Tere Bin 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ratan comes to meet Akshay and asks why did he go to Victoria garden from nursing home directly. Akshay’s emotion changes. Vijaya takes Akshay in. Abhaya scolds Ratan for asking uncessary question and takes him from there.

Neeti comes to Akshay’s room and gives him soup. She walks out whistling his usual tone. Vijaya gets emotional. Akshay says Nilesh used to whistle this tune, who taught Neeti this one. He then reminisces teaching this tune to Nandini and realizes Nandini taught Neeti this tone. Nandini calls him just then and says she will not apologize him as they promised earlier that they will not say thank you or sorry. Akshay smiles.

In the morning, Neeti comes out of her room and asks Naani why did not she take her for a morning walk. Naani says she was sound asleep. Akshay sits on his room sofa and smiles. Vijaya gets ready for work and while applying makeup says Akshay she has canceled his surgeries today and he needs to rest at home. He says he will get bored at home and is fine. She says he slept well yesterday. He says yes, he feels tension free after a long time. Neeti enters and says even she will come to nurisng home with them. Vijaya says no. Akshay says yes, he will get a company today.

Abhaya calls Naani and apologizes on Ratan’s behalf and says Ratan just wanted to know why Akshay went to Victoria garden. Naani scolds that it is none of Ratan’s business and disconnects call, thinks Ratan is right, why did Akshay go there. Ratan scolds Abhaya for apologizing on his behalf and says he did not ask wrong question, something is wrong. One day, naani will surely get dissappointed by Akshay.

At nuring home, peon brings flower bouquet to Akshay’s cabin. Akshay reads note and sees Nandini’s name. He gets happy and calls her. She asks how is he now. He says better now and thanks her for flowers and says he is coming to meet her in the evening at 5 p.m. In the evening, Neeti comes and says let us go home. He says he is having some important work, she can go with mom. Neeti leaves sadly with Vijaya. Akshay gets excited thinking of meeting Nandini.

Precap: Akshay waits for Vijaya and opens car door once she comes. She ignores him and leaves. He gets sad.

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