Tere Bin 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya informs Naani over phone that Akshay’s parents accepted her and Neeti and says they proved love relationship is much bigger than blood relationship. Naani asks Lado to prepare lunch fast as Rakesh/Akshay’s father and Neelima/Akshay’s mother are coming. Lado happily leaves. Vijaya then tells Akshay that they did the fact for 8 hours and today it is out, she is so much relieved. Akshay says he wanted to tell this since a long time. Nandini hears their conversation and thinks Akshay told about them to Vijaya and Vijaya agreed to divorce him. She gets happy that soon Akshay will marry her. Irfan calls her and asks where is she. She says she is in hospital and heard Akshay telling about them, so Vijaya also accepted for divorce, soon she will marry Akshay.


gets tensed hearing Nandini’s words. Shabana comes with her bags. Irfan says Akshay informed Vijaya about Nandini and soon after divorcing Vijaya will marry Nandini. Shabana consoles him.

Nandini goes to Vijaya and asks nnot to feel bad, everything is planned by god. Vijaya asks why should she. Nandini says she will take care of Neeti, not to worry. Vijaya asks why. Akshay comes and tells Nandini that she has to handle Neeti’s diabetes (anesthetist handling endocrinologist’s job) and doctor is calling to brief her. Nandini leaves with Akshay. Vijaya thinks Nandini means she will take care of Neeeti diabetes.

Doctor briefs Nandini about Neeti’s medical condition and says only an expert like her can handle Neeti’s diabetes. Nandini starts calling Akshay as jaanu/darling. Doctor notices that. Akshay coughs. Once doctor leaves, Akshay scolds Nandini why did she call him jaanu in front of doctor. Nandini says she thought he informed doc about them. He says she should be careful with her words in front of others. She asks when is he informing Neeti about them as Vijaya already knows about them now. Akshay asks what did she hear. She says she heard him telling Vijaya about them. He says he was telling that his parents know the truth that Neeti is not his daughter and until Neeti gets well, he will not talk to Vijaya bout their relationship. Nadini panics hearing this and thinks she was unecessarily getting happy.

Vijaya calls Irfan and says she is angry on him. He says sorry, he cannot do anything as Nandini is his friend. She asks what is Nandini doing in this issue and asks why did he pay bills. He says since she and Akshay were busy, he paid bills. She says he has to take bill charges from her. He says if she insists. She says Neeti is being discharged today. Irfan says that is good. She thanks him and disconnects call. He thinks if Akshay did not tell Vijaya about him and Nandini, then why did Nandini misinterpret.

Precap: Nandini yells at Vijaya that she will not let her snatch Akshay from her and if she tries, she will kill her. She strangulates Vijaya. Akshay tries to free Vijaya.

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  1. Akshay is too bad, he played with Nandini feelings already and married Vijaya, When Nandini is trying to Move on again he came back and having affair with her, now he is cheating both Nandini and Vijaya, why don’t he leave Nandini to Irfan if he can’t leave Vijaya, disgusting Akshay

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