Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi (KKB) Part 1

Hey guys this is Tisha!!I’m back with a Short story SS – “Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi”

Abhi..his name once he was my everything and I was his everything..but we are not meant to be eachother I ll never blame him for this even he did wrong because I love him than anything,but it doesnt means Im ready to live a life with him again,by saying this to herself she was staring at her laptops monitor while preparing the script for the upcoming weeks episodes.Suddenly a small pair of arms wrapped her waist from back behind from her chair. Immediately her lips curved to a smile by holding the small hands around her waist.A cute lil girl peeped from the back of chair and made a smile and came infront of her n hugs her n says,Mumma..We are back!!!!!!!the small girl said in a excited tone.Pragya too hugs her back n says,Wow..My pretty princess had a great time in snow park.Kushi says,Haa..Mumma..wow it was awesome it was like being in Kashmir.Pragya this girl na she dragged me inside to the snow park so I cant tolerate that chillness..arey rabba..Pragya glares her 4 years old Kushi.

Kushi says,Oh dadi..U r such a drama queenMumma listen to me this dadi na she ate 2 ice creams today but now complaining on me.Pragya glares at Kushis pyarri dadi(Daljeet Mehra) n asks,Maa y u r behaving like a kid.Maa said,Arey beta..Ur pyarri princess ate 5 ice creams today.Kushi puts her head down n pretends to be sad.Pragya says.And now this is final I wont let u both alone anywhere got it.Kushi ran towards her Mumma n says,Mumma u know today while playing in snow park I saw Rahul bhaiya and Aditi di..Pragya says,So thats the matter..baby now tell me ur Ishaan uncle was thr na.Kushi says,Mumma u r genius..how u know.Pragya says,Mumma knows everything ryt?Kushi says,Haa..Mumma knows everything in the world and My mumma was best in the world,hey na dadi.Maa says,Haa bachu..Tk now come lets have dinner.Pragya says,Kushi now tell me whts the spl for dinner.Kushi widened her mouth n says,So Mumma..its my yummy yummy Aloo parata ryt?Best mumma..Pragya says,Genius..Meri bachu n kisses her.Kushi says,Cumon Mumma..lets have the feast.

After the dinner,Pragya and Kushi says Good night to Kushis dadi and headed towards their room.There was a huge wall hanging of Beti and Mumma..Pragya puts Kushi on bed n jumps over bed.Kushi says,Mumma..cumon lets play tonight.Pragya asks,Sure baby,but what game.Kushi says,Ummm.lets play message passing.Pragya smiles at her innocence n says,Baby..the game needs 3 members.Kushi says,So fine I ll take dadi.Pragya says,Arey my pretty princess its night time.Kushi says,haa..its night time we should never disturb dadi..dadi needs rest as she had her tablets.Pragya says,Meri achi bachu and kissed her.Kushi says,Mumma lets watch tv..Ur show..Pragya says,It ll be end on this time my baby..now its 9:30.Kushi turns on TV and n says,Mumma y Ishaan uncle is with some other lady than Mona aunty.Pragya laughs n says,Its a show baby..In that show ur Ishaan uncle is husband of that lady..Mona aunty is real wife of Ishaan uncle.Kushi holds her head n says,Oh..Mumma y u r writing such a complicated story why cant u make Mona aunty as Ishaan uncles wife in that show too.

Pragya exclaims how many questions she is asking n says,My pretty princess Mona aunty doesnt want to act so only Ishaan uncle is acting with the lady now no more questions.Kushi says,AcchaAcchaa..even I wont ask anything about ur show now tell me abt ur song recording yesterday with Arijit uncle..did u tell him I his biggest fan.Pragya says,Yeah..baby I told him that u have a cute fan in our home and he too gave u chocolate n I forgot that I ll give u in morning okay.Kushi says,wow..Arijit uncle gave me chocolate wowsuperb..superb..n claps her hand.Suddenly the happy love was playing on TV.Kushi glued to the channel she watched the song without taking her yes..Pragya looked and pitty pretty daughter who deserved to be love by his father is being separated from her..Is the destiny of her Kushi..a film of tears formed in her eyes by seeing her daughter admiring the song and the person in the songHer chain of thoughts broke when her lil princess yawned and says,Mumma feeling sleepy.. let’s sleep na.Pragya says.Ya..baby..Come on.Kushi cuddles with her sweet Mumma by placing her head over her Mummas chest whr her heart beats only for her daughter.She placed a kiss on her forehead as her princess dozed off.

Suddenly Pragyas phone beeped it was a message from Ishaan,she swiped the screen and read that Sorry..My sweet sister was mad at me for skipping the shoot today,u know especially when my cutie Kushi asks me to take her to snow park I cant deny her and She ayatee 5 Ice creans today hope she is doing well,Im sorry again..meet u tmrw on set Good night behena ( Pragya smiles and replies,Its okay thanks for everything bhai..Good nightby replying this she opened her twitter page..loads of tweets from her fans to share the picture of her baby doll as no one in the industry or fans saw her daughter only few knows her when she oddly meet some random fans on public places.. Pragya smiled on some of the tweets n even she could see some fab edits on her with him she doesnt want to see it more she keeps the mobile aside n carres her princess hair n thinks,Who am I..Pragya Arora the most awarded and best female singer in the country or the best creative head of tellyworld who give hit shows and who never seen any failures in her carrer..Is What defines me to the world..By heart who I am..A sweet mother to the best daughter in the world..A responsible daughter to my maa my so called Mother In Law..no no she is my maa now only mine..and a cute sister of a caring brother..even he is not my own brother he always motivates to me the best without him Pragya Arora will never exsists..This was my inner small world..My daughter is my princess..by thinking this she just closed her eyes the images about him..the memories with him came infront of her eyes like a nightmare..

