Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 6

Book my tickets to India I wanna leave here asap probably I want a ticket this night whatever may be the class business class or whatever but I need tickets got it dont give me any lame excuses,by saying this Abhi hanged up the call with Nikkil.Abhi drove to Purab’s place and informed that he is leaving to India.Purab asks,When u ll b back.Abhi says,Probably I won’t come back..and u have to come to my home in India.Purab was lil bit shocked n nods n says,Fine I ll try bro..have a safe flight.Abhi smiled n back to his apartment n packed his cloths,in the meantime he received Nikkil’s call informing that ticket has been conformed for 7PM(BST).Abhi thanked him n asks him to sort all here and ask Nikkil to come to India in a week.Nikkil agrees.Abhi was super excited to see his fuggies..How fool Im I missed 4 years of my cute fuggies..aww how cute she is..she just look like junior fuggi but her antics r like mini me..I dont know how Pragya n Maa ll react for this..sure they ll mad at me..they wont accept me..but dont gonna give up here after..I know my fuggi still loves me..If she wanna punish me she can but she can punish me by keeping me around her..did my junior fuggi know anything about me..that Im her papa..no..no way…my fuggi ll never told anything abt me..how unlucky Im..but I deserved Im ready for her punishment I ll accept her punishment by being with her not by being alone..he wiped the uncontrollable tears as the person sitting nearby him in flight is noticing him.He just leaned back n closed his eyes.
Still u wanna hide abt him from ur daughter its not fair she deserved to know about her father,wht wrong the innocent baby had done..is she destined to live without knowing who is her father,asked Maa.What could I do Maa..What u wanna me to do..If she asked her why my Papa left us..whta ll I tell her..I dont have answer for that,said Pragya by wiping her tears.Maa says,I know that..Im not saying to live with him again but..Pragya cuts her n says,sure,I ll tell her once she got that age to understand the things by saying this she left to the room..she could see her daughter sleeping with a innocent face with a mild snore..she got into the closest..she took his picture in her hand n says,Why did u do this to me what ll I say if ur daughter asked whr is my Papa..who is my papa..this world Is too small soon on a day she ll came to know that her favorite Rockstar is her Papa..but what ll I say if she asked me why u r not with us..I still love u more than before..I dont know y actually I wanna hate u but I cant..y u left me like that..I lost a friend when u left me..I lost my soulmate when u left me.But I never lost my love coz love is not just being with the person who u love..I love u more and more..But I dont know could I able to forgive u for what u had done but I love u..it doesnt means I wanna live with u again..what I ll do if u left me again..no I had done with that pain..I cant able to bear it anymore..U know our daughter is just like u in every antics..sure u ll love her..u remember u teased me once..My baby ll look like junior fuggi and she is n smiles a bit by wiping her tears on his photo.And u know one more I never used the word”Fuggi”but ur junior fuggi is saying that word..how weird na..On that day,I was very excited to say that I was carrying our love but u devastated me by saying,U found ur love in another person..then y those 2 years between us..did u never feel my love atleast when our souls became one..why u left me..she sobbed a bit loud.Mumma,r u thr,Kushi asked with a sleepy voice.Pragya immediately wiped her tears n hide his photo n came out n says,Just now I came baby..y u woke up.Mumma I heard some one is sobbing.Pragya says,U might have some dream now sleep n kisses her n carres her.Gradually she too slept besides her pretty princess.
What are u doing now Fuggi..well u r sleeping with mini me ryt..I cant control myself after seeing our love has grown to cute lil baby fuggi..How I missed u like this Im really an idiot..On that day,I didnt wanna say that Im going with Tanu..I just came to say that Tanu had came back to me..but I dont know y I hurted u like that in a most bad way..I never thought anything serious in my life until u was with me to take care of me..U had pampered me a lot Pragya thats y I spoiled like this..if u were strict over me I could slap Tanu on that day for coming back to my..I will say her that I have a loving wife n caring soulmate..but Im an idiot I accepted her being shameless..but I accepted her by words when I moved out of our home its just 14 hours I had spend my time with her..I couldt tolerate her u was on my mind..my heart literally in veins..I dumped her..But that 14 hours is too late I should do that before 14 hours..After I realized what I had done I ashamed to come infront of u thats y I hided myself in London..but not any more..Even at the time u let me to go..y u pampered me that much..U probably should slapped me at the moment..U ll always say me na I was ur first kid..then y cant u slap on me that day..I dint know till now I cant forgive myself but I dont know how Im expecting u to forgive me..he lost himself in his deep thoughts.
