Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 7

Kushi comes thr n takes him to their room.Maa goes to Pragya n touches her shoulder.Pragya says,Maa..I know as a mother u can easily forgive him but I cant do that..how could I forgive him after he broke all my hopes and dreams..I cant do this Maa..Just ask him to go back…sorry,its his home..fine me and my daughter ll leave this home,by saying this she looks at Maa.Maa says,U cant do that Pragya..I know after seeing him after years I forget everything what he had done but its not I forgave him..I ll always be on ur side..but as a mother u cant snatch ur daughter’s father from her..u saw that right how she was excited as she saw her father for the first time..wht the wrong that baby had done..Pragya remains silent.Maa says,I know Pragya..u still love him..Even Im not sure abt my son’s love but Im sure about my daughter’s love,u still love him more than anything..but its not that u wanna forgive him..keep this is in ur mind TRUE LOVE ALWAYS DESRERVES A FORGIVENESS AND SECOND CHANCE..I really dont have idea if he realized his mistake or not..Hear to ur heart..let him here for ur daughter’s sake..Hear to ur heart if u feel that he deserve ur forgiveness and love again..just forgive him and start ur new life by accepting him as ur husband..If u feel he didnt changed or he didnt realized what he had done just let him as ur daughter’s father for ur daughter’s sake..I know its not at all easy..u r in anger and its very loyal too..Time ll reduce ur anger..be urself till ur anger cools down..If u r cooled of ur anger just have a talk with him but please dont do any conversation with anger it wont cure any problem it ll never let to solve the problem..Take ur own time..I had told this to Abhi too..I had told him that Im gonna be on urside and I wont support him this time..but Pragya as I spoke with him he had changed a lot I could see love in his eyes for u..He told me that he ll sure regain ur trust and love again and he is ready to accept ur punishment too..he told that hereafter he wont let u and ur daughter alone.Pragya asks,Really Maa..then y he came today..what he had done in these years..at the time he didnt remember he had a wife and daughter.

Maa says,He told me that he didnt have the guts to face..it was a kind of punishment he gave himself for hurting u in badway..He realized ur value and love when he left u..he dumped Tanu as he realized u was his life’s love..He dumped her the next day he left our home,this what he told me Pragya..It seems to be he had changed a lot.Pragya remains silent.Maa says,I can understand ur pain..U no need to believe all these words..again Im saying that hear ur heart observe him urself if ur heart feels he had changed accept him else ur wish..dont worry beta every thing ll b alryt soon,by saying this he kissed her n left the place.Pragya closed her eyes n took a deep breathe Maa’s words are rumbling in her mind.Mumma..Mumma..,Kushi came towards her n asks,Mumma y u r here come have to make space for Papa in bed come come n drags her to the room.Abhi was looking to the wall hangings of Kushi and Pragya n smiling at their funny expressions.Mumma see Scooby was in this side..cheeku thr twinkle here then whr ll ur chubby sleep..if chubby wanna sleep here then whr Papa ll sleep..tell me Mumma.Abhi turns towards Pragya n looks at her.Pragya looks at him with teary eyes with a desperate face.Abhi was cursing himself.Kushi shooks her n asks,Mumma tell me Mumma..Whr ur chubby ll sleep..Abhi hears her daughter n asks,Chub..Chubby is still..still wi..with u.Pragya glares into his eyes n says,I dont have the habit of changing or leaving my loved ones,said in a stern voice.Abhi remains silent his mind passed to years ago when chubby came into their life

