Tera Woh Pyaar (Ragsan Ff) part-1

Guys im here with a new story on ragsan. And thank you so much for your responce. Lets go…

Here in a big mansion a wedding is going to happen. In main gate its written SANSKAR WEDS VANI. Hustle bustle is going on. All are busy in their own work. In a beautiful room a girl is sitting dressed like bride. But face exprestion is weird. Some girls are gather around her.

Girl 1- Vani your would be is awesome.

Girl 2- yeah you are so lucky.

Vani- then you go na marry with him.

Girl 1- what happened to you??

Vani- I become mad. Fine. Are you happy now? Now leave me some time alone. plzz. all of you.

Girl 3- Lets go priya she should be tensed. Every girl feels tensed  before wedding.

All girls leave the room. Then she get up and close the door and started to removing jwels. And pick the phone started to call someone.

Vani(in phone)- Arav ( Sahil Uppal) how much time will you take? i cant wait any more.Plzz do hurry.

Arav- Im here near your balcony. come here.

Vani- im coming.

She come out and climb down from balcony which is held behind the house. (daro mat saree nahi pehni hai woh change krli hai) And they flew away.

After sometime Vani’s mother come to her door and started banging but nobody give responce. Then she asked some boy to break the door. They break it and found no one in room. All jwells and dress are in bed and a letter in table. She started to read the letter.

 Mom Dad i m really sorry for doing this. But im helpless. I told you before that I love Arav But you wanted to marry me with sanskar. So i have to take this step. If you can please forgive me. And sanskar im very sorry for doing this. And no need to find me. I will be happy with arav. You also stay happy mom dad. Take care.

She breaks down. Her sister console her. She started to say to her- Shomi how can vani do this how can? What will i say to them?

Shomi- Shweta di calm down. Let me think.

Vani’s dad- Sharmistha If you have no problem marry Ragini with Sanskar??

Shekhar- Whatt??? Ragini will never marry like this.

Shweta- Plzz Shekhar ji me and Vinay are begging in front of you plzz save our reputation.

In between their talk Ragini enter their and said- What happend mom.

Shomi- Beta woh vani flew away with someone.

Shweta- beta you can only save our reputation.

Ragini(confusingly)- Me??!! how??!!!

Vinay- You have to marry Sanskar.

Ragini- Are you gone masu how can i? You should think about Vani di not reputation.

Vinay- She has gone nothing have to do with her now. Now this is the matter of our reputation.

Ragini- OOH masu stop from begining reputation reputatio what it is?? And i cant marry someone whom i dont know. So plzz.

Shweta- Shomi tell her na…

Shomi- di but… Ragu??

Ragini- Mom please??

Sujata comes there and said- Please beta our sanskar will be sorrow beta plzz.

Ragini- are you all out of mind. I just know his name i didn’t even watch his face clearly how can i??

Shweta- Ragu my swear to you.

Ragini- Masiiii what is it. Ok fine but you have to pay for it.

Vinay- thanx beta.

After the convo they get ready Ragini in bridal dress. And she come in mandap and their marriage done.

Precap- Ragsan, Ragsan & ragsan

Guys here is the first part. Tell how it is??

Thank you

lots of love 🙂 🙂

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