It was Sunday,around 6AM,her home’s calling bell was pressed.Pragya was annoyed n thinks it might me milk man n goes to kitchen n took the vessel n opened the door with a yawn n forwards the vessel by complaining about milk getting lighter now a days by rubbing her eyes.Im not a milk man..hope u know me,He said.She widened her eyes as the voice hitted her mind was very familiar to her she dropped the vessel n looks at him with her deep dark eyes..As she had seen a a ROCKING STAR IN THE BLANK DARK SKY yes..he is rockstar ofcourse..not even a word is uttering from her mouth..her eyes were glued with his wetted eyes..she doesnt know is she is dreaming or its happening in real..a wet drop touched her lips that brought her back to reality that her eyes r leaving down the tears..He was just staring at her as HE HAD SEEN HIS FUTURE IN HER EYES..he didnt utter a word his hands r wanting him to wipe away her tears n hug her n wanna rest himself on her lap n wanna cry heart out for his apology..
Beta..have u brought milk,asked maa while coming towards the door n stood in shock by seeing 6 feet physic before Pragya she was shocked n happy too as a mom tears came without an invitation.Pragya just moved back by holding the huge pillar n came in with a blank face without saying anything..Abhi was just staring at his Maa as he wanna run into her arms.Maa widened her arms he run into her arms like a baby..Pragya sat on sofa by covering her mouth with he palms..He stepped in with a baby steps by holding his Maa’s hand.Mumma,mujhe paani chahiye..Robin uncle didnt kept water in ou room,lil girl came towards Pragya by rubbing her eyes with countless yawns..Abhi looked at her with a peak of desire to take her in arms..Kushi bumbed with him by rubbing her eyes..He just looked down at the cute lil soft cotton ball that hitted him and her cute lil hands touched his knees with a tenderness.She rubbed her eyes again n sees the tall man before her by lifting her head..Woww..he is my rockstar..Mumma look who is here mumma look here..He is our favorite rockstar..I cant belive this..Is Im dreaming no no..He is real..aap sach hey na uncle..Thats it Abhi took her in his arms with tears that rolled down from his eyes as see his daughter..Kushi was shocked by his reaction n asks.Dadi..what he is doing?Mumma..look at him.Maa says,Bachu..he is ur Papa,said with a wide smile.Pragya just saw them but still in shock didnt uttered a word..she know wht was the next question of her daughter n definitely she doesnt have any answers for that..Papa..Rockstar is my papa..how..Abhi was still holding her n admiring his lil princess.yeah..y cant as my Mumma is a singer y Papa cant b a rockstar..U r rockstar Papa..hey na.Abhi nods her kissed her.But..whr wr u these days..I didnt see u before in our home,asked the lil girl.Pragya expected this.I was in London..Busy at work,said her Papa.Pragya just nods no on whts going on in her life now.Oh..yeah u were in London ryt..U know Arjin’s papa then he was also in London.Abhi asks,Arjun?haaha..she giggled n says,U dont remember him ryt he made me jealous by showing a selfie with u but u didnt remember him,she giggles again says,But I didnt came to London but u came here and U was my Papa..now I ll make him jealous.Abhi doesnt know how to react to his Golu princess innocence but unknowingly it made him to smile at his daughter n kisses her.Papa..come I wanna show my Scooby..my twinkle my cheeku..come they r sleeping in my room come I ll introduce u with them..Mumma y u r sitting like this..Mumma u ll always say na if I behaved as a good girl papa ll come soon..see Papa had came so Im a good girl..so hereafter u should not scold me..okay..Papa u wait here first I ll wake Scooby twinke and cheeku then I ll take u thr..dont go anywhr I ll come with in 2 minutes..she ran to her room.He goes near Pragya n says,Pragya..I know..within he complete his words Pragya got up n left the place.
Hope u all enjoyed..Meet u in next part until be happy..stay happy..stay blessed..love u all..

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  9. Vaishali

    awesome akka it was really really nice no words to say htas off the way abhis emotion in airport and when he meets his mom and his pyaari golu princess was unbeleivable loved those parts a lot wish pragya this time not burying her emotions should say him smthng and accept him fr her daughters sake waiting fr that..

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  22. Reshma Pradeep


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