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Hello everyone its us Tooba and Shirisha we are here with our First OS “Tera Mera Pyaar”.
Requested By:Swagata Mandal.
Thanks for the warm response and all the requests will be done we need some time another one will be up by night…..
Hope you Like it?

It’s the time of Sanskaar’s return as a crazy lad. He used to spend time with his “dupatte wali dost”. On one hand, Sanskaar started having a soft corner for Ragini and on the other, Lakshya didn’t like their closeness. He used to spend time with Swara but his mind used to get flooded with questions: “What must be they doing?” “Are they happy with each other?” “Are they gonna be together always?” etc. but he was unable to answer his own questions. Why is he thinking so much about them? Was he really worried for only his brother? Or it’s her? Why is he so concerned for Ragini? “What’s happening to me?” it was the frequent question of him to himself.

Lakshya was sitting on his bed with Swara beside and Ragini and Sanskaar playing with each other on the couch in front of him. Swara was blabbering something but he was just gazing Ragini who was smiling on Sanskaar’s childish behavior. A smile formed on his own lips when he saw her laughing heartily. But soon it vanished when he saw Sanskaar holding her hand putting it on his cheek. Wait! Is he jealous of his own brother? Is he jealous of a man who is out of his mind? Is he jealous for Ragini?

He waved his thoughts and just tried to concentrate on Swara’s words. But his heart won over his mind and he again turn to Ragini. She was just smiling on admiring Sanskaar. He was just like a child and as he loved children. It was her favorite pass time with Sanskaar. She had compromised with her life and decided to start a new one. She didn’t bother to care what Lakshya is doing with Swara, she was happy to spend her time with her new friend. But she felt a gaze on her and turn. She found a smiling Lakshya looking at her. She raised her eyebrows in a question, and he just nodded his head negatively. Ragini ignored and continued playing with Sanskaar.

It was the New Year party at Maheswari Mansion. Party began with lots of its normally super hot and sticky with really loud thumping music. Everyone was really loud instead and people were in groups. Either dancing somewhere or sitting talking or drinking. Lakshya gazed around. Everything was here, but there was still something he was missing. Yes. He was missing her. Missing Ragini. She hadn’t arrived yet and he was already desperate to meet her. She went near the bar and took a glass of drink in his hand. He took the first sip when he saw Ragini entering the mansion with her family. He wished the time to stop there. He was lost in her. She looked damn beautiful! She crossed him and joined the other. He couldn’t get his eyes off her. After a while he saw a man offering her a dance. She smiled and took his hand. His jaws tightened. Damn! He was again jealous.

He watched them dancing. He wanted to chop the hands which touched his waist and cut off the leg which danced with her. He couldn’t control himself. He went to her and dragged Ragini to him. The moment it banged on 12, all lights were switched off and everyone shouted happy new year…before Ragini can join the crowd, she felt someone kissing her. OMG it was Lakshya, even though it was dark but she could feel his presence. He kissed her, in the middle of everyone.

“I love you, Ragini. Marry me!” Lakshya shouted when the lights came on.
Everyone looked at the two shocked. Ragini had tears in her eyes. She immediately looked at Swara and she saw her smiling.
Ragini got confused. Swara understood and said:Dont worry Ragini everything was my plan I knew Laksh doesnt love me nor I do. I wanted him to realize your value. And Yes he did realize it.

Ragini stood there stund whereas Laksh was desperately waiting for her answer. She somehow gathered some courage and looked up and immediately their eyes got locked with each others. Ragini felt honesty, guilt and oure love in his eyes. Whereas he found only and only pure love in her eyes. She immediately hugged him as she couldn’t control herself anymore.
And he reciprocated. They said “I Love you” with tears in their eyes.
Everyone clapped to the victory of Love.

With Love:Shirisha &Tooba.

Credit to: Tooba and Shirisha

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