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Nandini gets call on her mobile. Irfan sees Thakur Nursing Home name and calls Nandini, but she is sound asleep. He picks call. Nurse informs him there is an emergency surgery and Nandini should reach there immediately. Irfan wakes up Nandini and informs her same. Nandini says she is having high fever and cannot go. Nurse informs Akshay that Nandini is having fever and cannot come. Akshay calls Irfan and asks if Nandini is so ill that she cannot even getup and says these unprofessional behaviors are intolerable. Irfan says it does not sound good from a person who cannot tell truth. Akshay disconnects call. Irfan calls back and confronts him again.

Abhaya goes back home after taking money from Naani. Ratan tells her that he has arranged loan from his friend and is mortgaging this

house. She gives him naani’s given cheque. He shouts she always wants to insult him. Abhaya says it is loan and she will return it. He continues shouting. Abhaya says she will return cheque then. He says no need, he does not want to return back laxmi.

Vijaya goes to Nandini’s house to and sees Irfan opening door, asks how come he is here. He says he stays here and asks her to come in. Nandini meets vijaya and asks her to get well soon so that she can have dinner with her. She also invites Irfan. Irfan says sure he will come as Nandini praised her food. Vijaya smiles and says she will leave now as she has work at nursing home. Once she leaves, Irfan says she is a sweet lady. Nandini says yes.

Irfan feeds Vijaya soup and she feels better. Vijaya goes back and tells Akshay that she had been to meet Nandini as she is having high fever. Akshay feels guilty. Nandini goes to park. Akshay meets her there and apologizes. Nandini scolds him and walks out. He goes to her home behind her and says she cannot behave with him like this and has to listen him. she aks what. He says he married Vijaya under wrong circumstances and they are just couples on paper. She asks what circumstances. He reminisces his dead friend and stops. She shouts he married without thinking about her and now he does not have place in her life. Akshay walks out shattered and thinks why he is trying to become great by sacrificing his life for Vijaya and her daughter and becoming villain for Nandini.

Precap: Akshay is found unconscious on road. Irfan finds and takes him to hospital. Vijaya and Nandini reach hospital. Akshay subconsciously repeats sorry Nandini, forgive me.

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