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Nandini comes to nursing home in the morning and asks Jennifer where is Akshay. Jennifer says she will have to wait for some time as Akshay is performing surgery. She says surgery was at 10 p.m., which anesthetist is with Akshay then. Jennifer says Dr. Patak. Nandini asks what about her. Jennifer says she will perform surgery with other resident surgeons. Nandini fumes that Vijaya has stooped so low, she used to spend time with Akshay during surgery, now she cannot.

Irfan says Shabana that he is going out for 2 days. She says tomorrow is Nandini’s birthday, how can he go. He should be with her. He says giving gifts and spending time will not change Nandini’s decision. She says he has to try at least. He says he is getting late and leaves.

Nandini comes out of OT

after surgery. Resident doc praises her skills. Akshay also comes out of another OT speaking with a nurse. Nandini stops him and asks why did not he stop Vijaya. He asks what. She says Vijaya changed their surgery schedule. He says why should he, Vijaya manages nursing him and she knows it better. Vijaya comes and says she hopes they did not mind separating their team. Akshay says no. Vijaya says it is for the bettterment of nursing home and even they will get exposure with different doctors. She sends Akshay to check medicine stock. She asks Nandini that she heard she can go to any extent to win. Nandini says not to her extent and by changing her and Akshay”s schedule, she cannot take away Akshay from her. Vijaya says Akshay has already gone away when he married her and says today when she sleep on her bed alone, she should thihnk about it. Nandini fumes.

Nandini goes home and sees Shabana watching Askhay Kumar and Ileana D’Cruz’s Tere sang yaara….song. She reminisces Vijaya’s words that if her and Akshay’s love was so powerful, Akshay would not have left her and married me. She angrily switches off TV. Shabana asks why did she switch off love scene. Nandini says it was vulgar. Shabana says when she cannot see this, how can a wife imagine her husband sleeping with another woman. Nandini gets angry. Shabana says she means how can she leave Akshay for Vijaya, she has to do something. She should win back Akshay at any cost. She suggest her to fix CCTV camera in her room, call Akshay on her birthday and get intimate. If Vijaya sees that footage, she will realize she has lost her game.

Akshay and Vijaya are in room and busy in their own work. Neeti comes and says tomorrow is Nandini aunty’s birthday and they should surprise her. Shabana fixes camera in Nandini’s room and smirks thinking Akshay will leave Nandini and Nandini will have to marry Irfan. Irfan leaves for his lecture. Nandini imagines calling Akshay home wearing skimpy dress and romances with him. She gets of out her imagination and thinks she will call Aksay tomorrow home for sure and will lure him. She wishes Akshay and asks if he has surgery tomorrow. He says no. She asks to check again. He says no, it is not planned. Nandini gets sad that he does not remember her birthday. Vijaya comes and taunts her that Akshay does not even remember her birthday, so she should forget Akshay now. Nandini stands fuming in jealousy.

Precap: Nandini calls Vijaya and informs that Akshay will be with her whole day tomorrow and she has planned a very romantic birthday. Shabana shows CCTV camera to Nandini and says it will record her and Akshay’s romance.

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