Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 4

Pragya was on set.Ishaan arrived and asks,So what was the shot now.Pragya smiles and say,Well..Ur wedding sequence bhai I had told the shots to the team they ll manage I have a recording today so I wanna go thr take care.Ishaan asks,How was my angel.Pragya smiles n says,Yes..she is fine btw come home its been long time.Ishaan says,Sure on week end..Pragya nods n left the set n got into the car n asked the driver to drive towards the studio.Wedding sequence onsets,actually my wedding was almost like a drama..how it fixed y I agreed for that wedding to bear this pain she just lost into her own thoughts of her wedding,

Pragya asks,U both living in such a big home..only 2 its so weird.Abhi smiles.Pragya asks,Call ur maa soon I was so eager to meet her.Abhi calls Maa.Maa comes thr n sees Pragya n thinks,Who was this girl Abhi doesn’t have such girl friends who r wearing saree n goes infront of her.Maa sees her face n says,U..Pra..Pragya Arora singer..and Creative head of my fav show I had seen u in Tv.Pragya smiles n bends n touches her feet.Maa blessed her n kisses her forehead.Abhi asks,What u r the creative of that show.Pragya says,Haan..btw Maa Im so happy to see u..I don’t know y after seeing u I remember my maa..Maa asks,Y..whr is ur maa now.Pragya says,Actually..Abhi says,Maa..come on is the way of treating our guest.Pragya smiles.Maa too smiles n takes Pragya in.Abhi says,Maa we both met in an award function then she wanna meet u that’s y I take her here.Pragya says,Haa..Maa I was very eager to see u from the moment when I read an article about u it was really an inspiration for women like us..Maa smiles n says,Every Mom sacrifices her life for her kids whats new in that..Pragya says,Yes..u r ryt and U r the first lady Im seeing but many moms r thr..Im really happy after meeting u..okay now I wanna go its getting late..Maa says,Arey beta u didn’t had anything u should have dinner with us.Abhi says,Haa..Maa is the best in Aloo Parata and my fav too just try it u ll love it.They both convinced Pragya and made her to have dinner thr.Pragya says,thanks for the dinner Maa..okay Im leaving now.

Abhi says,How u ll go..I ll drop u.Pragya says,Its okay Abhi I ll manage its city side na I ll get taxi easily no problem.Abhi says,Its okay I ll drop u.Pragya says,Arey no problem I ll manage..Abhi says,Okay go safe inform me after reaching ur place.Pragya nods n abt to leave..she turns and asks,How I ll inform u I don’t have ur number.Abhi says,Oops sorry and gave his number.Pragya asks,Maa if u don’t mind will u pls give ur number..I swear I wont share it to anyone and I wont disturb u frequently.Maa smiles n sasy.Arey no problem U can call me at anytime n gave her number.Pragya gets happy n hugs her leaves from thr.Maa says,She is such a sweet and kind girlnot like ur Tanu.Abhi says,Cumon maa she is not my Tanu don’t remember her.Maa says,I know if she came back to u..u ll accept her.Abhi says,No maa not like that..Maa started to like Pragya gradually.Even Abhi and Pragya became good friends.
One day Maa came to Pragya’s home with a wedding proposal.Pragya was shocked and she refused.Ishaan convinced Pragya to agree that.Pragya says,I couldn’t Abhi was my frnd..how could i.Ishaan says,Nothing is wrong..A good friend can be a soulmate marry him and fall in love and live a happy life nothing is wrong so he convinced Pragya and she too agrees it happily.Abhi says,No maa she is my frnd..Maa says.but she is perfect for u..Trust me u both together gonna rock this world..U r a good friend..a good friend can be a soulmate.Abhi somewhat convinced and agreed for the wedding.The wedding held in a great manner.After wedding they remains to be good friends but both habited each other.One day Abhi met with a major accident doctor told he cant able to walk for 6 months.Pragya was the one who take care of him like a child.First time she developed feelings for him..she was feeling as his wife.Abhi too has feelings towards her but he always regert it..before he could realize his true feelings without dilemma they had physically week moment on a day but he reminds the moment.Pragya was became her wife for completely that she reduced her working time for him and Maa..everything was fine till that day..Pragya was very excited to share a happy news with Abhi,.Abhi came n told her,Fuggi..U know I got my love..Pragya was happy that finally he gonna propose her.Abhi says,yaa..fuggi..Tanu realized her mistakes she wanna be with me now.Pragya was shattered.Maa asks,have u gone mad..U have wife now.Abhi says,Maa Pragya was my good friend even now..she knows how much I love Tanu..U may ask her she was okay with that hey na fuggi.Pragya couldn’t hear all this n says,Yes..everything is just a fun for u except ur love fine okay go ahead with ur so called love I wont disturb u anymore..I don’t wanna live with a person who loves some other woman.Abhi asks,Fuggi y u r over reacting u know everything I had shared about Tanu ryt.Pragya says,Yes..Im over reacting and what u wanna conclude u never took our relationship as serious or what.Abhi says,ofcourse u r an important person in my life but Love is different fuggi.Pragya says,Fine..go ahead..I wont stop u I never wanna withstand with u by doing arguments.Maa slaps Abhi hard by making their life fun.

