Tere Bin 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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After work, Neeti tells Akshay to take her home. Akshay says he has some important work, she should go with mamma/Vijaya. She asks if she is not important. He says she is most important, he will come and meet her at home once his work is done. She asks him to come homeby 6 p.m. after finishing his work. He nods yes.

Ratan wears his shoes. Abhaya asks where is he going. He says to meet Akshay. She says he must be at nursing home. He says he says even he is going to nursing home and asks her to accompany him to pay cafeteria contract deposit.

Irfan writes poem for Nandini and starts praising her. She gets faltered and smiles.

Akshay waits for Vijaya outside her house. Once she comes, he opens car door. She ignores him and continues walking. He follows her and gets out of car. She says she should not have come here and asks if he ever tried to check what happened to her all these years. He says she does not know what happened to him and under what circumstances he married Vijaya. Their conversation continues. She hesitates to sit in his car, but at last sits. He drops her home and leaves.

Nandini goes back home and sees Irfan in kitchen wearing chef cap, asks what is all this. He says he thought she has gone for a special meeting, so he thought of celebrating with special food. She says they will go out after finshing dinner. He says yes mallika/queen.

Akshay reaches home tensed. Vijaya says she will serve diner and if he is having any problem and can help. He thinks only Nandini can help him.

Precap: Nandini and Irfan meet Neeti and Naani at icecream parlor and Irfan tells naani that Neeeti should be married to a boy with ice cream parlor. Neeti asks Nandini if Irfan is her boyfriend. Vijaya tells Akshay that he was murmuring Nandini’s name when he was admitted to nursing home.

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