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Ifran takes Nandini to ice cream parlor. Neeti also comes there with Naani and gets happy. Irfan reminds Naani that they met before and he repaired her car. Naani reminisces the incident. All 4 sit and enjoy ice cream. Irfan tells Nandini that Neeti eats ice cream like her. Neeti asks him if he is Nandini’s boyfriend. Irfan jokes that he is Nandini’s girlfriend and she is his boyfried. They all laugh.

Vijaya and Akshay at home discuss about their last ice cream parlor outing. Vijaya tells Akshay how he was murmuring Nandini’s name while was admitted. Neeti comes back with Naani and discuss that they met Nandini and Irfan and tells Irfan is Nandini’s boyfriend. Akshay gets sad that Nandini has boyfriend.

In the morning, Akshay and Vijaya reach nursing home. Akshayy goes for surgery. After surgery, he comes out. Nandini who is sipping tea orders tea and gives it to Akshay and says she knows he likes tea after surgery. He takes tea and leaves without noticing even she is sippig tea. Nandini gets sad.

Abhaya and Ratan reach Vijaya’s nursing home to discuss about contract. Ratan shows his superiority on receptionist. Vijaya sees Abhaya and asks her to come in her cabin. Abhaya shows cafe menu. Vijaya says it is nice, but she needs to reduce price. Abhaya looks at Ratan. Ratan starts his misbehavior. Vijaya says she is not talking to him. Abhaya asks Ratan to go out and wait. Nandini comes to inform Vijaya that her work is done and she is leaving. Ratan misbehaves with her and holds her hand. She shouts to leave his hand. Abhaya drags Ratan from there. Vijaya apologizes Nandini. Nandini says she is shocked that she has such a cheap relative, she would have slapped him. Vijaya praises her dareness and then says Neeti told her about Irfan and her, if they are couples. Nandini says they are not, Irfan is her good friend and they both share same apartment. Vijaya asks if she will marry someone or not, reminiscing Akshay taking her name in sleep. Their conversation continues.

Precap: Nandini tells Akshay that getting away from him was her life’s bad phase and if he wants to get away even now. He holds her hand and says he will not. She hugs him.

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