Maam v reached studio,said driver which brought Pragya back to the reality from her thoughts.Pragya got down from the car and moved towards the studio for recording.Everything was fine till that day,why did she came back n pitted me in this hell,no its my mistake I only deserved to b in this hell,thought Abhi when he heading towards his home after finishing his award ceremony.He lost into his own thoughts,

For the first my Maa slapped I don’t know I had did such a wrong thing.I moved out of my house my Maa always with her as she never wanna see my face again.I thought everything ll back to normal in some days..Baby..u r not behaving as u..wht u r thinking for a while,asked Tanu.I couldn’t over come from my fuggi..Did I really love Tanu is this love,,if its love then y Im missing Pragya to the core I couldn’t take her out of my mind even for a second…no Abhi its not love u love Tanu…U just habited to Pragya that’s it..But I didn’t expect the day ll again come in my life..yes,I realize I cant be happy with Tanu…she is really annoying..her formal touches making my skin burn..I couldn’t see her face over a minute..I avoided to the core..Every minute with her is like a hell..This time I dumped her within 3 days..yes I cant withstand with her for those 3 days..My fuggi was literally torturing me with her memories..with her cute large eyes..yes..her eyes was the only thing Im remembering for these 3 days..no not only Im habited Im addicted to her..The 3 days without her made me to realize how she was in my every breethe..how she was driving me in every cell of my body..but the 3 days its too late..no its not abt days..its about I realized all this after leaving her like a lifeless body..at the moment when I closed my eyes..I realized what a big mistake I had done..I don’t have any rights on her after doing such a disloyal to her.After that I came to know she doesn’t wanna hear or see anything about me including my songs and my interviews..She was crazy about my song but now she doesn’t want anything that related to me..she never knew whr Im..how Im..She doesn’t know anything..Even Im a bad father I came to know My fuggi gave birth to an angel through some sites..I didn’t know my princess name too..rather being husband son and father Im not a human..tears rolled down from his eyes..He opened his eyes n he could see he was all alone..No one is thr to fight with me for pillow..No one is thr to take off my head ache with a magic coffee and a cute smile..No one is thr to ease my pain..I lost her..The most precious girl but always wanna b simple she nevr had greedy on money or greedy of being a celebrity all she wanted is just love and care and I failed in that and fell in a hell..Yes..This life is killing me..Life without her is just a hell..This is a kind of punishment Im giving myself..Death is a permanent punishment but this punishment what I deserved to live in hell before death..He just closed his eyes again at least he can remember her in his memories..This world as being alone is killing him in every bits…

So that’s for today…hope u r enjoying..Happy reading..Love u all..Stay blessed..Thank you everyone for reading this.
Guys just tell me if it’s boring I ll end this soon..It seems to b u guys are bored of this track pls drop ur views..

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  1. Gud 1…i never expect this kind Fb….pragya and her mother in law did right decision….

  2. nice update………..poor pragya……eagerly waiting for nxt update……..

  3. Hai tisha…its not boring yaar..its increasing curiosity to when the meet each other and reunion…waiting for it..keep going love u too ?

  4. superbb yarrrr………………………plz meet abhiagya fast

  5. Nice episode…

  6. Nice episode?pls continue ?waiting for ur nxt plot?

  7. It was awesome plz continue

  8. OMG..Tisha…what an episode my dear…it’s just amazing. .yaar I really loved it….keep going on my dear….love u

  9. Dii hw can u say such a lovely story as boring dnt evr dare to say tat again its lovely dii???

  10. Divchan

    Nice and emotional episode ,

  11. Vaishali

    superbbb episode dii it was awesome the flashback was so superbb no dii its not at all boring even if u write small i would enjoy it to the core as i am ur crazy fan todays episode was awesome dii waiting fr ur next episode with loadzzz of eager…

  12. It’s not at all boring tisha..it’s superb…

  13. Nice yaar its not @ all boring thn I dint expect tz stupid behaviour n words by abhi i mean it vl b a hell for the one whi hear all those 4m their loved one…really I dint expect tz fb n made abhigya to separate yaar…n yeah abhi s deserve tz punishment…

  14. Suha

    What an interesting story..
    I love this lot

  15. RiyaDcruz

    Wowwww awwsssommeee tisha di waiting eagerly fr ur nxt Epi……

  16. Reshma Pradeep


  17. Hey it was not at all boring pa.it was a rocking episode as usual.keep rocking…..!!

  18. Maahi

    diiii ur writings nd boring these two r antonyms diiii its nt all boring its just rocking diii super FB lvng it a lottttt plzz continue as usual TISHA DIII ROCKZZZ EVRY LINE IS AMAZING

  19. Don’t ever dare to stop this I really love this story. …

  20. Nice episode..

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