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Abhaya comes to Vijaya’s nursing home. Vijaya asks if everything is alright. Abhaya says Akshay called her. Vijaya asks her to go and meet him then. Abhaya opens Akshay’s cabin door. He is busy speaking to surgery patient over phone and signals her to come and sit. After he finishes his convesation, she apologizes him for Ratan’s misbehavior. Akshay says it is okay and says he is ready to give her cafe contract but with a condition that she will not involve Ratan. She agrees and thanks him.

Vijaya converses with Nandini in her cabin and invites her for lunch. Nandini says she has appointment in another hospital. Vijaya says she should have lunch with her next time when she comes and says they will chat a lot. Abhaya comes with teary eyes and says jijaji/Akshay gave

her cafe contract with a condition that she will not involve Ratan. Vijaya congratulates her. Abhaya starts praising Akshay that he is a savior and very good human. Nandini says only she knows how cruel he is. Vijaya asks if she said something. Nandini says no and leaves.

Nandini goes to parking lot and is about to enter her car when Neeti calls her and asks if she identified her. Nandini says no. Neeti says she promised to come and meet her. Nandini says she has appointment. Neeti insists. Vijaya agrees.

Abhaya reaches home and sees Ratan planning to attend horse race and confronts him. He says he will get lakhs if he wins. She says Akshay had called her and gave cafe contract but with a condition she will not involve him. Ratan shouts how can she let him insult her husband. She says he helped her instead. He asks her to get some tea and she leaves. He thanks god for giving obedient wife.

Nandini reaaches Akshay’s house and meets Neeti. Neeti gifts her and parent’s pic. Nandini fumes seeing Akshay with Vijaya and Neeti but thanks Neeti. She takes permission from naani and takes Neeti to icecream palor. They both enjoy icecream and Nandini teaches her whistling which she and Akshay used to. Neeti asks who taught her. Nandini reminisces her past. Neeti says needs one more icecream. Nandini says okay. Neeti says she is like her papa, even he does not say no to her.

While traveling back home, Vijaya says Akshay he did good by giving cafe contract to Abhaya. Akshay says younger sisters are like daughters and it was his duty. Vijaya gets impressed. They both reach home and see Neeti missing. Naani says Nandini took her out.

Precap: Akshay insults Nandini for taking Neeti out without informing him, gives money, and asks her not repeat her mistake. Vijaya says Akshay that he angered Nandini and even Neeti. Vijaya apologizes Nandini on Akshay’s behalf. Akshay calls Nandini next and apologizes.

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