swasan tera mera rishta (part 1)

I am writing my first ff hope you all guy like it and if you like it then please comment so that I can write more episodes and please vote whether I will make swasan or ragsan please vote as fast as you can I will make pair on no. of votes

My story started with a long road is shown its night time people are going their home and suddenly a car comes and stop and from car someone throw a girl on road and car goes from their and the girl fell on road her whole body is stained with blood and due to falling on road her also get injured and in her stomach a kife is present and she is shouting in pain people gather around her and seeing her but no one is helping her
Girl: please help me please take me to hospital
And shout in pain but no one hears her sound and seeing her only
Scence shift to another side a boy is shown driving car talking to some one
Boy: ok mom I am coming don’t take tension
Lady: ok come fast
And boy cut the call and smile and then he come on the same road where that girl is present he see people standing in group their so he stop the car and came out of car and goes near the peole and someare talking
Person1: don’t know who has thrown her here
Person2: yeah so much blood is coming we should take her hospital
Person1: nahi its very complicated case better to stay away from it
And that boy hear this and goes and see a girl is on road and stained with blood and there is a knife in her stomach and she is shouting for help the boy goes near her and see her face its stained with blood due to head injury her eyes are filled with tears showing her pain which she is facing
Girl see the boy
Girl: please save me
The word hit the heart of boy and he unknowingly tell

Boy: I will not let anything happen to you
And girl get faint and boy take her in arms and make her sit in car and drove towards city hospital
And they reach hospital and boy take the girl in arms and go inside and shout for docter
Docter comes and see the girl and tell boy to put her on stretcher
Docter: we have to do her operation immedeatly she has lost so much blood
Boy: docter please save her
Docter we will try our best but please you fill the form and its police case so
Boy: yeah I will do everything but you please save her
And docter goes to ot and boy goes and fill the form and submitted at reception

Reception lady: wait mr. sanskar maheswari you forget to write relation with patient please come and write
Yeah guys he is our hero sanskar maheswari he goes and take the form and in hurridly he write husband at relative place and then call police and then goesand wait outside ot
Docter comes outside after some time
Sanskar: how is that girl
Docter: see mr. she is in very critical condtion and very weak she has suffer physical and mental torutue and some one stabbed her for 20 times its her hope that she is alive now otherwise but we cant say anything now
Boy: what you mean you cant say anything
Docter: she lost so much blood its depend on her to now we will try our best
And goes in unknowgly tear come in sanskar eyes and his phone ring
Lady: beta where are you you not come till now
Sanskar (I will use sanky from now) : ma is was in hospital
Lady get panic
Lady: hospital what happen are you alright
Sanky: relax ma I am fine and tell her whole incident
Lady: wait I will come
Sanky: its ok ma
Lady: you just tell me in which hospital
Sanky: city hospital
And lady cut the call and sanskar sit their on chair worriedly and wait for docter
Who is that girl what had happened with her its all a suspense and we disclose on wright time


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  1. Start is nice carry on

  2. And pls make sujata only as sanky’s mom I really like their mother son duo they both are just suitable like our swasan its a request I hope u don’t mind

  3. Make swasan only pls…..

  4. Wow nice start carry on wid swasan

  5. offcousrse, swasan.. and u hav given the title to swasan tera mera rista..

  6. swasan plz nice start

  7. No need of voting only swasan fans are going to win
    well j wana swalak as pair

  8. soory guys i mistakly write this but i have made pairs swasan hope u like it as i am great fan of swasan

  9. Nice strt…

  10. Please please please swasan

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