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Akshay and Vijaya are still in nursing home. Neeti calls Akshay and asks where is he. He says he and Vijaya are leaving nursing home. She reminds him that he has to gift her piano when her results come. He says her exams just finished. She says results are out and she came first. He says he will bring her piano then.

Neeti waits for Akshay eagerly and asks Naani when will papa come. Naani says she asked this question many times. Akshay comes with Vijaya and gifts her mini piano. Neeti gets very happy. Vijay gets emotional seeing Akshay’s love for Vijaya. She tells naani and naani says yes, Akshay loves Neeti a lot. After sometime, Vijaya takes juice for Akshay and says Neeti is still playing with piano and does not want to sleep. Akshay says let her play. Vijaya

says she has school tomorrow. Akshay says let her take leave tomorrow, she has come 1st in class. Vijaya smiles. In the morning, Vijaya goes to Neeti’s room and sees her still asleep. Naani says she will wake her up. Vijaya says let her sleep.

Irfan speaks to his sister over phone and says she can come anytime and even bhabhi will be happy to see her. Nandini asks why did he call her bhabhi. He says his sister knows that they are staying together, so she thinks we are in a relationship. Nandini panics and beats him how dare he is to think she is his wife and asks him to get out of her house.

Akshay and Vijaya drive towards nursing home. Akshay says he did not like Irfan, so she can beck one of his psychiatrist friend. Vijaya says according to her research, Irfan is good and they will appoint him for some time, if he is not good, they can detain him. Akshay thinks Irfan must be knowing about him and Nandini, but then tells Vijaya she is right.

Nandini breakfast for Irfan and sees him busy on laptop. Irfan says he is searching house. She warns him to dare leave her house.

Akshay’s nurse informs her about an appendicitis patient getting severe stomach ache. Akshay checks patient and asks nurse to arrange for surgery and to call Nandini for anesthesia.

Abhaya comes to Naani and cries that Vijaya asked for deposit for cafe contract, she does not have money and even Ratan does not have any savings, so she has to forgo this contract. Naani gives her money and Abhaya hugs her emotionally.

Precap: Akshay speaks to Irfan over phone and tells Nandini is unprofessional. Irfan says Nandini is not that type and counterattacks him. Nandini shouts at Akshay that she does not have place for him in her life now. Vijaya goes to Nanidini’s house and is surprised to see Irfan opening door.

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