Fuggi..Fuggi..u was worried na that Im going out of town for a week,asked Abhi.Pragya pouts n says,Yes..Maa was not in home how I ll stay here alone..pls dont go..Abhi says,Oh..meri jaan I have a solution for that.Pragya excited n hugs him n asks,So Im also coming with u ryt?Abhi smiles n nods no.Pragya asks,Then u r not going ryt?,asked with much wider smile.Abhi nods no.Pragya becomes sad n asks,Then wht Maa gonna return ,asked in a bored irritated voice.Abhi nods no.Pragya irritated n asks,Then whts the solution.Abhi smiles n says,Close ur eyes..Pragya says,No I wont..Abhi says,Please,asked with a pout.Pragya smiles n closed her eyes.After a minute,Abhi says,Now open ur eyes.Pragya opened her eyes n shocked,A damn huge puffy pinky soft teddy bear was before her Abhi was hiding behind the teddy.Pragya smiles n jumps in joy n hugs the teddy n says,Abhi..its so cute..so soft..I love it..n kisses the teddy.Abhi says,U like it.Pragya says,I said na I love it..Abhi says,Fine..If u loveit then Im happy.Pragya says,Its so huge..Abhi says,Okay..listen this is gonna accompany u for a week..whenever u miss me u say that to this teddy then I ll hear from this okay..Pragya smiles a bit n says,Sure if it was with me then I ll b without u more than a year n smiles.Abhi catches her ear n twists.Pragya says,Ouchh..just joking yaar..leave my ear.Abhi smiles n leaves her ear.Pragya asks,So Whts its name.Abhi says,Teddy..Pragya says,Arey..we should keep some name na.Abhi says,hooo..fine then keep as Teddy Rockstar.Pragya says,Chi..no next.Abhi glares n says,Then wht abt Rocky teddy.

Pragya stares him n asks,Y u r keeping ur tag to my teddy..wait I ll keep him the name..thinks for a while n says,Chubby…how was that.Abhi asks,Chubby?How..how can u say this as chubby..see Im chubby than this,fumed in jealous.Pragya says,Come on rockstar dont tell me u r jealous on a doll.Abhi says,jealous..haahha..me..no way..and on this doll..chance less n manages to smile.Pragya laughed n says,So its my chubby okay..n she started to pamper the chubby..After a week Abhi came from concert Pragya was busy with chubby always..Sleeping by hugging the cute chubby.Abhi thinks,Wht is this..I had done a mistake by giving this chubby to her.Abhi came to sleep.Pragya was hugging her chubby.Abhi says,Fuggi..Im back na then y u r sleeping with this doll..u know I have allergy on his hair,lied Abhi to reduce the distance between them that caused by her Chubby.Pragya says,Abhi Im habited to him..I cant sleep without my chubby..hey na chubby n kisses it n says,Even chubby cant sleep without me..and his hairs r soft it wont cause any allergy u sleep okay good night.Abhi glares at her n lays besides.Chubby was sleeping in between them.Abhi feels irked annoyed he was in peak of jealousy he couldnt sleep.He said,Fuggi..He is laying in huge space Im feeling suffocated let him sleep in couch here after okay n abt to take chubby.Pragya pushed his hand n says,U turn that side n sleep..u ll get more air..My chubby ll sleep with me..U know its just like u..When he is sleeping with me I felt that u r with me..only difference is chubby cant snore,n giggles.

Abhi gets irked n takes the chubby n kicked out of the bed.Pragya shouts,Abhi wht u had done..have u gone mad..I said na chubby is like u for me..how can u be so rude on him..I had even sprayed ur perfume on him to feel ur presence ever but wht u had done..u hurted my chubby..dont talk with me n tooks her chubby from floor.Abhi says,I agree u miss me..U considered chubby as me but Im here na then also u r sleeping in chubbys arms,complainted like a kid.Pragya blurt out in laughter n says,Breaking news..Rockstar is not jealous of salman khan or sharukh khan..Rockstar is jealous of a my chubby..jealous of a doll..see I gonna post this in my IG n laughs.Abhi says,Haahaa…bad joke no one can make rockstar jealous..do u think ur chubby ll make me jealous..keep ur chubby on couch n come n sleep.Pragya laughs n asks,If u not jealous then y u r asking chubby to sleep alone hmmm..Abhi says,Fuggi..dont test my patience.Pragya laughs n keeps chubby on couch n snaps his pic.Abhi lays down n switched off the lights n asks,Y u r snaping his pic.Pragya laughs n says,wait..wait..yeah…done..Okay Mr.Rockstar now check ur IG n laughs.Abhi panics n opened his IG notifications n reads,Post from Pragya Mehra.Abhi asks,Hey idiot wht u had posted.Pragya lays besides him by giggling by looking at her phone.Abhi glares her n opens the post n he could see Chubby’s picture tagged on him with a caption “Exists here..Some one and the only one who could make my ROCKSTAR JEALOUS..My chubby?.Love You Chubby???”after reading this Abhi shouts,Really u r an idiot..idiot fuggi..Pragya laughs continuously by seeing his reactions n says,Come on just read those comments too funny na n giggles.Abhi too laughs at her silly antics n they both started to laugh on the comments..

