Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 5


Mumma,weekend starts two days holiday,Kushi ran into the home.Pragya takes her in arms and says,So have u done u plan.No Mumma,Rahul bhaiya said this weekend Ishaan uncle Mona aunty along with rahul bhaiya and Aditi di is coming to our home so no plans..Pragya says,Accha..so u planned to enjoy in home.Kushi says,Yes..as much I can.Pragya smiles n kisses her.Mumma..u know onething,asked Kushi while Pragya changing her clothes.Pragya asks,What.Kushi says,Mumma..today my frnd Arjun hey na..he said..That Rockstar hey na..Pragya looks at Kushi n asks,Which rockstar?Kushi says,My fav Rockstar..n smiles.Pragya asks,So what?Why u r talking abt him.Kushi says,Mumma..Arjun only said he had taken selfie with him when he gone to London..Mumma even I too want a selfie with him..But y he is not coming here..how we ll go to London..Pragya looks away as she doesnt want anything to hear abt him but it really hurts when seeing her innocent princess is longing to meet her fav rockstar no actually her Papa..Mumma,Kushi shakes her.Pragya came back to senses.Kushi says,Okay now Im going for cycling tata.Pragya says,No..no cycling today..Kushi says,No..mein jaaungi..Pragya says,acchi princess hey na..today we r going to our foundation ur frnds r thr na..Champu..Twinkle..U dont wanna meet them?Kushi thinks a while by making cute face n says,Okay..but I ll come in my cycle..Pragya says,Arey meri maa..u cant come in cycle for such distance this time u come in car next time u may come in cycle..okay.Kushi asks,Paaka…Pragya says,Haaa pakka..Kushi and Pragya went to their orphanage where Kushi has loads of friends..seeing those kids was the best thing in the world for Pragya.After a long day they retired in bed.Kushi asks,Mumma..How Papa ll b.Pragya thinks,I know u r asking me this everyday but u r not grown enough to know all the things I dont wanna give u false hope regarding ur
Papa.Kushi again asks,Mumma..tell me how Papa ll look like..Im like papa or Mumma..tell me..Pragya smiles n says,U r mini version of ur Papa..Kushi excited n asks,really??whr is he I wanna see him.Pragya says,Hmm..if u sleep now he ll come soon to us else he wont come.Kushi says,Accha!!Im sleeping now itself n closed her eyes n gave a fake snore.Pragya laughs at her cute antics n kisses her.Kushi opens an eye n sees her n closed her eyes again.Pragya says,Oye,..u didnt sleep yet..okay fine.Kushi says,No…no see Im sleeping and made fake snores as like elders.Pragya smiles n carres her.Slowly they both dozed off.Arey Pragya Saturday whr u r going today,Asked Maa.Pragya says,Arey Maa..this Ishaan bhai hey na he commited me for an interview without asking me.Maa smiles n says,Okay..okay but come soon.Pragya says,Sure..btw Kushi is sleeping..pls give her milk once she woke up else..Maa cuts her n says,I know..I know after all she is my poti u dont wry.Pragya smiles n went for the interview.Maa goes to Kushi n says,bachu..enough of ur acting Mumma gone.Kushi opens her eyes with a smile n hugs her dadi n says,wow..dadi I acted well na.Maa says,Haaa bachu come get ready soon u wanna go na.Kushi nods her head fast.Maa lifts her in arms to make her bath.

Abhi wakes up with a lazy yawn it was 6:30AM.He feels sleepy again so he decided to hear some music.he switched on the Tv.While he was surfing channels he heard a man saying in his screen,”After 5 long years Pragya Mehra gonna give a live interview for our channel and its exclusive stay tuned it ll on sharp 11AM{IST}”.Abhi was so happy when he heard the Mehra as her last name..so he want to wait for half an hour to see her..for past years he had just seen her in some pictures that to rarely some pictures are old one too..but now for the first time in years he gonna see her live..ya live in TV..as of his excitement the time tocks at 7AM in his clock..So its 11AM thr show gonna start,he said himself n increased the volume of his TV.The anchor welcomes Pragya Mehra..She is still pretty..still the same fuggi but in saree yes..still she doesnt know to take her pleats properly see how those pleats are shrinked at the end this fuggi bhi na..she could ask help from Maa to adjust the pleats..Usually I ll do this for her..but today no one is thr to help her in all this…this fact hits his brain that still thr is no one could take his place from her heart..this brings bright smile on his face he wanna run to her n wanna hug her tight but he cant do that by seeing her in Tv..
Interviewer : So,Pragya after 5 long years u came on screen for an interview.

