Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 3

The phone rang with a huge sound,Mumma..off the alarm snooze mumma..I wanna sleep some more time.Pragya wakes up with a yawn n switched off the alarm n got up n moved towards washroom n freshed up n came with a glass of milk..Baby,utoo..u slept enough now its time to go for school come on be Mumma’s princess and wake up soon drink this milk.Kushi tugged herself to the pillow n says,Soney do na Mumma..5 minutes..Pragya says,No more 5 minutes come on wake up now.Kushi wakes up with a lazy yawn n hugs her Mumma’s waist n rests her face thr on her chest.Pragya carres her n says,Good morning,lil princess.Kushi says,Good morning angel.Pragya says,Okay now drink this milk.Kushi drank the milk and Pragya takes her to bath and makes her ready for school n asked her to check whether she had done all the homework.Kushi says,Mumma..I checked yesterday itself.Pragya says,Check one more time baby..Mumma ll bring u breakfast.Kushi says,Mumma..

Aloo parata..please,said with a cheesy cute smile.Pragya says,If u ate this much Parata then u ll burst like ballon.Kushi exclaims n says,Oh..no..then I ll become fuggi na..Pragya’s smile faded n says,Kushi whr u r learning all this words huh??Kushi says,Dont know Mumma..I know this word already now go and bring breakfast aloo parata yummy on my tummy n smiles.Pragya smiles n gets into the kitchen.Maa asks,Kya hua..u r smiling by urself.Pragya smiles n says,Aap ki poti hey na..always Aloo parata..aloo parata..Maa smiles n says,Just like her Papa.Pragya looks at Maa.Maa says,Sorry..I..Pragya says,Its okay Maa..if u want to talk to him or if u want to see him u can do that dont hide ur motherly feelings for my sake.Maa says,What are u saying Pragya after what he done did u think I ll accept him as my son..y should I wanna think of him when I have my daughter with me n carres her face.Pragya smiles n says,tk..tk..Im going now else ur poti ll come here to demand one more parata.Maa giggles.Pragya kisses her left with lunch box and plate.Maa smiles at her.Pragya thinks,I know Maa as a mother u still love him but Im trying to replace him in ur heart but still u miss him..I could understand ur pain as a mother n goes to dinning table.Kushi asks,Mumma 3 for lunch and 2 for now okay.Pragya kisses her n says,Pakka n feeds her.Kushi smiles n gives a bite to her mumma..Pragya says,Okay..now finish..so lets leave.Kushi says,Haa..n shouts,Dadi..we r leaving.Maa comes n gives lunch for Pragya.

Both Pragya n Kushi kisses her n left the home.Pragya drops her princess in school and headed to the sets of her show.
Abhi’s phone rang,Fuggi..off the alarm snozze I wanna sleep..by saying this he tugged himself to the pillow the phone rang again.Fuggi soney do na,how many times I had told u..u spoiled my sleep and sat up..by keeping eyes closed he calls,Pragya..Pragya…then his phone rang again which brings him to reality as he was all alone.He ruffles his hair n picks the phone n attends the call n says,Haa..Nikkil.Nikkil says,Sir,after meeting we have an award function so pls come in suit thats y I called u.Abhi says,Okay..for this u r calling me this much early..anyways I ll come n ends the call.Why Im thinking of her today..may because of yesterday I saw her show..he again lay down on bed and thinks of Nikkil’s words Award function..yeah 4 years back I saw her in an award function..

And the award goes to MrAbhishek Mehra..Abhi climbed up the stairs to collect the award n says,Thank u each and everyone and my fans and about to leave.The host says,Sir stay here as next award is also related to ur category.The host announces the best singer female-the award goes to Pragya Arora..A girl in black shimmering saree approached the stage.Abhi congratulates her as she received the award.Pragya thanks Abhi and all and the fans.The host asks,So..u both won the award but u ppl didnt work together till now..when ur fans ll hear ur voice together.Abhi smiles n says,Actually..we didnt get any chances to work together..I heard her songs but this is the first time I meet her.Pragya smiles n says,Yeah..But I had seen him once in his concert.Abhi smiles n asks,Really?Pragya says,yaa..but this is the first time we r meeting..if he gave a chance sure I love to sing in his album n smiles.Abhi gave her a side hug n smiles n says,Thank you..sure v ll work together.Pragya smiles.The host said thank u both of u.Abhi Pragya says,Thank u n got down n seated together.Pragya says,Nice to meet u.Abhi says,Ya..same here n smiles.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Lets catch up soon.Pragya smiles.Through out the function they were together and had some chit chats and laughter.As the function got over they came out.Pragya was waiting for her driver she calls him,Driver says,Sorry my wife suddenly had labour pain so I came to hospital without informing wait I ll come.Pragya says,Arey bhaiya its okay I ll go by taxi u take care of bhabhi..dont worry abt me I ll manage n ends the call.

It was late in night she was waiting for taxi.Abhi sees her n asks,Pragya r u looking for taxi.Pragya nods.Abhi says,If u dont mind..i ll drop u.Pragya says,Its okay..Abhi says,Arey no problem..come n opens the door.Pragya agrees n says,But one condition.Abhi asks,What?Pragya says,I wanna meet ur Maa.Abhi asks,Maa?Pragya says,Haa.Abhi says,Okay first u get in.Pragya smiles n got in.Abhi asks,U wanna meet my maa..but why?Pragya says,I read an article of u that u told ur Maa had done many sacrifices to brought up u and even under poor financial conditions Im really impressed so I wanna see ur Maa..actually I thought to see ur Maa than u.Abhi smiles n thinks,So sweet girl n asks,Btw what abt ur parents.Pragya says,They r no more..They died when I was 16.Abhi says,Im sorry..Pragya says,Its okay rockstar n smiles.Abhi smiles at her.
Abhi’s thoughts broke when his reminder beeps he got up off bed n headed to freshup.
. . .
Thats what for today..see u in next part hope u r enjoying..

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