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Nandini calls Askhay to have lunch with her while he is about to start lunch with Vijaya. He lies Vijaya that he needs to meet client and will have lunch with client and leaves. Naani calls Vijaya and asks if Akshay liked food as she prepared his favorite dishes. Vijaya says Akshay did not have lunch with her as he had a client meeting.

Nandini tells Irfan and Shabana that she is having an appointment and cannot have lunch with them. Shabana gets sad. Irfan says appointment is important, so let Nandini go.

Abhaya comes to Vijaya’s cabin and says she has finished cafeteria setup and wants Akshay to inaugurate it. Vijaya says Akshay has gone out. Ratan enters and with his usual misbehavior asks Vijaya to inaugurate cafeteria badmouthing Akshay. Vijaya reaches cafeteria.

He touches her feet and she gets angry and cuts ribbon. He cotinues his drama. They see Vijaya’s papa’s photo and ask who kept it here. Naani comes and says she kept it and congratulates Abhaya. Drama continues.

Akshay waits for Nandini at a restaurant. Nandini comes and he scolds that he is waiting for her since 30 min. She says husband and wife complain like this. Akshay says this hotel’s dum biryani is very nice and he comes here often. He calls waiter to show a demo, but waiter walks away ignoring him. Nandinii laughs. They order biryani. She says his nursing home name is Thakur Nursing home when he owns it. He says there is a reason for that. Nandini sees Irfan and Shabana coming and hides under table and silently leaves. Akshay also leaves behind her and they get into car. Nandini says she is a fool, she knew Irfan and Shabana are also going ou, even then she forgot. Akshay says she should change her house as they cannot meet until she stays with Irfan. She jokes she will shift to his house.

Naani gets angry when Neeti does not return even in the evening and asks Vijaya to call Akshay’s parents and asks to drop Neeti home. Neeti calls and says she will be reaching home with daada/daadi in 5 min. Naani asks Vijaya to not let Neeti go with daad/daadi again. Daada/daadi drop Neeti and Vijaya invites them home. Dad says time has not come to enter her house. He says it is time now and insists. Neeti gets in and Naani asks she came at last. Neetti says someone else also came. Naani gets angry seeing Daada/daadi.

Precap: Akshay enters home and gets angry seeing his parents. Dad says he was waiting for him. Shabana with closed eyes tells Nandini someone has come in her life. Nandini gets nervous.

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  1. Nandini to shameless orat hai hi BT akshay ko kya ho gya hai usko samjhna chye ki uski apni family hai agr usko nandini se relation rakhna hi hai to friendship ka rkhe uske sth lunch karne k shock h to apni family ko sth me lekar kre akshay ye biklul bhi thik nhi kr rha h vijya itni achi h or uski achyi k fyda nhi uthana chaye.

  2. Shame on Nandini! How can she hurt Vijaya like that. I think Nandini is out to get her revenge on Askay and ruin his happiness, to hurt him back. Nandini a scorned woman.

  3. Hi can anyone here tell me where I can download previous episodes from of this beautiful show

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