Tera intezar (episode 1)

Singhania mansion
swara was sitting idle in her room
when laksh enters
laksh:doll tommrw is ur bithday
swara:ong ha bhai i will be 18 omg
she starts to jump on bed
laksh: what u want
swara: a new guiter bhai u know i forgot that guiter on USA
laksh: ok princess
swara smiles n hugged him…

a man was checking some files carefully
another man enters
man: Sanskar
sanskar:ya Arjun
arjun gives him some pic
arjun:pic of Swara singhania
sanskar jerks n snatch the pic of from his hand
he stare the pic for somtime

then barks
Sanskar:what the hell Arjun i wanted Swara singhania’s pic
not shona’s
arjun (clamly):this is Swara’s….Swara singhania’s pic only
sanskar pov
what the blo*dy hell its my shona’s pic only who is died 18 years back
“look Arjun tell the men to check carefully they knows who m i” i roar
“sanskar see i hve seen her with my own eyes” arjun
” i wanna see her damn it ”
“shekhar singhania want more body guards” arjun
a evil smirk comes on my lips

“is that u know what to do” me
“yeah best luck ” arjun
i smirk
” SANSKAR MAHESWARI the ruler of mafia world, doesnt need any luck” me pruodly
arjun also smirk n leaves
i also get busy in work after all the great time has my wait of 18 years has completed…
“m on my way shekhar singhania”
sanskar pov ends…
Swara was wearing a black shoulder less dress… hair freely folling on her back half curled…red lipstick n thick layer of eyeliners as make up
she call some one
Swara:ragini will meet u directly at club
ragini:ok baby…
Swara cuts the call n went down
She was was about to step out
“priceess were r u going at this time”
swara while turning:club papa
shekhar:without body guards
swara almost shout:i dont need those gaints
shekhar:thats y i changed they all n bring new
(shout) where is all

5 men comes running
shekhar:dont leave her for a second
Swara gives an irriteted look n leaves n they move behind her…
music was banging loud
everything becomes silent
every one was staring swara with there lusty eyes…
Swara didnt understand y all was staring her…she gives damn to them n starts to seacrh her friends
swara:hey sid ragu rajat diya
all:after 10 years

swara nodes
sid:look ms moti has turned ms beautiful
swara shot him glare
swara:not again i wanna drink
m going
she walks away
She sits a orders a drink
some one a hand on her shoulder
swara turns
swara:what the hell u blo*dy hell
man tuching her face: what baby
swara: how dare u to tauch me

man:i dont need any permission
he pins her to wall n was coming close to her
swara: s-e-e i’ll c.a.l.l ma-nag-er
man:what will manager do when the owner is standing
she look at him with shock
he outs a handcarchif

they were just standing infront of them
he smirks
man: these all r my men
swara:w-who r u-u
he forcefully press her face with his handcarchif
ater a while she falls unconsonius on his arm…
To be continued…
I think u all understand y i give this title TERA INTEZAR
swara is the re born of shona….
Hi guys m very lazy… If i get good responce then only i write so plz
No no seriously do u all liked the plot tell me plz


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