His thoughts broke when his daughter shouts in his ears,Papaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Abhi came back to sense n sees Pragya was not there.Abhi asks,Baby..whr is Mumma..Kushi stares at him n says,Mumma had gone half an hour ago..I was calling u for last 20 minutes u was just standing like a statue..Abhi says,Offo..Im sorry baby,..I was in some other thoughs..Kushi says,Okay I forgave u..See Papa Chubby Scooby twinkle and Cheeku ll sleep on couch thr and Kushi Mumma Papa ll sleep in bed here happily hey na Papa.Abhi smiles n thinks,She is not only mini me she is mini of fuggi too the same antics n lifts her n kisses her.Kushi says,Papa today Ishaan uncle Rahul bhaiya Aditi di Mona aunty ll come to our home after meeting them shall v go out I wanna introduce u to all my frnds okay papa.Abhi nods n says,Ofcourse..we gonna meet all n u gonna say everyone that Im ur papa..okay tell me whr v ll go..Phoenix or snow park.Kushi excited n shouts,Snow park..Abhi says,Fine..we ll go thr.Kushi says,Okay then shall I invite my friends thr.Abhi says,Ofcourse princess..Kushi shouts,U r the best Papa..Abhi smiles at her.
. . .

Thats for today hope u guys enjoyed well..Meet u all in next part..Love u all.Thanks for the support keep supporting..

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Riyashri

    |Registered Member

    Love u Tisha Di…….Thanq for giving such a Cute Love Story !!! Will be supporting u always…Keep Rocking !! Stay Blessed Forever….

  2. rajesh

    Hey i enjoyed alot especiallyyy that jealous scene is very nice….i loved it ff is going very well….i enjoyed and happily read ur ff 2day….waiting 4 next ff…

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Khushi is Sooooooooo Cuteeeeee……..& The Flash Back…….Its Just AWESOME!!!! Loved it a lotttttttttt…………

  4. durga

    Really sooooo cute episode yaar especially flashback s tooo cute n funny n sweet n lovely yaar…

  5. Varsha

    Hai tisha…..WOW!!! Chubby is soooooo cuteeeee…nowadays I seeing abhi jealously… Very funny and ippadi irundha abhi ah tanu vandhadhum apadi sonnanga… Its so weird…but nice lovely kushi Abhi and Pragya and especially u…love u tisha

  6. Krish

    |Registered Member

    wow diiiiii it was just Awesomeeee diii nd tat chubby -jealousy scene was soooooo cute…………..egarly waitng fr te nxt epiiii…………luvvvvv uuuu diiiii……………..

  7. Vaishali

    |Registered Member

    Love u Tisha Di…….Awesome episode it was just Awesomeeee diii that chubby scene and pragya posting in IG was unbeleivable loved it to the core Chubby is soooooo cuteeeee…Khushi is Sooooooooo Cutee loved her a lot and love u too dii always…

  8. riya

    Superbbb episode Sri ungalala mattumthan ippdi name guess panna mudium apparam oru visayatha na share pannanum nenaikkaran en kolanthaiya na chubbynuthan koopduvan chubbynu pathavudane semma smile very cutee

  9. Maahi

    |Registered Member

    diii its simply superb episode awesome nd jealousy nd haha breaking news was hilarious njoyed a lottt keep rocking diii TISHA DIIII ROCKZZZ

  10. anu

    Ff is lovely and nice khushi is so cuteeeee abhi is very cute when he is jealous with doll so sweet hav a nice day God bless u

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