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Akshay calls Nandini and apologizes for scolding her. She shouts what does he think of himself, scolding and just saying sorry. She continues yelling and disconnects call. Akshay calls back, but she disconnects again. She turns and sees Irfan standing and asks even if he wants to say something. Ifran says no and consoles her that she should not think much at all.

Neeti asks Naani who cooks food for them. Naani says her mom Vijaya. Neeti says she must have taught her. Naani says yes and her mom will teach her cooking when she grows up. Neeti says she will not learn cooking and will stay with her, mom and papa forever. Vijaya comes and asks if Akshay came. Naani says not yet. Vijaya says even his phone is off. Neeti calls nursing home and asks receptionist if papa is there.

Receptionst says he left long ago. Naani says he must have gone to see some patient, will be back soon.

Nandini prepares dinner for herself and Irfan and says Ifran that they will go to movie and saks to check some romantic movie on net. He checks mobile and says he can find suspense movie. She agrees to watch and asks him to get ready soon. Akshay reaches outside her house and thinks why he wants to meet and apologize her.

Vijaya gets worried for Akshay as it is already 10 p.m. Phone rings. She picks and asks where is he, she is worried for him. Ratan speaks and says thanks for worrying about him and yells that Akshay favored Abhaya by giving cafe contract to her and got him out easily. He continues. Vijaya says she will disconnnect phone. He asks Abhaya to speak. Abhaya asks why he is insulting didi. He disconnects call and says Vijaya disconnected it, he cannot bear anyone insulting him.

Nandini gets ready and asks Ifran if they can go now. He says she is looking very beautiful. Akshay knocks door. Nandini oepns it and shouts to get out. Irfan asks who is it and opens door. Akshay sees him and says sorry. Irfan asks who is he. Akshay leaves. Irfan asks Nandini who was he. She says she does not know. Akshay goes to his car and bangs bonnet shouting why he wants to meet Nandini.

Precap: Vijaya gets teary eyed and says Akshay she just asked where was he. Naani says why did she keep quiet when Akshay did not reply, she should have asked again like a wife. Vijaya asks if she is really Akshay’s wife. Irfan sees Vijaya not on her bed and asks where did she go.

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