Tera intezar (episode 2)

He put her in his arm n leaves
He was walking on dark jungle n swara on his arm
he puts het down
n smirk
sanskar:welcome to hell my Swara singhania….
Next morning
swara wakes up n finds herself tied with tree
swara (shout):who the hell bought me here today is my birthday….
sanskar comes there
while eating an apple

sanskar:wanna eat
swara turns her face
swara:u blo*dy b**t*rd i know u want money.. Ok will give but … Y u kidnapped me at my birthday…. (remember guys shona n swara’s birthday is at same day)
sanskar:hey just shut ur mouth
swara starts to shout: noooo noooooo nooooooo i woooonnnttt naverrrr evveeeerrrrrr
sanskar barks back: uuuu blo*dyyy girllll justtt shhuttt uuupp
swara glups in fear n sanskar smirks
he trows the apple n starts to smoke
his eyes fall on swara who was staring him…
He ignored her…after sometime his eyes again fall on her…she was still staring him
swara:i also want tooo… Umm … That (point to him)
sanskar looks at himself then at cigarete on his hand
he jerks
swara bows her head down
sanskar:look m ur kidnaper dont fly in air
swara:whatt ever leave meee damn…
sanskar out his gun
swara:no no no its ok
sanskar held gun on her head
sanskar: just one more word u’ll find urself in hell…
Swara:y will i go to hell…i’ll go to heaven…
Sanskar pulls the trigger
swara glups in fear
he untie her ropes
swara:aa this marks… u.. Eee this is looking bad
sanskar gives ‘i will shot u now’ look
swara:m hungry
sanskar passes her apple

swara makes faces
swara:this apple
sanskar (angarly): what u want chicken tikka in this jungle
swara also becomes angry
swara:yes i want at first u kidnapped me on my birthday … Then i naver eated this type of food… Huh… Y u r doing this
sanskar:i’ll kill u damn just shut ur mouth
swara’s eyes become teary
swara:why r u doing this u want money na
sanskar laugh:ha ha SANSKAR MAHESHWARI dosent need any money…
Swara glups with fear
swara:w.h.o r-r u

sanskar:the ruler of mafia world
swara:y r doing this
this time his eyes becomes teary
he gets lost in something
swara steps back n ran from there
jerks from his thoughts n finds no one
sanskar:damn bhag gayi
he also ran behind…
…swara hides behind a tree n was looking infront..
She feels a hand on her shoulder…
Swara turns
” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
sanskar: how dare u to ran
he held her hand tightly
swara was strugling
swara:leave me u jerk

sanskar helds his gun on her head
he pulls the trigger
to be continued…

Hi guys… Hello hi
ok ok i know that sanskar is 18 years older than swara…
But his age is 33 only… N swara 18 n i cant make her more small n sanskar more young… I planned that only coz if in nearl 10-14 age any kid cant understand what is love… But 15 years teen also dont understand much.. But they understand lil..so i make shosan 15 so after 18 years he’ll be young… N i maked swara 18
i hope u all understand…

Plz coment… N tell is this is a really big problem…

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