste ur time…love u all…

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  1. Nice promo…..

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot lily?

  2. wow…. seems really interesting will be waiting for this dear……:)

    1. Khushi

      Thank u soo much anamika…m glad u liked it??

      1. Khushi

        Hope u will like the OS also….

  3. Its absolutely interesting ….go on …will b waiting for it

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a ton shiny….u r soo sweet thanks for reading it hope u will like the OS also

  4. Marie

    Oy khusha tune kya kaha sorry fr waste of tym wow joke of d day…. 😀 😀 😀
    yr ye ek os to dhamakedaar hai full on suspence….!! meei os queen m soo excited fr the os or han i m nt saying m giving u order aage ka likhna hi pade ga 😉 😉
    N yes on more thing. thanks alot fr adding my name also wo bhi itne cute character mai 🙂 🙂 n yeh toh bilkul sach likha dat i secretly like shr….real lyf mai be i like infact love him alot…..!! Hahha tu kitna jaanti hai yr mujhe!
    Love u …!!! dear
    Jeeti rahe khushi 😀
    sorry agr cmmnt thoda lamba ho gaya ho…..

    1. Khushi

      Haha I like long comments dear….no problem… And OK Maria aapka hukam sir aankhon par….I will definitely write it dear….thank u soo much. …and maria ur character is gonna be my fav…thanks alot yr….love u dear….
      Hope u will like the OS also..

      1. Marie

        Hehehe jaise tumhara character mera fav hai…!!! 🙂 🙂

      2. Khushi

        Haha OK Maria….same pinch then dear….??

      3. Marie

        Yes!!!! 😀

      4. Khushi

        Thank God site open toh hui…??

  5. nice??n suspensive promo…??

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much ankita di….I hope u will like the OS also??

  6. Hahaha..ya..khushi..Im also surprised to see maria name..I do like her charector..keep it on..
    And all the best?
    Nice promo????

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much sona di….ooh I love to surprise others di??
      Hope u will also like the os

  7. WeirdSister

    Khushi….I m literally short of word….but u plz understand…that its just amazing….I don’t know how to write a long comment…so I will just say that I loved it…nd I love u….very eagerly waiting for ur os……

    1. Khushi

      Ohh hoo WS no problem dear….u took time and commented that enough for me….I don’t need any loong comment…. Thanks a lot se bhi zayda WS…love u dear..
      Hope u will like the OS also

  8. Prettypreeti

    Khush wah yaar so os promo awesome blossom post os soon and characters were too nice specially maro wala loved it os jaldi post krna nhi toh mai naraaj ho jaogi not serious school start ho gye tere ki nhi

    1. Khushi

      Haha naraaz may hona meri Preeto love u yr thanks alot dear….hope u will like the OS also especially the character of Maria..

      Not yet yr my school is opening on this Monday…only few days left??

  9. Really really nice and impressive. Waise i wasnt able to guess anything so sorry. But loved the intro. Please post the os soon.

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot nandu…no problem dear u will come to know about everything in my OS…I hope u will like the OS also..love u alot

  10. Sss

    superb promo..
    waiting for the story and the shock..
    sorry couldn’t comment on love is blind but from now try to will..
    how are you??
    have i missed other os of you??

    1. Khushi

      Hi SSS u don’t even how happy I m after seeing ur comment..I hope u read my ff even if u could not comment….no dear I don’t think u missed but I wrote 2 shots actually 3shots named I am yours…. V if u have read or not…
      Thanks a lot dear hope u will also like the OS love u dear

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow this is amazing.Loved it a lot cant wait for this os

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot jo……hope u will like the OS also…??

  12. Chamcham kesi ho yar???
    U know what promo is giving view of a very gud story waiting yar plzzzzz post soon
    Chamcham now u tell from where ur talent came han????
    Love u yar
    Take care

    1. Khushi

      Ufaq m good…..aap kaise ho??
      Thanks alot dear….and rahi baat talent ki toh pta nhi kahan se aaya but inspiration toh aap sab hi ho…??
      Hope u will like the OS also

  13. Nishu

    Kushi i give u correct name ‘meri suspense queen’………… Loved this promo, cmptly diff……..
    & who ll find dis as not interesting???? Is anybady mad her to say such promo not interesting………
    U hv to update this os soon im waiting…….. Luv u dear…… Keep writting such dhamakedar track………?

    1. Khushi

      Awww ab main kya kahun nishu di…..aap kitne sweet ho thanks a lot….I will try to post asap….hope u will like the OS also….love u di….u also post the next part of ur ff soon… M waiting

  14. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Looking great !!!! ??? … I think it would be suman .. the victim??

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot Fatima….let’s c who will be the victim…. Thanks again….hope u will like the OS also

  15. Arey where is my comment???? God this tu bhi na…… Anyways…. Khushi its just awesome….I liked each n every part….. Superb…… Well wat about ur ff???? Have u posted????

    1. Khushi

      Ahhh rosh seriously yeh TU wale…huh….no problem dear…thanks alot and I hope u will like the OS also…..
      And I have not posted the next part yet dear….will post soon maybe 1-2 days more m just almost done with the OS then I will start writing the next one…..sorry for keeping u waiting…
      Love u dear??

      1. Yup no worries take ur own time….n just tell me when u post OS n ur next part….coz I usually wont check tu regularly…… Love u too…..

      2. Khushi

        ohk rosh my sweetie i will definetly tell u my dear..
        love u

  16. Chamcham what’s your age sweetu

    1. Khushi

      I m sweet 16 dear…???
      In 11th class….
      Wht about u???

      1. Same 16
        And in 11

      2. Khushi

        ohh ohk then…same pinch ufaq…hey can i call u uffi??

      3. Yup u can

  17. Kya bat h khushi promo itna amazing h toh os kesa hoga superb yar loved it jaldi post kro naaaaa ?? or wait nh hoga……

    Btw how r u yar how is gng every thing 🙂

    i hope ab comment post hojae tang kr diya h tu walon ne 🙁

    1. Khushi

      Thank u so much pari di….actually Maine kal hi aapko reply kar diya tha but phir yeh site crash ho gyi and mera comment post hi nhi hua….these TU people are really irritating me now
      I will try to post soon and hope that u will like it
      M fine di…bas Monday se school start hai…uff I don’t want to go?
      Aap kaise ho di???how r studies going??

  18. Amazing promo
    seems very intresting…
    post it soon

    1. Khushi

      Thanks alot ruchi di…love u …I have already submitted it hope it will get posted soon

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