Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 2

This is Tisha!!
??PART 1

Cold evening breeze busy British city but half of the persons are Indians especially from Punjab..An Indian café in the crowded streets of London a man watching the people around while sipping the coffee a lil girl came to him and says,Sir..You..You..Abhi..Abhi the Rockstar ryt?He nods with a smile by looking the cute pretty girl.The girl said,Oh..god Im ur big fan can I take a selfie with u.He nods n hugs the lil girl while taking pic and kisses the girl n gave her a chocolate.The girl gets happy and runs away by smiling.He too smiled at the lil girl.Someone kept hand on his shoulder.Abhi turned and sees the figure standing behind him n smiles.Kya..bhai..u didnt came here for last 2 days,seems to be busy,asked Purab owner of the café.Nothing like that Purab..Just signed a new concert,said Abhi.Wow..thats great bhai.

.u know what for past 3 years London people r so lucky to visit ur concerts frequently as u settled here,said Purab.Abhi smiles.Purab says,Acchaa..I think Im boring u..Anyways today if u were free just come to my home my Mom’s bday party.Abhi says,Arey Purab u know very well I wont like to be in parties.Purab says,Family party bro.Abhi says,Its okay Purab u guys enjoy I wanna do some rehearsal.Purab nods.Abhi says,Okay see you soon by saying this he left the café in his car.
He reached his apartment,Now the time was 7PM,Now it ll b 11PM in India..People ll fall asleep there by now..I was far away from them…Who I am..Abhi the Rockstar..India’s no.1 and now best in London too..this what defines me..No..By heart who I am.

Abhishek Mehra..Bad son to my mom..A worst husband and a carefree father..yes this what I am..I am not deserved her forgiveness or deserved to get her love again..I failed as a son,husband and mostly failed as a father..Yes,I know I have a daughter but I didnt saw her face even once..even I didnt know her name..i didnt know anything about her..but still Im her so called biological father thats it..Im sure She too doesnt know anything about this worst Papa..Yes..I never ever tried to know about my daughter..and now too I dont want anything to know about her..I know it ll hurt me more if I know about her..If I came to know about her I cant control myself from seeing her so whatever going now it has to go as it is..I dont want to create anymore messes in her life..his chain of thoughts break when he heard a beep from his phone.

He took his mobile and swiped the screen it was the message from Nikkil(his manager)he opens and read the message”sir..Meeting is confirmed tomorrow sharp 10 AM”Abhi replies”yeah..I ll b thr on time”He opened his twitter page there are loads of tweets asking him to do a concert in India atleast once a year..and he too saw some tweets asking him to post a picture of his baby doll..so called daughter..He thinks,Even I had never seen her then how could I..and he saw some edits on him with her..A small smile formed on his smile..Though his fans know about their relationship status they r still adoring them as a couple..tagging my pictures with Pragya Arora..How fool I am to lose her..This is my destiny and I made my destiny worse Im deserved to be alone..by thinking this he kept his mobile aside n switched on the TV.He surfed the channels..His eyes glued to the show..yes..it was the show scripted by her..such a romantic love story..how she is even thinking about such love and making it perfect on expressing..May she is getting such ideas from book that she keeps on reading..A small smile formed when he thinks about her..How my life was so beautiful and fulfilled when I was with her..but I spoiled everything..by thinking this he switched off the TV.

He moved to the bed by resting his head over head board and just thinks of his past life how happy he was.4 years back..

Abhi..Abhi come out of the room first..U r such a Rockstar crying inside like this come out,shouted Maa.Abhi opened the door as his eyes were red n swelled he goes to his Maa n rests his head over lap n says,Maa..I really loved her but y she did this to me Maa..Is her movies and money is important for her than me..y Maa this always happened to me first Papa left us now that Tanu…Tanu left me for her future projects by saying that her work is important,sobbed Abhi.Maa consoles him n says,Beta..

I thought u were strong but u r crying like this..U know how u struggled to attain this position..after papa left us I didnt cried like u if I cried n broken like u then I couldnt make u as a person..moreover she dumped u..She never worth of u beta..U should never waste ur precious tears for the one who doesnt deserve that.Abhi says,But..Maa..I love her..Maa says,Trust me everything ll b alryt..I too loved u papa a lot but he left us n he went to god..if I cried like u then how could I brought u to good position.Abhi says,Haa maa..its always hurts y our loved ones are leaving us..Maa says,Its okay beta..now u have to concentrate on ur career for which u worked hard..now be a good boy and stop crying..okay.Abhi nods n hugs his Maa..
Abhi opened his eyes by thinking this tears rolled from his eyes..he drifted to bed and dozed of with film of tears in his eyes.

Hope u guys like it..See you in next part until then take care and stay blessed..

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  1. Riyashri

    I Love Story Line very much !!!! U r seriousl very Creative…..I guess the little girl who too kphotos with Abhi is Khushi…….Waiting to know the full flashback !! I won’t force u to give long updates as u already mentioned that it is a SS……But i only want regular updates from u Di….Becoz I am Missing u very badly nowadays !!! Thanq for this update !! Love u Di !!
    Stay Blessed and U too Take care !!

  2. Hai tisha just a hour ago I saw a epi 1 awesome yaar pragya and peehu Kutty…..and today abhi part was awesome I like the smile ? when he smiled looking at the photo…..love u lot tisha…

  3. Krish

    wow awesomeeeeeeeee diiiiiiiiii………………im egarlyyyy waitng fr te nxt prt…………luvvv uuuuu diiiiiiiiii…….

  4. about how much episode you take to complete this ff

  5. Awesome….waiting for the full flashback…

  6. Superb dii diff story line loved it to the core???

  7. Hi Tisha…I just loved ur story line..and eagerly want to know about their flash back….but I will not force u to reveal soon or to give long updates…just keep rocking my dear…I will just wait for next episode…keep smiling dear…

  8. Nice episode yaar bt really confusing yaar… Waiting for your next part to clear my confusion

  9. Vaishali

    awesome tisha dii am i dreaming or what its u tisha dii it was amzing story loved each and every line dii no words to say eagerly waiting fr ur next episode dii love u loadzz

  10. Superb.. Loved it…

  11. Superb episode…..

  12. Firstly I am very happy that u r back??????????????????.. It was amazing amazing amazing.. Really loved it ka.. Eagerly waiting to know their past.. Pragya and kushi scenes ur first part was soooooooooooo lovely.. They both r soo cute??????… Just loved it.. Keep going and I want to tell you that I can’t able to comment regularly.. But whenever I get time definitely I will comment ka.. Till then stay blessed.. Love u??

  13. Awesome os di waiting 4ur nxt part

  14. Superbbb Sri

  15. Maahi

    diiiiii its was soooooo cute srry fr vrry late cmmnt but u just ruke our hearts with ur cuteness my mind have alot of questions abt their past but I knw u would update thmbin ROCKING manner so I vil b waiting diii keep rocking TISHA DIII ROCKZZZ

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