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Akshay opens door and sees a courier boy standing who says there is a courier for Dr. Nandini. Nandini receives courier. Akshay says she was unncessarily worried and says it is very late and he will go home now. She says okay. She calls Ratan and asks if he is sure, Vijaya is coming there. He says yes, she already came back. Nandini says she did not come here. Akshay says bye to Nandini and leaves. Nandini thinks had Vijaya gone then and why Ratan told she was looking very happy.

Akshay reaches home. Neeti asks if she can go to school, her friend had called up. He says they will get her lab tests and then she can go. She thanks him and leaves.

Irfan asks Shabana how much she tihnks Vijaya loves Akshay. She asks what he means. He says if he advises, will she agree to his

advice, what she thinks.

Akshay goes to his room. Vijaya comes out wearing tight purple gown and thinks she bought this purple dress madly, if Akshay will like her like he used to like Nandini in purple dress. Zara zara dehakta hai behakta hai…song… plays in the background…. Akshay starts staring at her and Vijaya enjoys attentino looking in mirror.

Shabana asks Irfan if he accepted her words and is ready to help Vijaya. He says he was just…. Nandini comes asking for phone and says so many hours have passed and Akshay did not call her at all. She does not know what Vijaya does to him, he forgets even her.

Vijaya continues luring Akshay and feeling nervous herself. Zara Zara..song…continues in the background. Akshay walks towards her and extends his hand towards her face and then shoulder. She closes her eyes nervously. He reminisces Nandini and his romance and walks out.. Vijaya opens his eyes and does not find him in room. She opens door and sees him standing in living room. She thinks what happened, why he stopped, if he remembered Nandini, whatever problems he may have, she will solve it. She goes near Akshay holding him asks what happened, why did he come down. Nani comes out of her room and smiles seeing them. Akshay picks a book. Vijaya holds his hand asks again what happened. He says he had kept book here and goes to his room. Vijaya stands disappointed and thinks why she is using a color to win Akshay’s heart, she will not use any of Nandini’s used colors or things, she is not that desparate.

Shabana asks Irfan if he is thinking houw to convince relatives, mom will not be angry at all, rest she will convince. He says she is telling as if Nandini will agree. She says it is just a matter of 3 months. He says if she did not see how much Nandini was worried thinking of losing Akshay, even if she marries me, she will not be happy.

Naani suggests Vijaya that she should know Akshay’s likes and dislikes, she is getting closer to Akshay after 8 years and should not feel sad for small issues and think Akshay does not like her. Neeti comes and asks what… papa does not like mamma. Lado says papa does not mamma working so hard and not taking rest. Neeti says correct..mamma should take rest.

Akshay while traveling in his car calls Nandini and says he was thinking about her. She says what was he thinking. He says just thinking about her. She says let us go for lunch and have thai food, he likes it a lot right?? He says yes he used to leave everything for thai food, he did not eat proper thai food after college. She says let us go then. He says today he is a meeting, not today.. Akshay’s driver hears everything and informs Vijaya. Vijaya sees Nandini walking in a hurry and asks if she is going to meet someone….Akshay has gone home, but did not take Nandini…She will go home and meet Akshay though. She reminds that already 1 day is over, so she has very less time to snatch her Akshay from her. Nandini says she is talking as if she will get more weeks than her. Vijaya says each second is like spending a liftetime with her husband, so she can imagine how much time she has to spend with her husband. Nandini fumes in jealousy. Vijaya says good luck and leaves.

Ratan hears their conversation and tells Nandini that she will win for sure as he is with her and his sharp mind will help her. He says Akshay respects Vijaya and if that respect is gone, then there will be problem in their relationship. She asks how. He says if there some disaster happpens in nursing home, Akshay will hate Vijaya. Nandini smiles and leaves.

Precap: Nandini tells Irfan that she will defeat Vijaya soon. Jennifer nurse calls Akshay and asks him to come to nursing home soon as ICU patient is sinking.

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