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Naani picks broken photo frame and scolds Neeti that she told not to play at home, but she did not listen. Neeti says she will call papa, he will have solution for every problems. She calls Akshay and says photo frame broke. He asks her to keep frame in his cupboard and throw glass pieces in kitchen dustbin, he will fix frame tomorrow while coming home. She thanks him and tells Naani that papa has solution for every problem.

Nandini tells Irfan that she has prepared lunch for him. He says thank you very much. He asks what happened. He asks if she forgot so soon. She says she just told not to interfere in his personal issues. He says that is normal for her. She apologizes him.

Abhaya and Ratan come to meet Akshay and Vijaya at nursing home. Ratan asks Akshay to give him nursing

home’s catering contract. Akshay says he will test him for 1 month and looking at his progress will sign 1 year contract later, he has to give contract to someone anyways. Ratan gets angry and starts taunting Vijaya that she is sitting dumb and is burdened by Akshay’s favors. Vijay asks him to get out as she cannot hear against Akshay. Ratan leaves continuing to taunt. Akshay sits silently.

Akshay and Vijaya reach home and after pampering Neeti, Vijaya walks towards kitchen. Neeti tells Akshay that mama will see broken glass in dustbin. Vijaya goes in and tells Naani how Ratan misbehaved with Akshay. Naani asks if Akshay did not retaliate. Vijaya says no. Naani says Akshay is gentleman and Ratan uncivilized goon, he trapped Abhaya in his love and married her wrongly. Vijaya comes out and asks where is photoframe. All 3 look at her face nervously.

Nandini gets ready at night and asks Irfan to come along. He says he is sleeping and will not. She says she will throw water on her. He agrees to accompany her.

Abhaya scolds Ratan for misbehaving with Akshay and Vijaya. Ratan scolds her instead that she did not take his side. Akshay calls her and asks to meet. Vijaya reaches nursing home in the morning. Abhaya comes. Vijaya asks if everything is alright. Abhaya says Akshay called her.

Precap: Nandini panics seeing Akshay, Vijaya, and Neeti’s pic. Ratan shouts at Abhaya that her sister and mother always try to degrade him. Vijaya tells Akshay that Nandini came to meet her and took Neeti with her. Nandini teaches whistling to Neeti while enjoying ice cream. Neeti asks who taught her this tone.

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