Pragya : *smiles*I didnt came here by myself my brother Ishaan dragged me here*pats Ishaan’s shoulder who was sitiing besides her*
Abhi was on cloud nine as he heard her speaking sweetly with her creamy voice.The interview was going on Abhi was admiring as much he can he couldnt take his eyes of her..his eyes noticing her curves on lips..her eye’s blinks..her gestures everything is just driving him crazy..
Interviewer : So Pragya we have a surprise for u..not only for u for all the viewers and fans.
Pragya : kaisa surprise *asked in a low and excited tone and sees Ishaan..Ishaan gestures as he doesnt know anything*
Abhi was almost curious and his were glued on screen.
Interviewer : So are u ready for the surprise?
Pragya : please,disclose it soon*with a smiling confused face*
Interviewer : So,Come here..
Pragya : Who gonna come*looks on the way excitingly*
Abhi was almost excited as Pragya.
The lil girl comes running towards her by shouting Mummaaaaaaa…….
Pragya just unexpected this she just kept her hands over mouth as Kushi came to her she took her in lap n hugs her n kisses her with a wide smile and with a drop of happy tear.
Abhi was dumbstrucked as he saw his daughter..his daughter for the first time..Oh..god..my daughter..she looks pretty as my fuggi..she had grown this height she is so cute..she is like a big cotton ball wrapped on pink cloth..chubby..cute she is just like a baby doll..my lil princess.. he runs towards the screen n kissed his daughter n fell on knees before the screen n wipes his tears.
Interviewer : So..tell ur name baby doll.
Pragya comforts her in her lap n asks her to speak.
Kushi : Im Kushi *with a cute smile*
Abhi repeats the name more than 100 times in a second..he even pronounced her name with his.Kushi Abhishek Mehra..and continues to listen his daughter.
Interviewer : So Ms.Kushi..so u r Mumma’s Princess.
Kushi : Yes..Im Mumma’s cute lil princess..*smiles at Pragya*
Abhi too smiles seeing his daugter’s cute smile.
Interviewer : Pragya..ur Princess had a message for u.
Pragya : *looking at Kushi* what message baby.
Kushi :*feels shy n smiles as to the peak of cuteness with a mild adorable giggle*I wanna say something about my mumma..My mumma is my everything..She had done many sacrifices for me..I ll always be with her as her lil princess of I troubled u anytime Im sorry Mumma*while Pragya nods no n kisses her*I ll always be ur support..Thanks for everything Mumma and I love u*kisses on her Mumma’s cheek”

All claps..Pragya hugged her tight..Abhi was so speechless he just wanna take her in arms n kiss her n wanna hold her in his embrace.
Interviewer : that was so cute..who taught this.
Kushi : *smiles*My pyaari dadi
IV : so u r the most wanted person on media..tell us abt ur favs.
Kushi : *smiles and blushes* haa..if u ask me I ll tell
IV : What is ur fav food?
Kushi : Aloo parata..I ll trouble Mumma to prepare that everyday.
Abhi smiles n says,we both have same tastes baby..
IV : Aloo parata lover fine..Tell abt urself
Kushi : I love My mumma I Love my Papa I love my dadi I love my Chahu..I love Rahul bhaiya and Aditi di..My mumma said Im mini version of my papa..Mumma told if behaved as a good girl Papa ll come soon..So Im a good girl..*Pragya smiles*
So the show ends…
Abhi smiles at her cuteness and says,Haa..my princess u r mini me..U love me..that was so cute I too love u..U brought me a hope to my life u r my Kushi..Here after I doesnt wanna waste a second here Im coming foe u baby..whatever if fuggi wanna slap me..kill me she can do anything but I wont leave u both anymore..I just need to be with u both..enough is enough..I just want u both back in my life,said Abhi with a positive smile.
Thanks for reading….see u all in next part..love u all..

Credit to: Tisha

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