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Vijaya takes Abhi’s parents home. Naani gets angry seeing them. Vijaya says they were hesitant to come in, but came in on her insistence. Naani goes to prepare tea. Neeti shows her pet fish to Daadi. Akshay comes and dad says they were waiting for him. Akshay looks angrily.

Shabana checks Nandini’s wardrobe and says she has very nice collection and asks her to take her out for shopping. She says whoever marries her will be lucky. Nandini says long ago, an astrologer told she will not marry in this life. Shabana says astrology may be wrong and with times, even fate changes.

Vijaya asks Naani if she did not like Akshay’s parents coming here. Naani says no, they did nt accept her when she and Akshay got married and did even come to see Neeti when she was born, they are just seeing her since 2 years. Neeti says they must be repenting for their mistakes. She says naani that she acts like a child and always corrects her mistake, she wants her to help her reunite Akshay and his parents. Naani says she is always with her. Viaya then goes to her room and informs Akshay that Neeti is fond of daada/daadi. He says yes, he noticed it.

Before going for nursing home, Akshay calls Nandini and innsists to meet her. She agrees. He lies Vijaya that he is going to meet Dr. Dastur. She says he should. He meets Nandini and she shows lunch box and says she prepared lunch for them like before. He says they were students before and now people will badmouth if they sit under tree like students. She says nobody will object.

Vijaya goes to nursing home’s cafeteria and sees Abhaya working seriously. She orderes juice and Abhaya gives juice without noticing her face and then bill. Nurse informs Vijaya that Dr. Dastur has come. She meets him who says Akshay fixed meeting twice but did not come, so he came. Vijaya apologizes him and reminisces all the incidents when Akshay lied, Ratan asking Akshay why did he go to Victoria garden, etc..

Precap: Vijaya tells Akshay that Dr. Dastur visited nursing home and told he took appointment to meet him twice, but did not meet. Akshay gets tensed.

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  1. Akshay tumhe vijya k emotion or uske trust k sth khelne k koi haq nhi h AGR tum nandini ko apni life me chate ho to direct vijaya ko bta do us bechari se jhut mt bolo kuki AGR tum use sach btaoge to WO shyad maff kr bhi de BT Jo dhoka tum kr rhe ho uske lye shayd kbhi naff n kr pyi so plz be honest.

  2. Partho

    Is akshay out of his minds to be cheating on an innocent person like vijaya for Nandini who misunderstood him and was so rude to him. BTW Akshay and vijaya have a great chemistry between them I love the pair. Vijaya rocks.

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