She just opened her eyes n think,Why Im overthinking its bcoz I saw him on TV hours before relax Pragya..she looked at her princess who was sleeping cute with a sweet mild snore which always remember him..but y should I even think of him when he is happy somewhere without thinking abt us..He ll never knew anything abt my lil princess he didnt care anything abt us then y should I..I know I was strong enough..Kushi deserves her dads love but how unlucky she is when her father doesnt even want to know anything abt us..But I swear I ll give all the happiness for u my baby u I ll never let u to worry or feel of being without father by thinking this she gazed her world besides her n slowly dozed off..

This is a short story(ss) Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi
Pragya Sriti Jha.
Abhishek Mehra Shabir Ahluwalia.
Kushi Amrita Mukherjee(Peehu from BALH)
Purab Khanna Arjit Taneja.
Ishaan Iqbal Khan.
Mona Iqbal Khan Mona singh.
Daljeet Mehra Supriya Shukla.
Tanushree Leena Jumani.
Nikkil as Nikkil.
Hi hope all are doing well..So how was it guys please drop ur views on comment boxSee you all in next part..Till then stay fine and blessed.

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  1. Nice eagerly waiting fr nxt episode

  2. Wow tisha is back!!!! I am really happy to see u back tisha…nd today’s episode was awesome…

  3. Maahi

    diiiiiiiiiiii omg am I dreaming r wat my god diiiii ur back I cant control my excitement missed u a lot tht toooooo vrry badly but finally u just gave a rockstar entry SUPER start diiiiiiiiiiiii wowwwwww kushi in LOL v saw the naughtiness of kush here v gonna njoy kushi’s cute antics krep rocking diiiiiiii finally my mobile wait is over nd yes here it goes through its touch pad TISHA DIIIIII ROCKZZZZZZ lv a lotttttttttttttttttt nd missed u a lotttttttttttttttttt all in all its a super cooolllll episode diiii muaaaahhhhh

  4. ur just awesome
    u just rock love u di

  5. Riyashri

    Am I Dreaming or what ????? Seriously Today is The Best Day of My Life………All My Wishes are happening soon………….Today I missed u and your Writings soooooooooo mUch and I had messaged u too about it …….I know u didn,t see it still………But what a coincidence……..
    Tera Pyaar Hai Meri Zindagi …………… The Title itself is Lovely Di…….
    Loved your update !!! Khushi ‘s bonding with Pragya’s is Amazing To The Core………….
    I love all the Characters……………..except for White Rat and Talking Tom……..I hope they remain as the same in your previous FF!!
    If U r asking suggestions…..then I don’t even know what does it mean………….
    I just know to Admire My Sri/Tisha Di’s Writings and Appreciate her Whole Heartedly………………I would support u always………..Go ahead Keep Rocking………..
    Love U Sri akka……………Stay Happy and Blessed Forever !!!
    Thanq For the Unexpected Surprise !!!!!!!! Love u !!!!

  6. Crazy fan of Abhigya

    Wow…its a pleasant surprise sri…nice start…go on dear… Waiting for ur next episode..really missed u sweety…I’m very happy to see u again…thanks…just rock it as usual..

    1. Crazy fan of Abhigya

      Sri…this is kirthi…I changed my name to crazy fan of abhigya…hope u remember me..

  7. Superb… Happy to see you back… Keep rocking… ☺☺☺

  8. It was awesome

  9. Very interesting yaar eagerly waiting for next part.. Update asap cozi HV lot lot lotttttttttttt of questions in my mind so I need to clarify all those questions by urs NXT part only I hope so….

  10. Is this ladli????this writter is eternal luv writter???

  11. OMG!!! Di u r back i cant even believe my own eyes pls anyone pinch me coz i want to know tht its not a dream really di u nailed it asusal i lovd each n every wrds 10 kisses 4ur hand 4typing this wonderful ff n haan di i am glad to know tht ur parents wedding day is on my birthday n di pls give me ur fb id with prof pic n mine is pavithra aathis prof pic is of ilayathalapathy vijay holding a guitar

  12. Woww my tisha diii is back☺☺☺superb dii waiting fr nxt part?but i would be still more happiet if it was an ff but still i knw u ll cme back wit an ff?love u loads dii???

  13. super start… waiting for next one… wat is the meaning for “Tera pyaar hai meri zindagi”

  14. Hai Sri hw r u? u r back i am reallly happy to see u episode is awesome u r always rockzz

  15. Krish

    OMG…… diiiiii s back…. awesomeeeeeeeeee diiii im egarly waitng fr te nxt prt…….im veryy veryy happyy diii u r back……keep rockng diii luv uu…………

  16. OMG!!! Our tisha is back woooooohhh!!!!!!!! What a surprise yaar…. Sry yaar now only I saw this….waiting for your ff yaar continue ur yaar….

  17. Wow super ff eagerly waiting for the next ff kushi is so cute continue ur ff very lovely hav a nice day God bless u

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