Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 8

Hi guys as I told this as a Short story it’s the last part of the story thanks for all your love and support

Mumma till Ishaan uncle didn’t came when ll they come we have to go for snow park with Papa na,said Kushi.Pragya says,No baby we are not going anywhere coz Papa need some rest.Kushi says,No Papa is okay with it lets go Mumma pls..Pragya says,Okay lets go but in evening not now okay.Kushi says,Okay till evening I can play with Papa.Pragya smiles.Kushi ran towards Abhi.Abhi smiles at her n takes her into their room.It was mid in after noon,Kushi was sleeping by hugging Abhi..Abhi was carring her hair with a smile.Pragya comes in n sees them n says,Abhi..Abhi turned towards her immediately with a smile.Pragya says,I wanna talk to u..I mean come lets talk..Abhi nods n goes with Pragya.
In terrace,both were staring at the clear sky.
Pragya : *breaks the silence by turning towards him*So..What made u to be here?
Abhi : *with a clear look*Obviously U and Kushi.
Pragya : *crossing her hands to the chest*After 4years?
Abhi :*took a deep breathe* Fuggi..I know I did a disloyal with u and Kushi but I don’t know y I did that.Actually Tanu came to me and said she was still in love with me..At the moment was my weak moment I recalled those feelings I shared with her I just said okay to her..I don’t know how I did that..U very well know abt my senseless brain..I really don’t know how I regretted u..by thinking of that its really disgusting me..Im a monster..After doing that I realized I did a wrong but I have no guts to see ur face for apologizing..I almost living like a lifeless body..Fuggi I know Im really bad in explaining things to..I don’t know fuggi but I cant live without u and Kushi..sorry is not a word enough to apologize I know that..*tears rolled down*

Pragya : U know how it feels when u left me??U know I was waiting for u to tell worlds’s best thing that Im carrying Kushi..but u left me just like that Abhi..Every night I was thinking what will I say to my Kushi if she asks abt her father?*wiping her tears,with a clear voice*So Abhi let it go away..And every one doing mistakes..no one is perfect..the true fact is yes..Im anger on u for doing that but my love for u is more than my anger..I know the meaning of each and every tear drop..When I saw u in my door step ur eyes told me r guilt and the immortal love that u have for me.
Abhi : so u wanna forgive me so easily?
Pragya :Im giving u another chance to live ur life.
Abhi :Forgiveness is also a kind of punishment.
Pragya : Well,That’s Im not giving u forgiveness..Its a chance..
Abhi : *stares her without taking his eyes off*
Pragya : U can stay here as Kushi’s father.
Abhi : Only asher father?*asked with a pleading eyes*
Pragya : haa..U came here after seeing ur daughter so..leave it..Kushi deserves father’s love.*about to leave*
Abhi : pragya..*holds her hand*Im sorry..I need u..I need my fuggi..I need my bestie in u..I need my soulmate..I need u in every terms in my life.
Pragya : *turns towards him n slaps hard n holds his collar*So now u need all this..I agree u did a mistake but y didn’t u apologize for that when u realized..y did u took this much time..Atleast u would have come to me n told me na fuggi I realized u r my love..u r my life..y didn’t u came to me Abhi..U have no guts to apologize me..well..Now how u gathered courage Abhi..By seeing ur daughter..so u did ur marriage for ur mother..U came back now for ur daughter..So whr Im in ur life Abhi..tell me I don’t have courage to bear all those pain again just tell me whr Im in ur life..*sobs by hugging him*

Abhi :*with moist eyes*U r my life Fuggi..U r my life..I cant allocate a space for u..coz u r my everything..I LOVE YOU..I CANT LIVVE WITHOUT YOU ANY MORE..these four years r not less than hell for me.
Pragya : *hugs him tight*Don’t ever give me this pain again Abhi..Please..
Abhi :Im sorry..Im sorry..*hugs her tight*TRUST ME
Abhi : *cups her face n wipes her tears n kisses her forehead* Don’t ever cry here after…
Pragya : *smiles n nods by hugging him*
So u both made me to sleep and hugging In terrace without me ryt,asked Kushi with a stern look.AbhiGya broke the hug n looks at her n smiles.Abhi widened his arms.Kushi runs towards him n hugs him.Abhi says.There is space for one more person in my embrace and winks at Pragya.Pragya smiles n hugs him.Abhi held his precious girls in his embrace protectively.

Some times love may be realized later..Not every one is so perfect..Accept the imperfection and make them perfect..TRUE LOVE HAS THE HABIT OF COMING BACK..Forgiveness should ask and given on ryt time..Prolonged anger ll make ur life disaster.. We have one life we cant live it perfectly but we can live happily..TRUE LOVE DESRERVES A SECOND CHANCE..SOMETIMES FORGIVENESS WAS THE BIGGEST PUNISHMENT THAT WILL LEAD TO LIVE WITH GUILT.
Stay blessed………………….Be good………….GOD BLESS

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  19. Tisha you are so good. Yes the way u write about love is perfectly true for true love.true can bear all the pain and forgive the loved one to make them perfect the expect of true love is the loved one should have true love none other than anything. Abhigya is the best example. They live a true love lively with their twins in real kkb.apart from so many hurts pains separations the true love deserves it win always for all jenmas.tisha u r the best creater and designer for abhigya’s life in every angles. Thanks for everything.

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    Happy News to all the crazy fan’s of Tisha aka Srimathi….. She is gonna start her new FF “Journey of Love”……So everyone let’s support her together in this too…..Be ready tomorrow to travel in the new journey of AbhiGya with our fav writer Tisha! Love u Tisha Di!!! Keep Rocking!!

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